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Sunday eating

So to bore you all, I’m going to blog a week of my eating.  The aim is to get me to eat BETTER knowing someone will know – the internet!  And if I lose weight, that’ll be awesome. So, Sunday, we started with a mocha – full cream milky coffee with chocolate mmm We went …
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Lists are my saviour

So, the last three days have been better.  And I attribute it to my list/check sheet.  Instead of buying a prettier product from a stationary store like Kikki K, I DIY’ed. Basically, each morning, I want to exercise, meditate and (ideally) write down my day’s goals.  Then in the evening, I want to floss (and …
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Menu plan

So I’m trying to lose some weight, and a HUGE part of that is planning meals. All the below recipes are less than 300 per calories, as they come from the Michelle Bridges program I did last year and printed out, so I can’t ‘share’ them. The week past: Tuna Mornay – I liked it, …
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The 30th Birthday Dinner Party

This was the party to end all parties.  It had every element I could hope for, and of course, nothing I wouldn’t want.  You might recall a teaser post here. The morning was frantic. I got a fake tan. Then for the two hours waiting for it to set, I finished my jigsaw puzzle, cause …
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The real birthday

This will be a two part series (can it really be a series with two parts?).  The real day of my birthday.  And the day of my party! So, the real birthday started with a horrible cold.  That’s what a 15 hour flight with a sick mother will do to you!  The BF (unbeknownst to …
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You can buy this?

Surely these products don’t sell…     What’s the weirdest thing in this post for you, or the weirdest thing you’ve seen sold in a grocery store?

Pantry inventory (the moth elimination game)

For the past few months, we’ve been plagued by pantry moths.  I’m not sure how we got them, but I’ve never really experienced them. Initially, I found a number of refilled zip lock bags of gluten free flours infested, so I ditched those pronto.  I wasn’t using them, and there weren’t substantial quantities anyhow.  The …
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2014 goals review

Reviewing my 2014 goals: Fun – 12 in 2 list For 2014, I’ll do the following (some of which I did earmark to do in 2013, but it didn’t happen): Silent retreat -didn’t happen, but I did research options to do something in San Fran whilst on Holidays Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb – I got a …
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Christmas photos

Christmas seems to be the time when ALL my creativity comes out! I was inspired by Pinterest for the below, but of course I can’t find the reference. Anyhow, with the BF’s help, and countless clear 3M hooks, we made this: Sadly the clear adhesive with 3M hooks isn’t as strong. Or the pressure on …
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Halloween Party

The night before we took a week’s holiday in New Caledonia, I co-hosted a Halloween party with a friend (a lovely lovely friend) who I play water polo with.  I feel absolutely horrible that I left the party at a very respectful time (not even 11pm) and didn’t at all help with clean up 🙁 …
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