January Challenge summary: Take the stairs

In January, I set myself the healthy challenge of always taking the stairs, particularly up and down to my 3rd floor apartment.  Mid month, I checked in with an update on how I was going (here).  Today is the last day of the month, so I thought I’d do a quick summary, before introducing my new healthy challenge tomorrow, for the month of February.

Stairs of pain and gain!
Stairs of pain and gain!

All up, I went down them 75 times, and up them 70 times!  I took the lift when it was grocery day, one morning with a precarious load (brownies, an open bowl in my lunch bag AND it was my birthday :p) and up and down with the laden picnic basket.  The most time up and down the stairs were two Mondays, where I went up and down 4 times.  Oh and I went up 4 times on the birthday, the last time because of this:

Working off the birthday treat... yes mine was the larger one!
Working off the birthday treat… yes mine was the larger one!

For those who like numbers, I counted the stairs (once, so I could be out), and there are 62 stairs, which means by the end of today, I will have climbed 8990 stairs in a month!

Do I have buns of steel?  I wouldn’t say so, but they are certainly getting easier.  It’s a habit now, even as my early morning walks have worn off, I think this month’s habit can endure much longer.  It’s quicker, but it’s also healthier.

How did you go with taking the stairs, those who regularly encounter them? Moonwaves?

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  1. I would have resorted to the lift with armloads of food that could have spilled. When I was able and had them I used to walk up and down my stairs until I couldn't do it any longer just to maintain muscle tone. For some reason I enjoyed the stairs more than other forms of intentional exercise.

    1. That's good that you enjoyed stairs, when you could use them. We used to get very fit at our school which seemed to thrive on steep stairs to get to all the boarding houses – you inevitably forgot things at 'home' once you got to school or the boarding office. Where'd my fitness from that go, I wonder?!

  2. 8990 stairs!!! Amazing effort!

    I haven't really had enough stairs to do this challenge (other than living in a 2-storey house, which doesn't really count – too short.)

    However, I've kept up the walking challenge and finally starting losing weight properly! (hooray!)

    1. Yay for the weight loss – I think the weight I felt I was down at the beginning of the week has returned in brownie form (I made them for the colleagues for my birthday!). Alas, the hard work starts next week.

      I saw last night the Biggest Loser were running/walking the Opera House stairs, but that was all in one day – but comparable numbers to my MONTH's WORTH – mind blowing.

  3. What is in your birthday treat? Looks quite a hodge podge.

    Those stairs look almost torturous with all those black bars going at all angles. Well done you, Miss Stair Champion.

    1. There was some caramel fudge, some mochi (no idea, sorta like flavoured marshmellow?, chopped peanuts and I can't recall what else!).

      The stairs are very industrial, but seemingly newer than the building. I've got quite accustomed too them now – and the spray paint on the landings between lvl 2 & 3, and the recent addition of a sushi box and plastic fish. But yes, hardly scenic!

  4. Have had no time for blogging the last few days and it’s not looking like this weekend will be any different so haven’t done an official update yet. But I’m really pleased with this challenge. Thank you so much for suggesting it. I didn’t start until halfway through the month because of having a cold but since then I have almost always taken the stairs rather than the escalator. Two days ago I was even, after a very long day at work, just about to put my foot on the first moving stair when I remembered I wasn’t supposed to be doing that. Luckily there wasn’t anyone behind me so I wa able to turn around and walk around to the normal stairs.

    I do the stairs at home (4th floor) every day anyway (no lift) so what I was counting was all the other stairs. Mostly coming out of the underground. There were a few days when I didn’t do it but that was because I decided to walk home so had no stairs to walk up. That was another unexpected benefit of the challenge – there were a couple of days leaving work when I decided that the idea of walking up the stairs was just too annoying and that it’d be just easier to walk home (takes about 35-40 minutes). LOL

    The only time I didn’t use stairs instead of escalators or lift was twice when I was in a shopping centre/large shops. I was in a bit of a hurry both times and just didn’t have time to go looking for the stairs. So I’ll have to make looking out for stairs in shops a new habit – I go shopping relatively rarely so this one might be a bit more difficult to form into a habit. Overall I’m pleased with how it went and definitely plan to keep it up. I don’t think my fitness has improved particularly yet but I know every little bit is helping!

    1. It's OK – you don't have to blog, we still love you!

      I'm so glad to have helped you (and readers with last month's challenge) find a way to swap in some more healthy habits. It's so easy to do, it just takes a small commitment, and the memory! I am amazed you chose to walk home vs stairs, but either would be good for you, so no harm at all!

      I have to admit, I still use the travelator at the local mall, it's just front and centre, and the stairs are quite offset. Oh and I didn't count my 'usual' stairs at work either, cause I was always taking those too.

      Congrats on the success!

  5. Great job with all the steps – I try to take stairs when I can, but I work on the 10th floor so I make an exception for work. 😉 Happy belated birthday, the yogurts look sooo good!!

    1. Oh wow, the 10th floor would be intense! You do more than enough with all your running and gyming, so I'm sure you're fighting fit for your wedding soon!

      Yoghurt and froyo is ALWAYS good huh?

  6. Nearly 9,000 stairs – impressive! 🙂 I'm sure it'll only get easier as you keep using them. This makes me want to count the stairs at work so I can figure out how many I walk up monthly.

    Your birthday treat looks delicious!

    1. Thanks! They are certainly easier now than the start, though some days they take more out of me than others!! Definitely take the time to count your stairs once, and then you can easily multiply it out and shock yourself!

  7. Nice work! Glad to hear they got a bit easier. I do tend to get winded if I’m going up more than one flight; it’s definitely a good workout. Oh, your birthday treat looks delicious, and now I want frozen yogurt!

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