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Just a simple post, with numbers that surprised me

Not my style icon, but proof having an awesome body does not mean one needs to dress... provocatively.  What am I saying, those are some SERIOUS boots! source:
Not my style icon, but proof having an awesome body does not mean one needs to dress… provocatively. What am I saying, those are some SERIOUS boots!

131 substantial pieces of clothing.  ie can be worn in public.

17 dresses

28 pairs of ‘bottoms’

3 pairs of shorts

14 skirts

11 pants (trousers)

84 tops

14 inner layers – singlets, seldom worn alone

13 long sleeved t shirts for under prickly jumpers

26 outer layers – cardigans and jumpers

31 short sleeves or 3/4 sleeved or button down shirts/tops

22 work out clothes so only acceptable in certain public 😉

19 ‘house clothes’ – PJs, dressing gowns, not suitable for public consumption

19 pairs of shoes (including slippers and flip flops thongs)

17 bras (of which 3 are for work outs)

11 scarves

11 pairs of stockings

9 handbags (!)

7 belts

5 swimsuits

3 hats

And a diminishing but far too high count on knickers and socks.  But they don’t make a full load, and so I’ll always try to keep them in oversupply.

Decluttered since blogging? 13 tops + 8 bottoms +4 dresses + 10 ‘intimates’ +8 accessories = 42 items down.

148 substantial items when including shoes (comparing to Dar’s 263).  Actually, I’m totally surprised.  I always thought I had a lot of clothing?!  Certainly more than Laura 31 core items.

Grand total: 249 less the smalls.

Not a jacket, but I'd still buy it if I saw it! source:
Not a jacket, but I’d still buy it if I saw it!

Rest assured I continue to ‘re-clutter’ and once I get a chance, I’ll photograph the 7 new items I bought this weekend, all second hand 😀  Interestingly, this latest rationalisation has resulted in me get a pair of pants ‘slimmed’ so the leg isn’t identical to another pair.  I’ll also get rid of two tops after copying their style, and stealing the ‘old’ embellishments.  Do I *need* anything?  Well, since clothing can be a need, I’d put the following on a ‘I’d like’ list

  • durable flats – either Melissa jellies in a ballet flat or something similar
  • Camper heels – cause they are a small heel, closed toe, usually well made, rubber sole and heel.  Price a little high though
  • white jacket – not critical, especially since picking up a white cardigan on the weekend, which is a better weight in summer for an outer layer
  • grey coat – to replace one I have in my collection which was cheap and looks it.
  • teal jacket/coat – the cheap one I had was removed from my collection  I’d swoon over velvet (although I have a navy and black velvet jacket already), but silk would probably be OTT
  • lime scarf – I love all things lime right now!
  • flat black boots with a durable sole and a nice toe, not too pointy or too rounded
  • LuLuLemon brand 3/4 yoga pants – there is no fabric as long lasting as theirs

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  1. Re-clutter.. *laugh* I've been doing that lately too. I've decided to just stop cold turkey from browsing online. I always get in trouble when I browse…

    As for prickly jumpers, I just avoid buying them. This is why I have to test drive EVERY SINGLE THING I put on my body to feel if it will make me itch or not, particularly since I have very bad eczema as well.

    1. Yes I've duly noted your 're-cluttering' – but hey, you have ample time to browse online, so I can see how that might happen!

      I buy wool, which I find prickly, for the warmth. But with a long sleeved top I'm usually ok to wear it, so that's why there's so many 'long sleeved tees' on my list!

  2. It sounds so organised, Sarah! You are obviously choosing things very consciously, especially when you know exactly where the 'gaps' are in clothes and shoes. I have a fairly minimal wardrobe but one thing I've realised is that clothes can be quite a sizeable investment. In some ways it's like stockpiling food to keep a decent set of clothes. You never know when circumstances might change and you won't be able to expand a wardrobe.

    1. It certainly feels organised listing it all like that (and in the spreadsheet). I certainly know the gaps, but what I'm buying doesn't necessarily fill the gaps I mentioned. Oh well!

      I agree though – after a year of buying nothing (and seeing the cheap stuff wear very badly), I'm very conscious to buy things I know I'll wear. I'm pleased to report all but one item in my wardrobe has been worn. Nothing I could sell as 'brand new with tags' – so that's a start. But perhaps it also means I could be more adventurous?

  3. 🙂 at the re-clutter! I love your wish list – I have one too and it's simplifies shopping so much. You must be so happy that you have no items with tags – for me that's the best thing about being organised with clothing, money is rarely wasted on something you won't wear.

    Thanks for the link.

    1. Wish lists do help – certainly in full retail stores where choices can be overwhleming, it's nice to get a certain type of things in your view finder and not be way laid by all the other pretty stuff!

      It is good to know nothing is wasted. The only un worn item is a beaded bodice I bought when I was 13 and in Bali. I planned to wear it for my formal or semi formal at high school but didn't. In any case, I bought silk to make a skirt to match it to (which has been worn to a recent wedding). When I tried on the bodice last year, it was too snug to wear with the skirt. The BF said I should keep it as my 'skinny' goal. So I have… but I'm not sure it'll get worn, as it's quite short, and unlikely to match any of my low waisted pants or skirts left in the collection. You should see it – it hangs alone in the spare bedroom wardrobe! It's certainly got space to stay for now!

  4. I might have to copy your idea and go through my closet =). Sadly, I put the things I wear more regularly in there, and then stuff my dresser with things I don't really wear a lot. It would probably inspire me to get rid of some things. In my mind, I have 6 pairs of pants I rotate through regularly, but the number is probably closer to 15.

    1. Please do copy – I think a lot of people enjoy sticking beaking through other people's wardrobes, even in list form!

      I think there's always things we wear all the time, and things we seldom wear (the 80/20 principle again). I know I wear my jeans WAY more than all my other pants!

  5. Well, I’ve been culling my clothes for a few years now. I feel like I have a good number of clothes, but I don’t necessarily feel like I have the “right” clothes. I have a handful of items I could do to part with, and I have a wardrobe building wish list on the go. Work clothes are an area I need to work on, tops specifically, and I need to work on separating my work clothes from my good clothes. We’ll see how things pan out in the next couple months. I really need to do up a proper inventory like this!

  6. A goodly number of clothes! I haven't had the gumption to count all my items, especially the smaller, fiddley ones, like stockings.

    1. Can totally understand you not wanting to count them all – back in the days when I lived alone, one needed ways to pass the time! Kidding, though I do like organising things.

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