Weekend feed

So to finish the week of reporting…

I made a smoothie with a banana, the (yucky) unsweetened smooth peanut butter, and… chocolate ice cream. Oh and milk. ¬†Usually the banana is frozen and we don’t have ice cream :s

And then I went to a friend’s housewarming. I ate

  • many cups of boozy berries with sweetened cream (so I didn’t recognise cranberries fresh)
  • handfuls of peanut m’n’m’s which I don’t actually LIKE!
  • a slice of homemade olive and rosemary bread
  • a handful of corn chips, and maybe one of potato chips
  • a thin slither of my fudgey choccie cake ūüôā
  • three half sausages (halved prior to me, alas I’m not that neurotic!) in exotic flavours from a German butchery with some pasta salad
  • a serve of a Phillipines dish which is just like creme caramel only more devilish, thicker
  • many many cherries (I was too cheap to buy them grocery shopping, but you know ūüėČ Cheeky, right?

I skipped dinner, you can see why!

Sunday, we went for brunch, and they have HOMEMADE raspberry pear bread with cinnamon ricotta.  Yummy!  And a mocha Рnot so yummy.  But you know, i drank it all :p

Then we went to the RSPCA Рwell that was risky! Almost came home with a rabbit.  Or a lab puppy.  But neither.

Lunch was half a turkish roll with cheddar and thinly sliced ham (or halm as the younger version of me thought it was).

Turkish ice cream for ‘walking’ treat – mmm one was a backlava flavour and the other, I can’t recall exactly. ¬†Really thick, and sort of stringy, but in a good way!

Then we had pulled pork wraps, with home made salsa and guac.  The remainders of which made a fast day lunch.

Friday Feast

Well if one fasts, one must feast!

Friday was a lovely work day – I felt like I (once again) tamed my desk and further thinned the large cabinet of inherited paperwork. ¬†I felt very virtuous when i got home, and then headed out with teh BF to meet my parents for comedy (which was not *quite* comedy) and a meal. ¬†The whole show was more the woman processing her mother’s recent death :s

Anyhow, onto the food.

Porridge with blueberries and milk

Mocha – mmm

Sweet potato and smoked salmon
Sweet potato and smoked salmon

Orange lunch: sweet potato and the remaining slice of smoked salmon leftover from making risotto.

Pear for snack when I got home. And a cracker with some 60% reduced in cost brie we found in the store! (Impulse purchase!)

Entrees (there were more arancini balls!)
Entrees (there were more arancini balls!)

Dinner was shared entrees of salt and non existent pepper calamari and arancini balls. ¬†Neither were ‘wow’. ¬†Mains however were two pizzas, well one pizza and a foccacia with pork & fennel sausage, caramelised onion and special yummy cheese.

Needless to say, there’s were fights about the last slice of foccacia, and I’m lucky I didn’t have to get myself home *cough cough*

And for dessert, post foccaccia-gate, I seemed the only person keen.  Always awkward.  Then BF offered a 60:40 split of a tiramisu, Dad countered with 50:50 and I snapped up a good deal.

See, lucky I didn’t have to walk home (interestingly, where we went, I have walked home more than once, so it’s not that much of a trial, but I was in heels, stockings and a dress… so… not the plan!)

Writing this on Saturday evening, I feel like it’s been a virtuous working week, and I could end the ‘series’ there… Mainly cause today, wowa, what a wash! More soon!

Thursday fast

Dessert yesterday
Dessert yesterday

Last night’s meals ended with above, in expectation of fast day Thursday.

I held off til noon to eat.

Today’s light lunch was a small 100g can of tuna and 250g punnet of strawberries. Nice, but the strawberries weren’t as ripe and yummy as the last batch.

I then had a hot choc (47 cals) with a touch of instant coffee, which didn’t add to it at all :p

The minute I got home, I boiled a kettle to make Potato and Leek soup, which puts me at ~350cal of the allowed 500! (PS Fiona, that’s my recent elect bill in the background!)

Potato and leek cuppa soup
Potato and leek cuppa soup

Now to accompany the Mr of the house to McD to ‘build his own burger’. Quick whilst I’m still sloching in soupy fullness! Actually maccas isn’t a temptation.

I also noticed today I don’t ‘fill out’ this button up shirt in the bust area like I first did – so even though the scales are slow to show, I’m losing cms.

Are you keeping clothing hoping you’ll fit back into them? ¬†Or do you wear them even when you’re a little ‘busty’ or similar?

Sarah eats…

So today, much like yesterday.  Started with oats and blueberries (thought about adding some banana for your sakes, but meh).

Stopped by near my old office for a take away mocha. ¬†The taste wasn’t as I remembered, but the barista was different. ¬†It was still lovely to ‘catch up’ with people who remember me but are essentially strangers ūüôā ¬†Then a long car trip to my morning meeting.

Lunch was the leftovers of the BF’s go to meal (which does not look pretty). ¬†It’s bacon/spinach/feta pasta. ¬†He loves to make up a bulk pot. ¬†I don’t usually eat much of it, as it’s a bit heavy for me, but today I felt like it.

The BF's go to bulk meal
The BF’s go to bulk meal

After the long car trip back to my usual office, and another meeting that rambled (seriously, no one seems to want to get ‘out’ of meetings where I work now!) I ate the banana I brought as a snack. ¬†I’m pretty proud I skipped an ice cream, given I coulda. ¬†I had the money, the calories (as in, it’s not a fast day), but I told myself ‘banana first’. ¬†AND… they lock the fridge at 3:30pm, so even though I was in the office for another 3 hours, I couldn’t change my mind.

On my drive home, I was dreading the fast tomorrow. ¬†I always dread the fasts. ¬†The sense of deprivation is so uncommon in this society. ¬†With this on my mind, I wasn’t content with the spinach and ricotta lasagna leftovers (again). ¬†I suggested burgers out with the BF, but he was halfway through his lasagne and his poker game.

Nothing better - and quick too (don't boil first)
Nothing better – and quick too (don’t boil first)

Stroke of genius! Crispy-fried gnocchi. ¬†I learnt this from watching French students. ¬†It’s like potato gems, in a way. ¬†The BF doesn’t like gnocchi, so given he had eaten, it was a ‘happy’ meal instead of a burger. ¬†OF course, as I start cooking, the BF reads out the burger special locally, and it has a hash brown in it – I mean really! You’re killing me!

The chocolate ice cream is looking like a promising chaser — perhaps with some Patron or chocolate liqueur (or both)!

What’s a ‘happy’ meal for you?

Tuesday Tucker

tucker: Aussie slang for food!

I started my day with oats with blueberries Рfrozen blueberries go in with the oats and water, and defrost in their 2min cycle.  I also almost always have a glass or two of water.

On non fast days, it’s almost the next thing that gets me out of bed:

Mocha to go
Mocha to go

Nothing til noon time lunch at work.  I went healthy for the actual lunch course:

Doesnt look all that appetising, but good for me!
Doesn’t look all that appetising, but good for me!
Quick snap before they were DEVOURED
Quick snap before they were DEVOURED

Lest you think I’m doing this for your measure, the afternoon warranted me checking the ‘junk fridge’. ¬†The patron saint of junk had delivered my favourite (he knows they are my fave). ¬†$2.50 later:

I stopped at one
I stopped at one

The impending blog post quashed my flirting with a second after a hella boring meeting :s Team briefs, never that brief. (Google tells me 326 calories!)

For dinner was leftover spinach and ricotta ‘deconstructed’ cannelloni.

Then I went to a one off body painting course, and there were treats – jellies, mini chocs. ¬†I don’t ever *like* jellies, but once I ‘popped’ I couldn’t stop – those sour worms were MINE. ¬†Why did they tempt me?

And to think the BF and I picked up ice cream at the grocery store after my GP visit. ¬†I’ve had some very bizarre dizziness spells, but doc diagnosed, and it’s harmless and will pass :0

Do you have a favourite ice cream?  Would you rather ice cream or chocolate as a treat after dinner?

Monday Munching

So today’s I fast. ¬†Which means I try to limit my calorie intake to 500 calories.

Oh my, it was the toughest fast to date I think!

Here’s what I took to work with me.

My work haul - strawberries, cuppa soup, choc milk powder and roasted sweet potatos.
My work haul – strawberries, cuppa soup, choc milk powder and roasted sweet potatoes.

I still have a sore throat, so I skipped the sweet potatoes in favour of another soup for dinner (lunch I had potato and leek, dinner was roast chicken soup). I also had two hot chocolates made with water and powder, instead of the planned one. So I’m still OK calorie wise, just mixed it up.

Past week’s I’ve been able to fast til lunch time or dinner time. The lunch ‘break’ fast has been the below cutie (two actually!)

A previous fast day's selfie - boiled egg for lunch at work!
A previous fast day’s selfie – boiled egg for lunch at work!

And back to the strawberries – 250g is a lot and only 100 calories. YUM! Maybe I should defrost some blueberries for after this second round of dinner soup?

Sunday eating

So to bore you all, I’m going to blog a week of my eating. ¬†The aim is to get me to eat BETTER knowing someone will know – the internet! ¬†And if I lose weight, that’ll be awesome.

So, Sunday, we started with

  • a mocha – full cream milky coffee with chocolate mmm

We went on a drive to the Northern beaches hoping to try a burger at a well known place, but it was closed. So we settled for a burger by the actual beach, but less famed.

  • Egg & bacon burger and two hash browns

I did the think I was getting ‘mini’ hash browns, like one often gets chips, but they were two normal sized ones!

  • Dulche de leche chocolate from the Rocks Markets

If any of my international readers EVER make it to Sydney, spend some time one weekend in the historic Rocks area, and enjoy the very ‘arty’ markets. ¬†I love the photograph vendors the most, but there’s a lot of food (fudge… nuts… chocolate) and much more ‘Australiana’ like coins inlaid with wood, stamps, historic photos, puzzles, you name it, every souvenir one could want.

I walked from this ‘end’ of the city up to Broadway, which is about 4kms with my dilly dallying this way and that.

The pasta company's looks nicer than mine! via
The pasta company’s looks nicer than mine! via
  • spinach and ricotta cannelloni – so there were the tubes to use up and lasagna sheets, so it was hybridized. ¬†Yummy and warming
  • Jarrah hot chocolate – so far watery looking, warm though!

Sorry to bore you all – what are you eating for dinner? Lunch? Whatever meal you’re up to?

Child raising, internationally

Somehow, I stumbled across a Cup of Jo series on motherhood around the world. ¬†Fascinating (except for Australia, naturally). ¬† It’s title is # of surprisingly things about motherhood in…

Here’s what I’d like…

Р3 hours every day with a kraamzorg for the first eight days after birth in The Netherlands.  How helpful would that be?

–¬†On a lack of tantrums: I have never ever witnessed a public meltdown. If a baby were to get fussy in public, a bunch of strangers would immediately swoop down to pick him up, bounce him and play with him before it reaches a fever pitch – Who wouldn’t want to live in Turkey?

– it seems Islamic cultures often are in desert cultures which are HOT, so you see the similarities int he night time life, and kids not sleeping early in the evening, such as in Abu Dhabi

Рhow cool does this playground look, even as an adult.  Again, great Netherlands


– I was surprised that Norway was criqued for their ‘sameness’. They often seem ‘the’ way in life, in fairness, in social equality. ¬†But $3o0 for a month of care for a 1 year old from 8am to 5pm? ¬†That is awesome!

Рsushi is (not surprisingly) not off limits in Japan!  Well, naturally, right?

– finding out the baby’s gender in India is against the law. ¬†I’m sure the reasons aren’t just cause they are ‘surprise loving’ but still…

– it blows me away to get maternity leave asking for you to leave your job four (Norway) to six (Germany) weeks before birth. ¬†Mum had my youngest brother on her last day before school holidays started! ¬†I’m convinced I’d rather have the time with bub, but we’ll see!

– Germans are hilarious – they aren’t all about ‘sharing’ but standing up for your rights. ¬†So when a toddler snatches a toy, they kids are encouraged to make a stand and take it back! Ha!

– the minimalist in me loves The Netherlands and their kindermarkets – where kids, on Kings Day in April, sell their toys, or somehow otherwise ‘sell’ fun like lemonade. ¬†How great is that, a system for secondhand kids toys!


Before anyone says I’m clucky, it’s true. ¬†But at 21, I wrote about the experiences of L’Ecole Maternelle in France. ¬†It just fascinates me how different countries manage children, childhood and the world around them.

There’s also reports on Congo, Northern Ireland and Mexico. ¬†Eat your heart out!

Cold, snow cold…

Last Friday I felt the niggles of a sore throat, so wisely spent Saturday sleeping. ¬†And a lot of Sunday. ¬†I worked Monday and Tuesday, whilst the man about the house took an unprecedented two days off in a row. ¬†Unlike me, he actually is awake, and upright on his sick days. ¬†My Wednesday, Thursday AND Friday this week have seen me mostly horizontal. ¬†I slept through Wednesday’s except for the two clean! Seriously, save for an hour or two, I went from my ‘night’ sleep til 5.30pm!? ¬†So you can imagine my frustration that on Friday, I’m STILL sick. ¬†Pesky colds I tell you!

One ‘sick’ evening, I spent the better part of the night pinning the lovely AirBnB’s in Paris. ¬†That was fun! They certainly know what small living is – how can they be such a culinary culture with such tiny kitchens though?

Ok, so I suppose I shouldn’t complain – it is COLD out. ¬†How cold you ask? ¬†There’s snow. ¬†In Australia. ¬†In places one wouldn’t really think it’d snow. ¬†See some photos from a friend, but the link is the BEST:

Thanks to Sally Reddy's photography
Thanks to Sally Reddy’s photography


The bulk of the snow photos are in the Blue Mountains, where my uncle lives. ¬†My mum typically visits him on school holidays, but left it til ‘snow day’ to try, and of course our roads aren’t made for this, so they closed the highway. ¬†Mum stayed home instead ūüôĀ

I’ve enjoyed some great TV lately, thanks to the BF being involved with a certain TV company’s streaming service. ¬†I’ve enjoyed UnREAL a behind the scenes of a (fake) dating show. ¬†Seriously warped, but enjoyable. ¬†The Fall¬†with the chilling Gillian Anderson from The X Files as a cop in Northern Ireland.

UnREAL via
UnREAL via

I’ve also signed up to Facebook groups in a big way. ¬†I started about 6 months ago with the Facebook group associated with The Non Consumer Advocate. ¬†It is such a chatty and supportive group, I decided to find more groups just this past week, and signed up to an Australian group for the 5:2 fasting I’m attempting (though the shedding of KGs is slow). ¬†I’ve also joined Simple Savers, which I know some of my Aussie readers are already knowledgeable about.

Otherwise, life’s ticking along swimmingly. ¬†I bought my annual amount of shares, which the BF noted hasn’t increased with the six years I’ve been buying once annually. ¬†My salary on the other hand has. ¬†It’s ok, I’m not entirely comfortable with shares and buying/investing, so I like to keep the amount to a quantity I’d be happy to lose (which is in the ballpark of the amount I’d pay for a flight to my favourite international destinations). ¬†It helps me resolve the possibility of ‘losing it all’ though it’s unlikely.

What’s news with you?