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I’ve had this blog for about five years I think, and whilst I do write posts, I’m rubbish at updating static pages.  So I’m 30-something, and this blog follows the journey of four homes to date.  It all started when I bought my own home, and decided to blog about the little projects around the house.  I live in Sydney, Australia (which, from my travels, appears to be pretty darn expensive, but that’s largely due to high wages).  Wanna know what I looked like?  Head to this post, where I show some photos from Nov 2012, when I shaved my head.

Friday 12 April 2013 (after being shaved in Nov 2011, it's had two tidy up trims)

Friday 12 April 2013 (after being shaved in Nov 2012, it’s had two tidy up trims)

I enjoyed decorating my new home, purchased in Dec 2011, as well as watching movies and TV shows. I love reading blogs about decluttering and minimalism  as well as personal finance, so that’ll surely be peppered throughout my blog.  I find order in life by writing lists, and can pass a fair bit of time on my smart phone refining and creating lists! I hope to share my lists and plans with my readers, as well as make myself accountable, as much as tracking my progress.

It’s in my nature to apologise – and so I shall.  I know I earn a good salary, and I have very few true challenges. That being said, I look to stretch myself and not squander my fortune and this blog is about reaching my goals, no matter how lofty.  I realise that not everyone who reads this will be able to see past the numbers and figures I post, and for that I’m sorry.

Lastly, when I’m cool enough, I might have twitter and instagram for my blog.  For now, you can email me at livetolist(at)gmail.com (obviously replace the (at) with a @ or you can follow me on facebook, once I work out how to make my page public!!

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