February Challenge: Water Guzzle

Sorry all – weekends spent withering in heat, I failed to get this post out on Saturday 1 February.  And to be honest, didn’t do well in the first two days of my self imposed challenge.

Every month, I’ve set myself a health challenge (see more here).  For February?  I want to drink at least 2L water every day, and getting up around 3L (12 glasses!) since I heard it does wonders for bags under eyes and cellulite.  I look forward to all the incidental exercise to the bathroom on the other side of the work building too!

Oh here’s how we used to roll in Cohab Central:

Line up!
Line up!

But I’m pleased to report (without photographic evidence), that we’ve fully transitioned to stainless steel bottles.  I have one, the BF has two (one for work, one for home).  We also have two glass bottles in the fridge.

So who’d like to join me in trying to drink more of that tasteless clear fluid?  For readers in the southern regions, water drinking will probably come easier, now in the summer.  In the north, I’ll let you (and me) count herbal teas to the water intake.  Who’s joining me?

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  1. I'll join you 🙂 I have a 1L water bottle at my desk, so can usually drink 1-2L there without thinking about it, but still struggle to drink enough water at home. I love water, I just struggle to remember to actually drink it.

    I'm glad you ditched the plastic bottles 🙂

      1. I've been doing this challenge since January, and have been testing out an Daily Habits App called LIFT https://lift.do/.

        Now that it's February this post seems to be a good place where I can safely recommend that it does seem to work – it reminds me to check in everyday and I *love* it when I get to check off that tick (great if especially if you're a bit OCD like me).

        I think what makes it really work is that you can write a little note everyday (e.g. really busy day on the go so forgot to drink water; morning alarm clock will trigger drinking water on my bedside table to wake me up & get out of bed, etc). When you go through your progress you can start to see patterns and/or reflect on the improvements you have made compared to when you start out!

        It has a lot of other daily habit programs that you can add to your list to check off. I was a bit ambitious on 29th Dec and subscribed to "10 minutes of exercise before 10am, daily decluttering (this wasnt hard!), Read, get control of your email, take multivitamins, etc"

  2. I aim for one litre. Since I started this, I notice when I don't drink enough.

    I also have 4 to 5 mugs of very white tea a day.

    So won't e joining you but look forward to hearing whether it makes a difference to your skin.

    1. Even 1L is a start! You sound similar to my mother, she never really gets thirsty, so she never really drinks much. The more I drink water the thirstier I seem to get, which is strange!

  3. Oh gosh! 3 litres? I think it might keep me awake all night up and down! I do keep a 1 litre bottle on my desk and easily drink that in a day…with refills, I guess I go close to 1.5 – 2 litres. Beyond that…I don't think I could do it and still sleep at night. So like Lucinda, I'll sit this one out but I need to know at the end if it does anything to "panda" eyes and cellulite.

    1. Funny you mention that! Last night I got up the usual once, but there the quantity was higher (TMI?) It's definitely a side effect of more water, and it can be a little annoying (especially if you're caught in a situation without a bathroom – like me going to a site!) Nonetheless, I want to give it a good try and I'll report back!

      1. My aunt recommended that it was best to avoid 90 minutes before bedtime, as it can make your face a bit puffy due to water retention while lying supine. Instead, the first 12 hours of waking, especially in the morning is the best time to drink and let the body absorb / flush. Don't know how much of this is quack or real science because I haven't gone searching through journal papers but it seems to make a fair amount of sense.

        LOL On the other hand, I drink water before going to bed because I know needing to pee first thing in the morning gets me out of bed early – two habits with one stone!

  4. I drink 1-2 litres of water a day. It just happens to be made into coffee 🙂 On a more serious note, I really hate drinking water and I only do so for workouts and during the summer. But I don't drink pop or juice either.

    1. Hahaha yes I remember your blog post all about the drinks you like and how you can't stand water! I much prefer my water super cold, and if it's not, then I'm less of a fan of drinking it. Thank goodness we have a chilled water tap at work.

    2. It can get boring drinking only water but I have discovered that there are few things that might work to make it less off-putting:
      – mineralised water, much softer and dare I say 'sweeter' to drink
      – carbonate it, using eg. Soda Stream, to make it sparkling and dry
      – a squeeze of lime juice to give it some flavour or if you prefer a touch of acidity to the palate
      – the body actually best hydrates when there is a pinch of a salt flake in really cold water (I discovered this after still feeling thirsty despite drinking lots of water to no avail – consulted other people who took up the drinking challenge on the LIFT app and this recommendation seemed to work)

      So water needn't be just Plain Jane!

  5. This is something I do really well with – I have 2 glass water bottles plus a travel mug that I fill before work every morning (comes out to 46 ounces or 1.4 L total) and they are usually gone by about 10 – 10:30. So I fill them all again and often finish before I leave work for the day. I also keep a water bottle next to me if I'm on the couch and another one on my nightstand. I hope you'll feel better drinking all that water! I do 🙂

    1. Wow Amanda that's really impressive! I have about a half litre bottle, and if I exercise in the morning, I'll finish it before I get to work, otherwise, I drink about half of it. We used to keep water by the bed, but have got out of the habit and I'm not sure why! Maybe just dropped the idea when we moved in together? I do think another bottle or two at home would be great for bedside and couch side – I'm a little worried a glass will get knocked over and broken, and it only holds so much.

  6. This is one area I've never done well with as I rarely ever find myself being thirsty. My boyfriend and I did buy each other BPA free plastic bottles for Christmas, which we've both been using for work. Mine isn't even a liter and I don't finish it all at work. I've learned to listen to my body; I'm not going to make myself full by drinking water (which has happened before). I also have acid reflux, and drinking water with meals dilutes stomach acid and increases the chances of it occurring. So unfortunately I can't take part in this challenge either, but good luck!

  7. Water is my thing, I really love drinking it, and do it all day, although I have no idea how much I drink. Several cups of rooibos tea, and all the rest water. I should measure one day to see how much I drink. I don't have bags under the eyes or cellulite, so maybe it works! Although I can tell you for sure and certain it doesn't magically make stretch marks disappear!

  8. I seriously need to get back on the water bandwagon, so I think I'm going to join you this month! Fortunately I have a bunch of herbal tea at home to help me along 🙂

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