Resin jewellery making course

Horribly, my parents home was robbed, and Mum lost most of her jewellery.  With every thunder cloud, there’s silver linings, and one of them was that I booked us both into a class to make resin jewellery, one rainy day.

Work in progress
Work in progress

Yes, I’m sad about plastic cups.  You use those to divide up Part A and Part B, then you add colour to one part, then mix them together, mix til they heat up, and then pour in the moulds.

All in the moulds, setting
All in the moulds, setting
Mum's mould's - she shocked me with lime green!
Mum’s mould’s – she shocked me with lime green!
These were someone else's
These were someone else’s
Exhibit A: Some people mixed four different colours.  Me, I used bangle overflow and made rings... matchy!
Exhibit A: Some people mixed four different colours. Me, I used bangle overflow and made rings… matchy!
Had hoped for a deeper colour
Had hoped for a deeper colour
The class pile
The class pile
More of the class pile bottom centre is mums!)
More of the class pile bottom centre is mum’s!)

Sadly, the moulds by the time Mum and I got there were a bit big for my fingers.  The bangles obstruct typing (ah, Mum’s a teacher, so she wears them more).  So I took all my newly made stuff to a water polo team dinner and left three behind (had to leave early), so I hope others have rehomed them.

Gliding (fixed wing…)

So like a plane, except, extra long wings so that you can cut the engine and glide.  The BF got this as a Christmas gift, so it made my 2016 Goals, and struck something off the bucket list.

2016 Gliding 063

That’s my pilot tinkering


I was pretty darn excited:

Excitable clapping also occured
Excitable clapping also occured

Here’s the inside:

Instrument collagae

Let me show you some ‘up in the air’ pictures

2016 Gliding 032
The church my pilot, Bill, was married in.
2016 Gliding 023
Coming in to land, with no engine on Far off on that horizon line is the Blue Mountains, and snow!
2016 Gliding 038
My bread and butter – substations (this is outside my company’s area tho)
2016 Gliding 046
A valley/flood plain

Here’s some shots of the sexy beast I flew in

2016 Gliding 010 2016 Gliding 005

In the airfield, there was gliders from another ‘club’ which don’t have engines (they get towed up).  Seems the embedded engine is preferable – less manpower needed, and less ‘vehicles’:

These gliders can't 'self propel'
These gliders can’t ‘self propel’

I loved it! My pilot was super helpful, let me ‘fly’ and took right back over when the nerves got the better of me.  He also told the BF I squealed (true).  I have a real fear with steering a glider, or a jet ski.  But then no fear/freak out with hang gliding or parasailing (both of which I did ‘pre blog’).  I think it’s to do with being able to imagine a sudden, horrible outcome with the former two, and less so with the latter?

The BF also signed his life away and went up too:

2016 Gliding 012

It was a pretty awesome way to spend Saturday morning.  We were really lucky to only book this date in, many people have been repeatedly rescheduled – the airfield was under water a month ago!

The pilots are all part of a club, and volunteer to take us city folk up (DINKs and the like who buy RedBallon vouchers).  The ‘profits’ for this are ploughed into the club, which owns to gliders and a little trailer/office/hut thingie.  There’s air traffic control at the air field, as there’s private planes and other dinky planes, but we also saw some super fighter jet take off too, as there’s an air force or cadets group that train there.  Anyhow, it’s a pretty ‘cheap’ hobby for the club members with the offsetting of once off flyers.  The other pilot there on the day had taken his grand daughter ‘up’ before us, and planned to take her again.  Nothing like the indoor sky diving costs (did I blog about that?)

Laptop loathing

So… My laptop is in disrepair.  It seems to have evidence that it was built in 2008.  It’s a ‘hand me down’ from my mother’s work.  She doesn’t work there anymore either.

This right hinge broke first
This right hinge broke first

I think I put up with it, and my greenie, eco warrior-ness means I don’t like to say or think that I want a new laptop.

I don't even know when or how this 'in the middle' piece' escaped
I don’t even know when or how this ‘in the middle’ piece’ escaped

But… this laptop is annoying me enough that I just avoid using it.  I just, sew wonky stuffed animals:

Hand crafted (mangled?) by myself
Hand crafted (mangled?) by myself

The honest truth is – I have NO idea what I want in a laptop.  I mean, I want it to have two hingers, OBVIOUSLY.  But I’ve melted and fried a few laptops, and I no longer ‘need’ a laptop, like when I was a university student writing assignments and thesis’

A dream laptop would be second hand, just work, have a decent battery life (more than 45 mins at least, that’s fair right?)  And a good screen.  Not big.  not super reflective shiny, just, good.

The situation must be getting dire when tonight I was shutting down the work laptop and considered taking it home.  This same laptop has some internal loose wire, meaning it takes some firm slaps after a few attempts to start up, to start up with the hand drive.  So hardly a beacon of hope 100% of the time.  It’s fine without adventure.  But work comes with meetings, and I physically go to them.  And I note take cause gosh darn, other people just drop the ball or offer excuses. And you can’t nail a slimely salesman without written evidence.  That being said, nailing seems to be something a govt organisation seems to be remiss at…

See, I work now from 7am – 5.30pm.  It’s pretty standard.  I ‘can’ leave at 3.30pm, but given the noisy roudy workers leave then, I usually eagerly await that moment of chaos (moment = 1 hour) to pass, and then work on ‘inbox zero’ – filing emails, replying, adding things to the next days to do list.  5:30 has become a personally set deadline, as I like to listen to a radio program (Triple J Hack mentioned in the last post).  It starts at 5pm this week, to make it one hour long.  I seemed to assume it’d run later… So perhaps an incentive to leave work earlier just this pre election week?

The past two laptops I purchased (new) I outsourced to a friend.  I gave him cash and a ‘wants list’ (many USB ports one laptop, a floppy disc drive another time!) and he had to set it up.  He did.  I was content.

I don’t know what processing speed I need.  How much RAM I need…  And honestly, I don’t even want to start to research these things.  What’s ‘enough’?  What’s ‘so slow I wanna smack it’?

So Lucinda, you’re my most local reader – if you have a hand me down, I’ll pay for it… 😉


Brexit & war on young people

Unrelated thoughts that I want to ‘rant’ on.

I audibly gasped when my brother sent me a message, from the UK where he lives and works, that Brexit won. I know it’s reductionist, but I can’t thinking the xenophobic, immigration hating people.  And since it’s happened; I’ve seen other perspectives.  It may result in better trade for Australia with Britain with our cattle etc, as the EU has some strong agricultural limitations on trade.  Interesting ‘pro’ I’d not considered.  So far, though, the markets hate it.  And I think, like my workfroce undergoing restructure, people do NOT like uncertainty.  It could be 2-4 years until Britain fully disentangled from Europe.  The whole ‘Brexit’ camp have sold the idea that financially, they’ll be stronger – but no greater ‘how’ or plan…  So it shall be very interesting few years.

ABC, Australia’ public broadcasting network on radio and TV, ran a program called “War on Young People”.  I haven’t watched the TV program, but the preamble and the follow up on radio has got me very riled up.

First, young people, things don’t just come to you.  You have to work hard.  You both work hard at university, or not, but you also WORK HARD.  You will need to do work, hard work, to get ahead.  And… wanting something enough isn’t going to mean you “deserve” it.  I might actually ‘love’ to be an interior decorator.  But I work – I do something that is needed, that earns me money.  If I had chosen a different education path, I expect that it may not have had such profitable incomes, or as secure jobs with full time working weeks etc.  I don’t love my job, and not ‘work’ a day in my life.  I really enjoy my job BECAUSE I work hard, and that work brings rewards.  (to be clear, it also drives me bat shit insane at times too, but the majority of the time, it’s rewarding).

I don’t think Baby Boomers have ’caused’ the Gen Y to have less full time employment, a portfolio career. I think our economy and our race to reduce costs to increase profits, or the pursuit of growth, has resulted in a fractured workforce.  It has necessitated casual work, and non standard work hours.  It’s a slave to the ‘consumer’.  And in a tie back to topic one, I thought was unrelated, however, I do think the restrictions in the EU around Sunday trading, or round the clock big box stores, ARE for the better of the people, and perhaps, as has been the case in passing years, not for the economy.

I do think that property is expensive.  But I don’t think property should be something you can buy without ‘work’ – the work of savings.  I do think that owning a home, the cost to own a home should take a proportion of your salary.  I don’t think a mortgage + international holidays + all night booze ups + a new outfit every weekend and another hundred things aren’t anyone’s entitlements.  Buying a home was something I wanted to do, so I didn’t buy any clothes for a year.  And I’ve never had all night booze ups – and I’m happy to take the teasing – it’s resulted in me what I wanted (or one thing I wanted, which was to own property).  I do think negative gearing is a poor economic tool that’s being exploited by some.  I will also admit, the idea of negative gearing and capital gains tax is something I am and will likely benefit from.  So I have a bit of a tug of war on that Australian Federal election issue.

Overall, no, I don’t like that there is more casual work.  But I know why it exists.  And I do actually see the economic logic of not paying people for a holiday or a sick day.  I appreciate that I have these benefits, currently, in my full time job, but I remember moving from casual jobs to this one, and being aghast I could have no work, but I had to ‘act busy’ and I would still take home the same salary.  It just seemed disingenuous.  But I like that I can go to the grocery store at 9pm.  Or fill up on petrol after 5pm.  And casual work is part of how these unpalatable working conditions have been introduced.  What I find challenging is that staff, Gen Y, who have well paid, permanent full time jobs, who don’t work hard.  And then complain that they don’t have more overtime, or a pay increase.  That entitlement is galling.  Truth be told, of 45 staff, there’s probably as many Gen Y who are like this as other generations – I see it more as a personality trait, than a generational attribute!

I think I’ve run out of rant steam – but comment as you wish, and I might start back up!

PS I’ve partly had posting anxiety because I feel I must have graphic.  You all read novels. You can manage without pictures.  Sometimes.