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A friend thoughtfully captured this before the party filled up - yes that's my red wine at an afternoon party!
A friend thoughtfully captured this before the party filled up – yes that’s my red wine at an afternoon party!

Almost two month ago to the day, the BF and I opened our home to a housewarming this past Saturday. We had about 20 guests come from 3pm onwards, and by the minimal food and drink leftover, they seemed to have had a great time! I wanted to share a photo rich post of everything we cooked.

Interestingly, I get entertaining anxiety. I’m always worried the gluten free lactose free vegan who can’t eat onion will starve! (Or some other unthought of combination) Of course, they don’t.  And I also worry NO ONE will show up to events I plan.  It might seem irrational, but it has happened once, and another time someone has maliciously planned an event simultaneously and invited the same guests… Nonetheless, sometimes I bite the bullet and invite one and all, and bake to my heart’s content!

So here’s what we ended up serving:


  1. Veggie sticks with garlic dip (trying to keep it healthy!)
  2. Zucchini slice (from a colleague, who gave me the recipe last housewarming)
  3. Tomato & feta skewers
  4. Taco cups (thank you Pinterest!)
  5. Spinach and ricotta triangles
Garlic dip... and a way to eat it gracefully!
Garlic dip… and a way to eat it gracefully!
Zucchini slice never fails to impress, even though I don't see why :p
Zucchini slice never fails to impress, even though I don’t see why :p
Cherry tomatoes and feta. Another healthy snack - and the plate was left clean!
Cherry tomatoes and feta. Another healthy snack – and the plate was left clean!
These taco cups aren't as cute as Pinterest, but so easy and tasty!
These taco cups aren’t as cute as Pinterest, but so easy and tasty!

The spinach triangles used up some spinach and shortcrust pastry from the freezer and some marked down ricotta.  Sadly made WAY more mixture than I had pastry for!  And they got eaten before I thought to photo graph them


  1. Choc chip cookies (2B pencil has the best recipe… when you follow it which I didn’t!)
  2. Gluten free brownies (I share my awesome recipe in this post)
  3. Lemon and polenta drizzle cake (thank you Nigella!)
  4. Fruit skewers
  5. Apple pies (again, thanks to pinterest and people experiencing fall raving about apples!)
Smooshed choc chip cookies...
Smooshed choc chip cookies…

So, I didn’t have quite enough butter on hand for the cookies, so I ran a spreadsheet and proportioned everything (yes, getting weights of ingredients equivalent to cup measures and EVERYTHING!) Then, I doubled the eggs, one of the last steps. And seeing I was out of butter… So I just loaded more sugar and flour and choc chips in, and essentially ruined two sheets worth of cookies. They are for the BF’s snacking enjoyment. This batch worked out better after refrigerating the dough (in disgust) and then trying again.

THE brownies... Not one left!
THE brownies… Not one left!
Kid friendly snacks...
Kid friendly snacks…
Apple pies - thankful for some labels, cause they sort of looked like mince pies!
Apple pies – thankful for some labels, cause they sort of looked like mince pies!

Sadly forgot to take a photo of the lemon drizzle cake (also gluten free), but I wasn’t watching the lemon juice and icing sugar on the stove, and it ended up gloopy. After straining it, I still poured it over the cake. It didn’t work like usual, but it still was tasty!

On Wednesday, I’ll post about how I tried to stay to being ‘zero waste’ whilst entertaining, and I’ll weigh my landfill rubbish to see how I went.

What are your go to recipes when entertaining or taking a plate to a party?

19 Replies to “House warming menu”

  1. Everything looks delicious 🙂 I really like the look of the veggies and dip, the fruit skewers and the tomatoes and feta. I bet the gluten-eaters didn't even notice that everything was gluten free because it was so tasty (I've noticed they can be wary of gluten free things).

    I like taking dips to parties when I bring something, and I always bring some rice crackers because there's nothing worse than seeing all these lovely dips and having nothing to dip them in!

    Also, I'm not surprised you had no brownies left over – I love your recipe 🙂

    1. Thanks Liz! I'm glad the 'healthy' stuff looks appealing – it's half the battle, though nature makes it easy. Not everything was gluten free, but enough was that no one felt like they missed out. You know my zero waste hopes, so vegies were way better than crackers, naturally!!

      Yes, the brownies are always a winner!

  2. YumYum, yum, yum to everything you served. I would have broken Droptober massively if I had been there and then convinced myself it was OK because I ate the tomato and feta skewers and the carrots with dip. Making me peckish now.

    Glad your evening was fun.

  3. Aaaaaaaaand now I'm hungry. Lol. Your spread looks awesome 🙂 I did something similar to your tomato feta skewers for my friend's bachelorette party, except I marinated some bocconcini in basil oil and skewered them with some cherry tomatoes (your skewers are WAY prettier than my toothpicks!) You've reminded me that I still need to give your brownie recipe a go, they look amazing.

    Don't feel bad about the cookie recipe muck up; I completely botched a batch of pumpkin pie custard a couple weeks ago. I couldn't follow the directions to save my life 😉

    Hope the party went great!

    1. If there were leftovers, I'd send some your way! Interestingly I bought feta pre cubed, but floating in olive oil and oregano, so very similar indeed! I had those skewers in mind, so googled them til I found them…

      The brownies I make sounds similar to the ones you made from the Bachelorette – I remember reading your frenzied preparation and it was pretty similar! Pumpkin pie custard sounds interesting – I would love to eat more pumpkin themed stuff, but… the BF hates pumpkin, so… I'm thinking we might do a Thanksgiving themed dinner.

  4. It all looks absolutely beautiful. Kudos for making everything from scratch and presumably low or no waste. I *love* those fruit skewers. I am going to make some for after-school snacks this week. Love the idea of the individual apple pies as well!

    Our go-to thing when we take a plate is often a salad (Chicken Caesar or Vietnamese.) I also have a great gluten-free banana cake recipe that people seem to like. I have to confess that we also buy lots of packaged things like crackers, chips etc. I need to nip that habit in the bud!

    PS. I get entertainer's anxiety as well. I think mine comes from fear of organisational fails leading to chaos!

    1. Thanks Fiona – there was some waste, as you'll see, but I can't help but continue to try and think low waste!

      I intentionally laid the skewers out in easy kid reach, and they were the first thing to disappear! I should have made more, but once the plate was full I moved on.

      Oh yeah, I made a GF and low sugar banana bread for Sunday school (but fully sugary icing) and it went down well. I love knowing other people's 'go to' foods as 'take a plate'.

      Weirdly, I had heaps of time in the lead up to this party, I read blogs the day of! But I totally know what you're talking about – time crunch!!

  5. Well done for making everything yourself – I would never do that as that's where my party anxiety would come from. I'm afraid to cook for people…ridiculous, but true.

    1. OH there were a few ready made things – dip and some chips. And all the drinks. I'm a little afraid too, especially when stuff goes wrong occasionally. But it all turned out ok.

  6. Great idea to have a party to officially start up your new residence and new life! I thought that providing so much healthy food would have been really appreciated by the guests, with a little bit of chocolate to round it out! I get anxious about entertaining too, usually because I am cooking a meal and I can never time everything right to get it on the table at the same time. Or, since I only drink wine, I am concerned that guests will want beer and mixed drinks!

    1. My mother is super healthy, so I knew I needed savoury and healthy for her. Naturally other people like healthy food when it looks nice!

      Oh timing meals is TOUGH! I've been known to write it all down! I think that's why I like 'one pot' meals and similar things. WE bought a case of beer, and drank exactly the case worth – how do we know? We had two loose beers of the same type in the fridge, and we ended the night with two leftover… and then some additional soft drink. But I 'only' drink red, so I had a sacrificial bottle of white. Only poured one glass – but at least I had it! Mixed drinks are a bridge too far imo!!

  7. I've had people plan parties the same day as mine as well, and it sucks 🙁

    Your goodies look really appetizing, and such a nice variety! Glad to hear the food was a hit! I'd love it if you shared the recipe for the spinach triangles – I'm always sick of spinach by the time I've eaten half the bag so maybe cooking it a different way would help me waste less.

    1. The spinach triangles were totally 'what I've got' gamble! I got a little tub of ricotta (on sale) and the spinach, and mixed it! It wasn't really salty enough we decided, but they still got eaten!! Or using some feta in there too? Sorry, I'm usually a recipe girl, but this was a total cowboy moment!

  8. I must still be a kid as I would have gone for the fruit kebobs first. 🙂 Your food looked delicious and I like the individual apple pies. Nice touch on not having a pie plate which ends up making a mess all over the table.

    1. Hehehe or just healthier than most? I did think about the 'ease' of most items, and I knew mini apple pies would be an easier party food than a big one. That being said, I still made a cake, cause it felt weird without a cake!

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