Thrifty clothes haul

I find those youtube channels so vulgar, where they buy all the fast fashion and can hardly remember why they bought what they did.

Close up of the details
Close up of the details

However, I had my own version, just at Red Cross Paddington.  (If you ever come to Sydney readers, this is the BEST op shop, or thrift store.  They curate the best stuff, but the neighbourhood is pretty posh, so it’s win win).  Yesterday, in the effort to walk home whilst BF gymmed, I went shopping.

Knotted necklace
Knotted necklace

For $111, I bought:

  • a knotted aqua and blue note style necklace out of some fine wire? $10
  • a black flowy cardigan, with a ripple like appearance, edged with a brass zipper $18
  • a knit Country Road cardigan with 3/4 sleeves in grey cotton, missing one button of 4, so marked down to $10
  • a thickly black and white striped shell top, in a neoprene like fabric $18
  • a silky button up shirt with a thin black and white stripe.  True fabric unknown, so may be winter only $18
  • Banana Republic black work trousers.  Button up on me, but a touch tight.  Same size as my other BR pants, so didn’t hesitate $22
  • soft blue with white spot gauzey scarf $15

So yeah, now I feel like my wardrobe is ‘interesting’ again, and all without anything ‘new’.  Oh I did use my languishing Westfield voucher on a simple gold necklace with a knot.  That voucher has been lingering since March, and started at $50 and is now a little under $30.  Super non-consumer (or forgetful user?!)

clothes 002
Perhaps a little big


Not the be outdone, the BF spent the better part of $500 this morning on a suit.  Overall, a stellar deal – first it was on sale, second it was the best of what he saw, but the clincher? TWO pairs of trousers… And this boy I live with, man does he feel the heat, so a second pair of pants for a suit and still a competitive price (so he thinks), is a steal!  I learnt all about suits, and his and my preferences.  We both like the slits to be at the sides, not in the middle.  And today’s ‘blue’ isn’t really all that – navy was far nicer. And a fabric with some inherent details, like a self strip, over a flat or ‘shiny’ look suit.  Two days, and it’ll be all tailored and ready for his shin-dig later in the week.

Back to me – if you’re lucky, I’ll wear 2-3 new items tomorrow, a get a photo retrospectively posted… Or not.  We’ll see 😉 (I have worn both cardigans already, so that’s a stellar start!)

I feel great about my haul, less great about my dressing room appearances… but clothes hide my faults.  And chocolate makes it seem worth it!

What piece of clothing did you last buy? Have you worn it yet?

14 Replies to “Thrifty clothes haul”

  1. Nice haul! I look forward to pix. I bought two items recently – a short sleeve shirt (which looks a bit uniform-like) and a long beige cardigan. I am having second thoughts on the second one because the only one I could find is synthetic. I like the style, but I hope to replace it with a cotton one at some point.

    1. Oh yes, short sleeved shirts can appear rather uniform-ish. Synthetic is such an iffy bet, especially if you wear it whilst summer is (was) ending… Tough call…

  2. Wow – what an awesome haul for that price! You did very well to get such a diverse range from accessories to tops to bottoms. It can be very hard to find the right fit at a Thrift Store.

    My latest was using my Birthday Gift Voucher to buy the most beautiful deep navy soft Merino wool jacket. I can't quite remember if it was $299 or $249 without looking it up. But it was on sale + applied a $100 Gift Voucher from March for my birthday, then only had to pay $50. It's the most beautiful quality and can be worn in at least 3 styles. I love it – must post a pic!

    1. Ha – yep, wearing one top (the FAVE!) it's a little too big. But not bad… Esp when layered.

      Wow a merino wool jacket sounds just lovely – I can't wait to see it!!

  3. Great haul. Looking forward to the pics. Apparently Vinnies at Waverley or over that way is good too. I have a colleague who lives there and gets the best designer suits and clothing at nix.

    1. Right, Vinnies is on the list. I was surprised the Oxford St Vinnies had so many suit sets… something I've never had (save for the obligatory one when I got a 'real' job).

  4. I look forward to seeing the items if you post them tomorrow 😀

    Personally I picked up two pairs of shoes recently. One pair of black leather flats to wear to work, and a pair of bright green Converse sneakers for out and about.

  5. Great haul! I'm not really buying at the moment as I'm losing weight, but I did pick up two vest tops from Gap to replace two old and worn out ones. I also got a pair of jeans shortened (to wear with flats) rather than replace them, as I'm trying to make my current clothing, bottoms mainly, last as long as possible.

    Looking forward to pics 🙂

    1. Wow, impressive weight loss is slow here for me, but I like your consideration.

      Nice work making the jeans work better for you – I remember you have a small wardrobe of clothing anyhow, so I can imagine one out of use wouldn't be ideal!

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