Savoury foods I love

A while back, I shared a list of food I don’t like.  I was just crunching on an apple and I thought, gosh darn, this is delicious.  So, here is the current list of favourites:

  • crunchy apples: no matter the type, I’m loving them!
crunch crunch source:
crunch crunch
  • macaroni and cheese: the BF is amazing at making this! It’s almost a weekly staple, often as a lunch
  • garlic butter: oh my this is my kypronite! Friends brought it around on the first night here, and the BF was hooked. They thankfully replenished our supply! We use it on bread (under cheese on toast), to cook bacon or chicken, as a pizza base.  Oh my, I’d almost put it on banana bread
  • frozen strawberries: somehow so much better than fresh, what is with that?
  • risotto: so warm and comforting, my call is gluggy rice, but even that won’t deter me!
  • Pad Thai: yummy rice noodles with some chicken and egg.  So long as you hold the bean sprouts.

Let’s be clear, I also love sweets: chocolate, gelato, ice cream, caramel sauce, cinnamon scrolls… Stop me now!  But we don’t need to focus *too* heavily on these guilty pleasures.

What are your favourite foods?  What do you always order on a menu when you see it?

I’m in Vietnam, so I won’t get to your comments as quickly as usual.  Should be back to normal programming in a little over a week.

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  1. I have a bunch of favourite "go to" foods but they're not very exciting: apples and oranges, yogurt with fruit, toast with peanut butter, cheese toast, oatmeal, rice, chick peas, and PIZZA! When I'm out I like more sinful things like spanakopita, quiche, and any kind of curry. You've made me hungry for a Pad Thai – with lots of bean sprouts! Hope you are loving your holiday!

    1. Go to foods don't have to be exciting though! I find oranges a bit of a struggle – much prefer mandarins (or clementines). I love toast, but try not to eat it as there's thoughts that gluten or wheat makes my skinny drier and flakier, though I'm not sure. I do love a good (mild) curry, and only eat them when I'm out and not with the BF who generally doesn't like them.

  2. Garlic butter is so good 🙂 When I worked at the Turkish restaurant we has garlic butter and would spread it over the Turkish bread and then toast it in the wood-fired oven. So good!

    My favourite savoury foods include nachos, curry, carrots, tomatoes, zucchini, tahini and probably lots more 🙂 I learnt how to cook a good pad thai in my cooking class, so really should make it again.

    1. Sinfully good! Oh and turkish bread would make it THAT much better – do you miss Turkish bread with garlic butter now? Maybe I should come visit you for a Pad Thai (and bring the heater!)?

  3. Oh, yum! Garlic butter on Turkish bread!

    I love fruit, too as well as carrot sticks, olives (to snack on), capers and more. Also love mixed cheeses on crackers, pizza (of course!) and risotto (which takes too long to cook, so I love it when DH makes it for us!)

    Hope you are having a fantastic time away!

    1. Olives are great to snack on – especially seeing it's not something the BF doesn't eat, which means I know there's always some around for me! Do you prefer black or green? Wow, you snack on capers – they are too tart for a snack, but they are a good inclusion with other things, like in a recipe. Oh yep, Risotto – yummo, I had a great seafood one on the beach in Nha Trang!

  4. Hold everything for Duck! Ok, and Massaman curry and baked cheese cake. I don't mind a good cassoulet either and there's dark chocolate…..

  5. I just tried pad thai last month for the first time, yum! Rice is my favorite – especially risotto! I also love soup – vegetable, creamy gnocchi soup, corn chowder, Italian Wedding, potato soup, mmm! My go-to sweet treat would have to be ice cream, especially Ben & Jerry's brand. It has a ton of mix-ins. 🙂

    1. Wow, Pad Thai is so common here, mainly because there's a lot of Thai take away, probably more than Chinese. I must look into Italian Wedding soup, I've never come across it, nor gnocchi soup which I understand, but I've never seen out and about. Oh Ben and Jerry's is AWESOME, we have it here, it's so overpriced, but still we indulge. Though I've never tried it with mix ins.

      1. I made the pad thai at home actually. We have one Chinese place, but no Thai around here. Traditional Italian wedding soup is pasta, spinach, and mini meatballs in broth – I make it vegetarian by using egg mixed with parmesan cheese (stirred in during the last few minutes of cooking). Soo good!

        I wasn't clear about the mix-ins, sorry! I meant Ben & Jerry's already has stuff in it – like little brownie pieces or cookie dough chunks or whatever. I agree it's overpriced but a nice treat 🙂

  6. Mmm. Haven’t had frozen strawberries. Something to try.

    The food I love or favour depends on the time of year. Now that it is warming up, homemade Thai Beef Salad with Hokkien noodles is a favourite as is stir fry sweet chilli octopus. And I regularly make pasta with a tomatoey sauce with different vegetables. And chilli beans and mince (which turns into tacos, nachos, wraps or served with rice.)

    1. Frozen strawberries aren't always in the supermarket, but when they are!!! Just delicious on my porridge in the morning. Oh my, it's been so long since I've had octopus (though I of course saw them whilst I was away… eww). Everything you mention sounds delicious, maybe it should be next week's menu plan here!

  7. Risotto and pad thai. YUM!

    For me it's a huge list.. currently:
    – Spring Rolls
    – Tom Yum Goong
    – Any kind of shrimp dish .. it doesn't matter
    – Creamy pastas (my favourite is with leeks and bacon)
    – Tartiflette
    – French cheeses (unfortunately the raw ones are the best)
    – Char siew
    – Potatoes almost any way…

    I could go on.

    1. I had to look some of those up! You should relish your pregnancy and eat it all (save for the soft cheeses, of course!). Weirdly, I've stopped getting your post updates, so I must stop by your site now I'm back 'home'.

  8. Garlic butter sounds yummy. I saw garlic and herb butter in the store the other day and almost bought it. I love mac and cheese, too, but I tried to make it a few weeks ago and it didn't turn out very well. Pizza, pasta and chicken were my staples growing up. I'm still trying to branch out to healthier foods. I hope you're having fun!

    1. There's no need to buy it if you can make it – and it's pretty simple! I'm lucky to have a friend 'supply' it! I'm sorry to hear you had mac and cheese issues, but I can't impart any advice, it's my BF's intuition that makes it, and it's only been really off once! Healthy foods – let me know what works well for you, so we can try it too!

  9. I love pasta with a tomatoey sauce with vegetables sprinkled with grated cheese. And Chilli mince and beans which I serve as tacos, or nachos, or soft wraps, or with rice. I also love a curry.

    I have never had frozen strawberries – so there's something to try.

    But I pass on risotto. Way overrated. Just soggy rice. And I can't stand macaroni and cheese. Again, too mushy,

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