Weight loss plan

**So I drafted this a few days ago, and didn’t go live.  I’ll explore why at the end**

The biggest 2016 goal I want to achieve is to get under 70kg and stay that way! In the past twelve months, I’ve been down to 74kg, and in years prior, I’ve dipped under 70kg – so it’s a realistic goal.

It’s not realistic that it will just ‘happen’. I need to set milestones and rewards. And plan for weaknesses.

So for rewards

@ 77kg – a new pair of cropped tights
@ 75kg – a massage
@ 73kg – a new work out tank or bra
@ 71kg – a bunch of flowers

Love strappy backs (with no back rolls) Via
Love strappy backs (with no back rolls)

The BF suggested also having a week of things to check off, and a mini reward (like a sweet treat), so here’s what I’m thinking:
1. Always take the stairs at home
2. Three ‘walks around the park’
3. Three strength sessions
4. Fast two days in the week (less than 600 calories) <- this one is big on the deprivation thing
5. Two take away coffees per week. Why? It’s calories I have come to routinely consume. But making it a rewarding treat will make it special.

Risky behaviour
I’m prone to a post lunch ice cream. I’m not suddenly going to quash that habit, so I need a healthier substitution. In the past, I’ve succeeded with a coffee (milky but no sugar) or a herbal tea. I think a piece of fruit can also work. And a mint (for those lunches that leave a strong taste).

After dinner: a solitary square of Lindt mint chocolate. Only 50 cals. And I can stop at one.

After work snack attack: I’m good at reaching for the cashews, and whilst not low in calories, they are healthy in many ways. I think part and parcel with snacking is knowing what is for dinner, and getting an early start on it. If I eat a carrot, it’s far better than some other sweet treats, even if I go over some conservative calorie limit!

Out and about snacks: I find nothing more demoralising than the cases full of sugary cakes and snacks when at a cafe, or walking around a shopping centre. I’m not sure what strategy to employ here – sometime some nuts and fruit won’t cut it. Maybe a smoothie or juice will be a sweet enough hit?

I did this stretch via
I did this stretch

Why am I doing this?
I’d like to feel comfortable in my clothes – rather than cut into by them!

I want toned arms so I’m not self conscious in tank tops and similar.

Look better in candid photographs of my whole body!

Eat in a way where I can be more balanced – the occasional treat rather than a daily reward for making it through half of the work day!

So if I HAD post this when I’d written it, this is what I’d have done ‘off plan’:
– no stairs taking
– no walk Monday after work cause it was raining (but I did plan one complete with a destination/errand)
– no fasting – but pretty healthy meal plan put together, shopped for, and three dishes prepared (7 meals worth)

I did book and go to a Barre Body class on Sunday morning before church, so not all was lost. And I’ve been so hungry but eating healthily.

Thoughts?  What would you do differently?