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Resin jewellery making course

Horribly, my parents home was robbed, and Mum lost most of her jewellery.  With every thunder cloud, there’s silver linings, and one of them was that I booked us both into a class to make resin jewellery, one rainy day. Yes, I’m sad about plastic cups.  You use those to divide up Part A and …
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Diner en Blanc 2014

Somehow, this post never got posted, but the pictures are no less lovely, so why not now? Last year (ie 2013), we went to Diner en Blanc held at the surprise location of Bondi Beach.  I posted about it here.  This year (cough 2014!), we went again, and here’s a photo summary.  This year it …
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Clothes shopping spending habits

Last year, I don’t think I was very public on my blog about a challenge I set with my mother: We’d buy no NEW clothing from my birthday on 30th January, for a year.  My mother and I did spend two weeks in January 2015 in the USA, so my annual total does include ‘new’ …
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USA shopping

As I just spent two weeks in the US, it means I spent a LOT of time shopping.  I mean, I did my duty to help the economy and save myself from the cold 😉 My first day ‘alone’ whilst the BF worked, I went out to an outlet mall.  Here’s what I purchased Source: …
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Thrifty clothes haul

I find those youtube channels so vulgar, where they buy all the fast fashion and can hardly remember why they bought what they did. However, I had my own version, just at Red Cross Paddington.  (If you ever come to Sydney readers, this is the BEST op shop, or thrift store.  They curate the best …
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This and that

So long time no post, I know. Here’s all the scattered thoughts in a post! I get one day off a month.  Last month, I did my annual ‘scale and clean’ at the dentist.  But this month, I got my first ever filling 🙁  And I’m still sore now, about 6hrs later, but no longer …
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And more decluttering

Hot on the heels of the big bag of clothes decluttered, and aware I was a few items shy on my in/out count on clothing, I tossed out striped leggings I bought cause they looked cool on someone else in the gym class.  I didn’t try them on in store, and they were itchy as …
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Clothes decluttering

After buying 15-17 piece of clothing (4 tank tops, and 2 belts included), I thought it important to try and thin my existing collection by as many.  These were what I came up with: First item is a year or two old.  I bought it at Jeanswest as a ‘nice’ summer top.  I never like …
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2014 clothing round up

This yeah, I bought/acquired 57 items of clothing or pairs of shoes.  There were 8 pairs of shoes, so make that 49 pieces of clothing. Last year’s more basic count which was 35.  I attribute some of the purchases with my change from wearing a work uniform to wearing corporate clothing.   Of those, 29 …
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Jewellry combinations

What woman says to their partner ‘I have more than enough jewellery’?. Me! And to prove it to myself, I took a series of photo to show me all the combinations. The process also helped me realise what I don’t use or wear, ever! Of course… I could with a ring or two more 😉