Jeans with a new lease on life

So, I had two pairs of holey jeans. ¬†But I didn’t want to toss them in the bin, being 100% cotton and all.

I did this with one pair:

Tearing strips off you
Tearing strips off you

Oh and the ribbons are both reuse, and I love how they are the right tone for the usual jeans stitching ūüôā

I was inspired by this, which is FAR more detailed!!:


Good Friday we head off for a week in Phuket. The life in DINKs… I tell ya!

Trying new stuff – Aerial Yoga

So this weekend, I did something ‘cool’ that I didn’t even know existed, so it couldn’t even be on a bucket list! ¬†It was sky yoga:

S\itting around
Sitting around

It’s a small studio in the centre of the grungiest part of Sydney, near Central station. To get to the ‘Sky Lab’ you go past a graffiti wall – more like a whole artistic commune!!

Upside down
I did upside down in the class too – nearly killed me!


I went with a friend after our usual “Pilates in the Park” was cancelled. A school friend recently started it (another implant from the state of Queensland) but she was in NZ for the weekend, so we forked out our pennies to try sky yoga! I have the best and smartest friend, who’ll try any quirky challenge. And take silly photos ENDLESSLY!

Who's a silly billy?
Who’s a silly billy?

I’m pretty sore today – two days later. The back of my thighs… and some soreness in my back. Still the quirky factor of fitness has me hooked.

There are so many professional photos, they’ve taken, so check out the website for some ethereal photos… I can’t help but want more!

Limbo at work

I have accepted a new role, a promotion, and I’ve negotiated to start on Monday 13th April. ¬†Initially we talked about 30th March, but with a Phuket holiday over the Easter weekend and into the next week, it made sense to hold off starting until I was ‘there for good’.

So I have three weeks of ad hoc tasks. ¬†I’m back in the office – as in, my own office?! ¬†Weird, given I’ll be paid less than the guy outside my door… but it’s only temporary, and I have to admit, it’s sorta nice :p There’s still the stretched canvas print of the Brooklyn Bridge I brought at a thrift store to brighten the boring walls!

cat limbo

I can’t begin to tell you the change to my mindset and general ‘feel’ about work since moving back. ¬†Sunday night blues were a little more of a ‘nice’ blue. ¬†The 5:30am alarm was less painful – I took it upon myself to take as long as it needed to prep for work (no rushing for the half hourly express). ¬†I then walked to a station two stops further away, as a fitness option. ¬†A nice cool morning too, so I wasn’t all hot and bothered.

I did have to visit the far away office, and collect my boxes (two) and uniforms (three containers – a bag and two milk crates or so worth!). ¬†Safety gears more excessive in space taking that reference paperwork, who’d have thought! ¬†Driving north, I ground myself down, and thought of how OVER IT I am/was/are!? ¬†I mean, being in Hornsby meant questions, hand overs, where am I going now? ¬†I just wanna hide! ¬†It’s not yet ‘signed on the dotted line’ so I’m not prepared to announce my new role widely, lest anything go wrong…

So, I’m spending some time thinking about what made me come to resent the role and the position, so I can plan and prepare for my new role. ¬†I want to be ready to ‘manage the manager’ so I feel good about the job I do, rather than feeling like the boss always wants more, and what I’ve done is never enough… ¬†I suppose that’s a point in and of itself – I need my achievements to be recognised, and not in the breath before asking for something more. ¬†At the core, I want to be trusted to be able to do my job, that I will try my hardest and do my best. ¬†That I’m not a slacker – and if I take a liberty of an hour here or there for personal issues, it will truly be nothing compared to what I do give. ¬†I have really felt like I’ve needed to justify every minute of every day in the past six months, and I still never felt like it was enough. ¬†That sucks…

How do you, my wise readers, deal with the above?  That sense of defeat?  Lack of appreciation?

4 days to go!

The countdown is til I move back to my normal office. ¬†It’s all very uncertain, as I’ve applied for another role (not at my normal office location, this time, south, but with a car as part of the package). ¬†So I’m not sure if this will be a short term stop over or part of a longer ‘settling back in’. ¬†In any case, I’m not regretting turning down the promotion ‘up north’. ¬†I still woke today, dreading the commute. ¬†I still cursed the sweatiness hustling to not miss my train. ¬†And I cursed again as I got home 12 hours since I’d left, knowing I have yet more hours to work to get some time off for a funeral on Friday.

2015 Random 002
Oh I went to the zoo… this is a seal


All I can hope is this move in work will mean a more regular return to blogging! Though I note other professional women amongst my readership have slowed down blogging too, which makes me feel foolish to boast having more time!  Thanks for making me feel normal, in my irregular posting, Lucinda, Fiona and Amanda РDar & Laura you put us all to shame, what IS your secret?

2015 Random 005
Sunday brunch view (Scarborough beach, WA)


Outside of work, I spent four days in Perth with the BF last weekend… it was totally last minute (as in, the flight disappeared from being sold online within the time I was looking at it!) ¬†It was an expensive last minutes decision, but critical to my mental health, so I’m glad I did it. ¬†The BF spent the remainder of the week in Perth, so I ‘stayed over’ with my empty nester parents much to their delight. ¬†Of course, they spoilt me, with breakfast (fruit salad, yoghurt and toast) set out for me. ¬†And waking me gently rather than an alarm. ¬†And dropping me at the station, or picking me up from the airport during peak hour. ¬†So I felt like a special someone for a little while, which was just what I needed.

See, we surfed!


I’ve totally forgot to share my embarrassing surfing lesson photos with you – I have to more lessons to look like a pro (and lose 10kg I’ve gained of late!) ¬†Still, it was a fun and exhausting work out. ¬†And the weather was far nice that the picture, but it did turn at the end, and lovely at the start ūüėÄ ¬†A cyclone or two have delayed me from going back the past two weekends. ¬†But I did pilates in the park, and a run, a first in a long time. ¬†My body is screaming, let me assure you!

How are y’all?