Inner Sydney snaps

The other gelato I wanted to have - yes that's a donut on top!
The other gelato I wanted to have – yes that’s a donut on top!
Pavalova gelato mmm
Pavalova gelato mmm
Inner city guerilla art
Inner city guerilla art
Some one's up to no good
Some one’s up to no good

Some of the photos of my weekend – funny what you notice in the inner city!

Dramatism is like consumerism

Yesterday I wrote about how I still feel the twinges of desire to acquire things, but mostly I quash them.  I withstand my desire for the new and shiny things and the promise (lies!) of a perfect life.  I can be an anti consumer, or at the very less a low level consumer

However, one thing I seem to buy hook line and sinker from media is the ‘happy’ myth.  Or more precisely, the soap opera of constantly interesting story lines.

There is no soap opera in going to work every day, and sitting at a desk most of the time getting work done.

Well, there is no soap opera about engineers.  Think about that – doctors, nurses, CSI tech, lawyers, Australiam librarians, politicans – yes to all the above.  Engineers – not so much.  The Australian film “3 Dollars” he’s an engineer who loses his job.  Gloomy.

I seem to wish and want my life to have interest.  To have a good story, at any moment to tell.  That perfect tale to tell when someone asks ‘what’s been happening’ who I saw only a week ago.  Put another way, I seem to want a certain level of drama in my life.  Some complication, some struggle.  Those who know me well enough, are honest enough to tell me, my life IS like a soap opera.  Alas, I think (and hope) that’s perhaps not come across in my blog posts?

But it’s a myth, just like the right clothes will improve your self esteem or the right cupboard will solve your clutter problem.  Both those myths I know the truth about!  But the constant drama, the swings and roundabouts of life, I always want just the right sprinkling.  I do not like to be bored.

That being said, sometimes, I get to the end of the dramatic act, and I think ‘Woowa, why did I want into that scene? Why didn’t I just reject that story line?’

It only just dawned on me the other day when a friend said to me “Life isn’t like a TV show”.  He’s right.  I know advertising isn’t real life. But I need to learn that a scripted life is not real life.  For one, they never show them going to the toliet.  That always used to puzzle me as a child!

Window Shopping again

Tonight, as the BF had a work function, I took myself window shopping.  I wanted to see all that sparkled (but I know is not gold) in the stores, which are currently packed to the gills for Christmas.  There was nothing like this in New Caledonia, and from my travelling in past years, Australia does Christmas on a scale far greater than Europe.  It’s been a while since I’ve been in North America over the ‘holiday season’ so I can’t recall, but I suspect we’re more and more like the Americans.

What’s even more interesting is that I went window shopping, even though I was tired from a long day at work, and I was feeling headachey.  And, I would be the first to admit I try to be a non consumer.

Let’s get over the hard bit first.  I bought two things – a new long sleeved top (on sale), and some paints.  For a planned craft project 😉  So I had long planned to buy the paints.  All in all, I spent less than $40 on ‘stuff’.

But oh my, there were some things I could have splurged on.  A wreath of bells, in a star shape (in Witchery – a clothing store?!).  I could have bought a leather zipped pouch in West Elm (aside: West Elm is new to Australia, and comes along with Pottery Barn and William Sonoma.  And if I didn’t know/assume they were all in the same ‘group’, I can most certainly suspect it from their store layouts, vibe and general scale).

Honestly though, my non consumer brain yells loudly.  It says things like “where will you store those wire stars and baubles when Christmas is over” and “those towels won’t stay looking that fresh” and “where would you put another throw rug, you have three?”.  I think start to think: “Will I ‘grow up’ and forever be telling myself not to get just one more throw? Is life just a cycle of acquire and purge?”.  And then I get a little depressed.  I start to wonder if I should be an interior designer/window dresser, so then at least I wouldn’t be consuming it all!

Anyhow, there’s my stream of consciousness.  What do the voices in your head tell you when you’re shopping?

New Caledonia

Long lazy days – in photos. Oh, long lazy days in PARADISE!

Day one!
Day one!
Another day, another sunset in paradise
Another day, another sunset in paradise
Beach side reading
Beach side reading
The hotel building
The hotel building
Pool side
Pool side
A cocktail is just what was needed!
A cocktail is just what was needed!
Another day over
Another day over

Gosh there are so many more sunset photos!

Halloween Party

The night before we took a week’s holiday in New Caledonia, I co-hosted a Halloween party with a friend (a lovely lovely friend) who I play water polo with.  I feel absolutely horrible that I left the party at a very respectful time (not even 11pm) and didn’t at all help with clean up 🙁  Perhaps parties before morning international flights aren’t ideal.

Here’s the themes food we created:

New Cal etc 178
Ricotta cheesecake with lips and teeth
New Cal etc 177
Brownie square into spiders
New Cal etc 176
Cut pineapple ‘puking’ guacamole
New Cal etc 175
Pumpkin pie (the food that seeded the party) with leftover white choc!
New Cal etc 174
Dried fruit eye balls
New Cal etc 173
Mouths of apple, peanut butter and marshmellows
New Cal etc 172
Ghosts – strawberries and bananas
New Cal etc 180
Expertly carved pumpkin – all carvings by my friend
New Cal etc 179
Carved watermelon

I seem to have a real love for catering, and particularly themed catering! Thanks pinterest. What’s your favourite Halloween food?