I went shopping and…

I bought seven things pieces of clothing.  For $108.

Cardigan over the white top, and look at the 'made in' part...
Cardigan over the white top, and look at the ‘made in’ part…

Yep, I dropped by Vinnies (St Vincent de Paul charity) with the following items:

H&M bustier
Striped long sleeve top
Black and white knit long sleeved
White long pants
Black petal top
Zara knit blazer
Zara knit blazer


Two dresses and a belt
Two dresses and a belt

And then bought these items:

  • 3/4 sleeve white top by Mela Purdie (did I turn into my mother? she loves this Australian brand)
  • White linen long sleeved cardigan with hood made in ‘Europe’ (cryptic right?)
  • Calvin Klein sheaf dress, knee length with two vertical stripes
  • Black and white print wrap dress with a 3/4 sleeve (ready for wearing to work)
  • Black casual dress with blue and green sequinned yoke!!
  • Silver knotted feature belt
  • Grey jersey top, tight on the bottom, loose and flowy on one shoulder…
Two tops and another dress!
Two tops and another dress!

I really have been bitten with the retail virus.  Although, it’s all second hand.  It’s all preloved.  And for $108, I’d be lucky to buy 1-2 well made new items, right?  On my count, my wardrobe still has less items than last year.


11 Replies to “I went shopping and…”

  1. Bargain!! Love the blue and green sequinned dress. The other dresses are very classic as well. It's so rare to be able find that number of 'pre-loved' items all in one shop. Excellent work!

    1. Indeed! I think the fact that I was in the swanky suburb of Paddington certainly helped my 'wins' in the 2nd hand department. The store was packed, and I almost started stalking another lady who I worked out had the same style as me!

  2. I think you did well! As long as you’ll wear them, I think it’s worth the money. You wouldn’t get anywhere near that amount of clothing buy new. My favorite is the black dress with blue neck detail – lovely!

    1. What mother wouldn't what their child to turn into them!! I mean, ultimate compliment? (Speaking of 'her' – she's been emailing photos of Tahiti! What a b**ch)

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