2016 Goals

What would I like to achieve in the next year?


I will get (and stay) below 70kg.  I’m currently 78.7kg.  I plan to reward myself as a help to motivate me.  I do need to ‘plan’ around all my excuses, so perhaps that’s tomorrow’ post.  I would like to have toned upper arms and a stomach I wouldn’t mind being shown to people (ie in a bikini), and minimal cellulite.

By October, I’d been as low as 75kg. I had got into more regular Barre Tone classes, and really felt more toned in my upper arms, and upper legs.

Australian owned sportswear
Australian owned sportswear

I will only drink two nights per week.  I think this will help with losing weight – I don’t ‘love’ to drink so therefore setting an arbitrary number allows calories for things I’d prefer (like sweets!)

I feel like I have generally applied this.

We will eat vego twice a month.  I think this is healthy, and if I’m smart, the BF may not notice… we’ll see.

Twice within the last 24hours! I can’t say more broadly how well I’ve done with this.  I have found myself prepping a vego meal for my lunches from time to time.


I will visit Russia, Romania and Bosnia this July/August with my younger brother.

See all the posts (posted from August through October)

Pretty Russia
Pretty Russia via

I will go canyoning and abseiling in the Blue Mountains – a Christmas gift from the BF. Done


I will develop 3 staff to be able to do duties in the office, which gives them options in a very volatile time at work.

I really feel I need a few more goals in this space, so something to ponder.


I will catch up with two (non-local) friends per quarter. I didn’t succeed at Christmas cards in the quantity I’d hoped, so I might try to be better year round.  A skype call or an email.  Something other than radio silence!

NYE in Brisbane via
NYE in Brisbane via

I will travel to Brisbane.  Perhaps also the Gold Coast, either as a tack on, or a separate trip.

I will travel to Melbourne.

I will contact both brothers at least twice EVERY week as one is in the US and one is in the UK.


Save $40,000 in the year.

Invest a further $2000.

What do you have planned for the year ahead?  Which do you think will be the hardest one for you to achieve?

Trash review

First, this is gold, from trash talking Republicans:


For the past few months, I’ve held off the cleaner from emptying the bathroom bin.  Cause I’m a nutso.

Here’s what I know

  • we use many plastic/foil sheets of medications, prescription or otherwise.  It’s the standard way to get pain killer or anything in Australia.  Thankfully, vitamins etc come in bottle.
  • shaving cream: I have no idea what makes up those pressurised canisters!?  And not too different to asthma medication sprays too…
  • band aids: the plasticised slips they come in, and their mixed media fabric and adhesive make up
  • floss & floss picks: I tried and failed with a compostable alternative. The BF prefers the picks, and I promote his efforts in dental hygiene, waste be damned.
  • expired tubes of medication, and toothpaste – there’s no way I’m at ‘tooth powder’ stage in a zero waste journey, so that’ll stay.

There’s two or three positives:

  • toliet tubes: I recycle those
  • hair: I loved having a shaved head, but now I have more ‘normal’ (for me) length hair, there’s a lot of it that comes out in a hairbrush.  Thankfully, it’s natural (no colours/dyes) so I will consider composting it
  • cotton buds: something I can’t do without, but I sought out organic cotton with cardboard sticks which I feel better about than plastic sticks

Overall, I would love to know more about those ‘jar of trash’ stars, and how they deal with my bag of items in the first list.  It abandoning some convenience and habits the only way?  Do they never cut themselves or have a headache…?

Mental health first aid

The past two days, I’ve been on the NSW Central Coast learning how to do first aid – for mental health conditions including depression, anxiety, pychosis and substance abuse, including touching on suicide. The trainer said we’re a pretty cutting edge to be training in this, so that always feels nice.

I learnt SO much, and it was an ‘opt in’ course, which meant everyone WANTED to be there, and often had much to share.  I was delighted to find three staff who came with less than 24 hours notice of the course.  I didn’t think to suggest it, as I didn’t think anyone would be interested – there’s no financial reward!  And as a manager, I’m not the ideal candidate (but due to my gender, and the generally few women in depots, it also makes sense – it’ll not be staff who report to me who’d likely come and see me, but I also like being educated about things that may still affect my staff).

If nothing else, this cartoon helps understand what sympathy is and how it differs from empathy.

There was lots of myth busting

  1. Talking about suicide – literally asking ‘have you had suicidal thoughts?’ and ‘do you have a plan?’ does not risk the chances of suicide.  Usually, the respondent feels a weight lifting that someone noticed and cared enough to ask.
  2. Substance abuse disorder is an actual mental health condition, but often in addition to, or masking/self medicating another mental health condition.
  3. Psychosis – don’t refute or agree with any hallucinations.  Like with many other symptoms, empathise how that might feel (scary!) but don’t try to ‘prove’ it’s all in the mind.
  4. Anxiety is more prevalent in women.
  5. Cannabis can ‘switch on’ paranoia and psychosis with one use if someone is genetically predisposed.
  6. Handing crying people tissues isn’t advised – it can be interpreted as showing your discomfort with tears.  Just have them easily accessible, but don’t offer them.
  7.  Almost all mental health conditions are recoverable, and certainly manageable to return to a suitable quality of life
  8. Many smokers use it as a way to treat a mental health conditions.
  9. People who have panic attacks often avoid exercise as it can mimic the symptoms.  And panic disorder can result in agoraphobia, because on the fear that there’ll be no one to help and care for them in a traumatic experience that they think will kill them.
  10. The main difference between heart attacks and panic attacks is… panic attacks have a fear of death.  Heart attacks find people focusing on the pain.

I hope I may have taught you something (and I hope I got things right from memory!)