Take the Stairs Challenge Update

Those who read regularly know I’ve set a different health challenge for each month of 2014.  January’s challenge is to take the stairs at home for every trip up and down the three floors.  I wrote about my plan in this post.

source: www.easy-ways-to-loseweight.com
source: www.easy-ways-to-loseweight.com

Today is about half way through January, so I thought I would check in with my progress report:

1/1/14: 3 down, 3 up
2/1/14: did not track (at least 1 up, 1 down)
3/1/14: 3 down, 2 up (had a heavy picnic basket into house)
4/1/14: 1 down, 2 up (picnic basket out of house)
5/1/14: 2 down, 2 up
6/1/14: 3 down, 2 up (groceries)
7/1/14: 2 down, 1 up (not sure why)
8/1/14: 3 down, 3 up
9/1/14: 2 down, 2 up
10/1/14: 1 down, 1 up
11/1/14: 3 down, 3 up
12/1/14: 2 down, 1 up (groceries)
13/1/14: 4 down, 4 up

Overall, it’s become a habit.  With the heat we’ve been having, I’ve certainly eyed off the lift a little, but I knew I’d be reporting back to you. I’ve limited it to when I have groceries or that pesky picnic basket for my brother’s anniversary picnic (I had to store it overnight, then pick him up from The Ashes Cricket and take him to the Botanical Gardens).

They aren’t any easier, and I still lose my breath a little on the upwards climb, but I often beat the BF in the lift 🙂  I find it weird that I haven’t counted the number of steps yet – I start counting, but never as I start, only halfway through?!  Stay tuned, I’ll update you at the end of the month.

In related news, I weighed myself this morning, and I think I might be down a kilogram on last week. I have rickety old dial scales, so I can’t be sure, but I need a win so I’m calling it!

As to the other challenges?  I’m still walking about 4-5 times a week, for about 30 minutes each time.  I’m trying to add more jogging in. I’m drinking at leats 2L of water most week days, but weekends are a struggle. I’ve also started on planks and push ups, as I received push up handles from the BF.  Every second day, he helps me improve my plank form and how long I can do it, in addition to working to getting more and more push ups done.

Any others out there taking the stairs? How are you health goals or new years resolutions keeping?

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  1. You're doing well! I decided January 6 would be the day I started my resolutions because it was my first full week at work after the holidays. I went back to my old workout routine, plus walking to work. Now for cutting back on sweets!

    1. As good a reason as any – though since November, I've been feeling the pinch to get healthier, so I haven't let too much languish since then.

      Best of luck with the sweets – are you going to do some tracking? It can really help sometimes!

  2. We only have our house stairs (one short flight) but that's something. I haven't really been anywhere else that has given us the option of stairs vs lift. Best of all though…I have kept up the December walking challenge. I've walked 45 mins every day of January so far, and added in push-ups in the morning. Will post an update soon.

    Thanks for hosting the health challenges. Blog accountability works wonders!

    1. Nice work with the walking! I can't manage 45 mins just yet – though after reading about someone who got up at 4.30am to go to the gym and then run, I thought, maybe I COULD wake up earlier (as I do love the mornings). And today I slept in as I was at water polo last night and got to bed late.

      Happy to post the challenges – it's as selfish as it is giving! It helps me be healthy and hopefully others come along for the ride. (and the BF says 'the internet has to know about this too!)

  3. Yay! You're doing so well 🙂 I'm back to yoga 2x a week this month (one teacher took December off, so it was only offered 1x a week) and not sitting still for more than about a half hour. It's progress!

    1. Nice work Amanda – last year I flirted with starting yoga, collected all these brochures form local places, but nothing came of it. Hmmm, I think there could be benefits!

      The more I drink, the more I need to walk to the bathroom on the other side of the building, so that's an inadvertent upside!

  4. That's funny that you "race" your boyfriend up the stairs while he takes the lift. That's always fun and motivating. It's also nice of him to help you out – when I was trying the plank challenge my boyfriend was giving me tips as well. It's so hard to imagine what you look like while you're doing it. I almost wish I encountered more stairs every day to partake in this.

    1. Aren't you sweet – you wanted stairs!

      With the planks, I've supposedly improved my form a lot, which was a surprise to me! Helps to have tips like 'keep your bottom down' or 'relax your shoulders' cause all I'm thinking is 'this hurts, I can't breath, this hurts'!! Tell me if gets easier?

      1. Haha, yes, it does get easier as long as you're doing them consistently. The time it takes to get to the "ahh it burns" phase becomes longer, at least. You'll be surprised at how much time has passed and you're still holding up.

  5. This is awesome! I always try to take the stairs but now I have gotten lazy and use the baby as an excuse not to exercise (at least I recognize it for what it is right? The first step to solving your problem is admitting you have one..)

  6. Halfway through January? How the hell did that happen! I'm still not completely well so haven't been doing this challenge at all I'm afraid. I did well the last few days of December and then woke up on 1st January with a cold. The cough is still lingering so my breathing isn't the best and I've just been taking the escalator up from the train as usual. Good to get a reminder though. I am much better, even if not completely better, so today, I'll walk up properly!

    1. Oh you poor thing, the cold winter wouldn't be helping the cold one bit, I can imagine! Let me know how you go from today on? (By the way, at the shopping centre, I largely take the travelator, cause they are front and centre, I don't even know where the stairs are, so… I'm not without the need for improvement)

  7. I don't like lifts, so will use the stairs most of the time….having said that I struggle after two good flights! You're doing well – what a simple way to include extra exercise into your routine.

    1. Let me tell you – there's some struggle for me too! Especially this morning when I got to ground to realise I'd forgotten my work pass and phone GROAN! I do think it's a great way to add more movement to my day, and hopefully trim me down.

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