Op Shopping Spree

I was getting bored of my wardrobe, which I curated to 30ish items at the start of August.  Of course, I didn’t blog about this, and it helped me donate a few items that kept being passed over in the winter season.  I suspect my lack of blogging about it was due to me not expecting the August decisions to last a full three months as per the Project 333 rules. It really helped me think more critically about what wasn’t included and why.

I’m in love! It’s the right level of casual summery but not so casual I feel it’s not for public wear

Anyhow, I continue to gravitate the cheap prices of thrift stores (op shops here in Australia).  I collect armfuls of items and often find half don’t fit.  But with a much more limited supply of items in any one store, I find I am more open minded to styles and colours, and give anything a chance in the fitting room.  If it fits, it can be bought.  The losses are low if it doesn’t end up fitting in my wardrobe as a star.

A dress I didn’t know I needed. I often feel I don’t have the right casual summer dresses for BBQs and social events. This will be it (if not the white one!)

Today, I started at my favourite store (Red Cross Paddington) then continued to Vinnies (St Vincent de Paul) also in Paddington, before heading to the Vinnie is Glebe as I had another errand to do there.

Teal – love. It’s a little snug in the arms, but looks great on. Good for church

I’m headed out to dinner tonight, and now I’m seriously stumped on what to wear!  It’s a great problem to have, given how ‘blah’ I was about my wardrobe choices yesterday.

Only concern is my work trousers are largely black and this is navy

And the best part?  All this for $100.  I’d be lucky to get 1.5 items at ‘new’ retail for that price.

Deep burgundy is really pretty and I have nothing ‘red’ in my wardrobe right now. And it’s SO soft
I usually ignore cream but know this could easily be an outfit with jeans and a jacket. And I love sparkles!

Which items would you add to your wardrobe?

2 Replies to “Op Shopping Spree”

  1. That white eyelet summer dress is beautiful! I used to have a similar one when I was younger, and I find myself wishing I still had it. I was hoping a white summer dress would make its way into my wardrobe this summer, but it didn’t end up working out that way. It could be a good dress for that all white dinner you go to as well!

    1. Oh my, what a memory you have about my Diner en Blanc! Yest! (If I was cool enough, I’d hyper link to posts, but wordpress isn’t as easy as it once was for that). I do love it, and it’s been something I’ve long wanted!

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