The medical rollercoaster

It’s been an interesting few days, and not just cause I’ve been moving house.  I’ve been medically around the rollercoaster…

Let’s start with Friday night – I headed out with the BF’s colleagues for some dumplings.  His colleague commented that she needed some bleach, and I chuckled.  Never a truer word…

Saturday, at about lunch time (as we signed our lease), I was doubled over with stomach pains…  but still proceed to grab a burger for lunch from a nice cafe.  I skipped the bread roll, as I am starting to think gluten makes me feel super full, and lethargic.  Shame, it was a nice looking bun roll.

The remainder of Saturday afternoon, I felt sluggish and took it easy on the sofa, with a nap (I think).  It sort of frustrated me, as I wanted to get more packing and organising done.  The bf went to the gym, and came back with everything I could want – my fave wine, chocolate, and on my demand, ginger beer and lemonade as some pureed apple to settle the stomach.  Rest assured, my ill feelings stopped me from the wine or the chocolate – true indicators of how bad I felt.  I had a few mouthfuls of stewed apples, as that’s part of the BRAT (banana, rice, applesauce & toast) plan you use with food poisoning/stomach upsets.

Sunday morning, I figured I’d take it easy on breakfast, and had some dried medjool dates and apple puree (again).  I then walked to church to teach Sunday School (I walk every week, the same route).  I got to ‘class’ with drippy nose and eyes, but that’s not actually that unusual for me, as I do have allergies.  So I take my nasal spray and hope for the best.  The best… didn’t come.  Next, my head was all itchy.  Again, not uncommon – I have psoriasis on my scalp, and it can be incredibly dry and itchy.  Only on the second bathroom visit (to blow my nose) did I notice the red welts on my neck… and my red ears.  And red face.

I texted the BF and suggested a pick up – this was probably about 9.30am and I’d told him I’d be done at 10.30am.  He asked if I wanted a coffee, I politely replied ‘no just come asap’.  As I got in the car, I burst into tears – my eyes and nose already had me halfway there, combined with a slightly constricted throat, and welts on the inside of elbows.

Here’s some phone photos (for my worried mum, and now my readers!)

Allergy - just after the meds.  Happy, but scared!
Allergy – just after the meds. Happy, but scared!

We went straight to the hospital… I was in the triage ‘standing’ area with a man with his head split open (thanks to moving house – ominous or what!), and a guy with a sore back (he had a small kid come in with his wife later, so?).  Anyhow, after the lady in the dress gown and a hockey injury, and the head gash guy, I got seen.  They weren’t too worried, and asked me to get registered and then I could have some anti histamine.  They also gave me a steroid too.  The BF was just darling the whole time – seriously, even the nurses and doctors knew he could be counted on.  After the drugs (and some blood work), I was told to wait for an hour.  After an hour, the Dr gave me a letter for my GP and sent me on my way.

After an hour, when the drugs set in.  Sitting the opposite way, but still have that droopy eye!
After an hour, when the drugs set in. Sitting the opposite way, but still have that droopy eye!

To this day (four days on) I have no idea what caused such a severe reaction.  My left eye lid stayed droopy for the rest of the day, and I had a rest and a nap, before back to car packing etc.  I settled for ‘simple’ food – hahaha! McDonald’s fries and Dominos Pizza.  Yes, healthy I was not, but it was what I thought was least threatening.

I’ve seen my GP and I now have an appointment with a allergy specialist in about two weeks time.  I’ll have a prick test, where they see what I react to.  I’m looking forward to discussing allergens, and my recent dislike of gluten, where I used to eat it with gay abandon.

Actually, I’ve drafted a post about gluten just the other week…  I am planning, once the house moving dust has settled, to set a more rigid eating plan, which I will, of course, share the trials and tribulations here.  So, expect to hear more!

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  1. Oh wow, sounds like quite the weekend! That's crazy you had such a reaction. The apple puree sounds like a good idea. I've had a weird stomach bug all last week and I think I am finally starting to feel better. I am looking forward to your posts about gluten – I need to figure out if it causes a reaction for me. I feel like it does but I'm not 100% positive.

    1. Oh EM, it's not good at all to have had a bug for a whole week – that would annoy me so much! I'll definitely report back with the gluten business and what the specialist says.

  2. I'm glad you are feeling better, what a scary thing to have out of the blue. The BRAT diet here has been changed to BRATY, they added yogurt as a food to add to the list. I was miserable Sunday night and Monday. I started to experience chest pains so bad I had to call the Paramedics, I was that scared. I didn't have a heart attack, but before they knew that they filled me with aspirin and nitroglycerin, All day Monday I felt hung over and only wanted to rest. Turns out it's a new symptom of my disability where I get muscle spasms for no reason, I've had them in other parts of my body over the last 5 years, but never in the chest or like that.

    1. It's weird you mention yoghurt, as last time I was feeling ill, I added yoghurt to the mix, and then the GP advised against it. Ah, you can't win!

      Wow, chest spasms are horrible – must have been so scary. Is it better 'knowing' that they are attached to your condition now? Or it's just as bad? The 'hangover' is the worst for sure – as I typed up this post last night, I had the shakes. I was seriously getting annoyed with my body's behaviour!

      1. Yes the hangover and headaches with the meds was rotten, I haven't felt that bad in a long time. The pains were scary but knowing they are muscle spasms I'm not sure is much better. What if I were having a heart attack and just assumed they were spasms again? Weird what I think of.

        How strange that yogurt is so controversial. It was recently added here, but I have to wonder if the commercial brands are any good even when not sick.

        1. You're right – misdiagnosis is a scary thought. Even panic attacks can feel like heart attacks, and you don't want to risk a serious heart attack thinking it's 'only' anxiety.

          I'd agree – so many yoghurts are more sweetened desserts, but I think a proper yoghurt with cultures would probably settle things better than many other things… Sometimes, yoghurt seems 'right' even if some people say it's wrong.

  3. Oh, Sarah!! Heavens…very scary and right in the middle of the move, you must be exhausted by everything. I don't suppose there are any Australian native plants at the new place? I once had a reaction like this exactly and it was traced back to grevillias. My brother has the same reaction, yet neither of us are allergic to anything else. Hope it's all much better today!

    1. Wow it's incredible you mention Grevillia's – someone on my Facebook suggested the SAME thing. Maybe that's what it is?! But, I only went from the old house to church, same route as always, and I've been doing that walk for 18months, so it'd have to be a very new plant…

      Still exhausted, I just want to nap, but given the first two nights in the new house, I was wide awake at 2am, the BF is strict on a routine bedtime… smart, but annoying :p

      1. I was wondering if you might have brushed up against a bush at the old or new place while you were carrying and loading things? It could also be a delayed reaction of food or plant, so something you ate/touched a day or so earlier?

        1. Hmm, so it might have been on Saturday… Maybe when we went to pick up the keys, and around the real estate's office, or even at the new place… Hmmm… It could be! I hardly want to 'revisit' the places to check, in case it flares up again though!

  4. Owww! How yucky and scary for you. Hope you get to the bottom of it.

    I am sure you won't be recognisable if I walk pass you without an allergic reaction. Except for the smile. I love that even though you are clearly suffering, you are smiling and looking cheerful.

    Never heard of the BRAT plan. I will consort with Google about this. See what you learn on the Internet? Amazing.

    1. Oh the internet is the new encyclopedia, isn't it! I only found out about BRAT from googling too! I was trying to keep mum and the BF less scared, so I figured the smiles were a start. But I couldn't help but be upbeat, cause I felt so loved and cared for 🙂

  5. Wow! All that from a suspected allergy….that's crazy. I hope they can figure out what is going on quickly.

    Glad you're ok and the boyfriend was a big help! There's nothing better than a BF/DH who can be supportive and wonderful when you feel awful, especially during a move.

    1. Oh it was great to have the BF be such a gem. He's as determined as I am to work out what's making me feel less than stellar, and supporting me in eliminating it.

  6. OMG, I hope you're feeling better! I've been through that sort of situation before. I spent many of my afternoons in my last year of highschool in the first aid room, suffering from similar symptoms for no apparent reason. Have you narrowed down the cause at all? I hope it's all settled down for you now.

    1. I have no idea – though I think gluten's causing issues, and maybe dairy. Then I know tomato and that family flare up my psoriasis – but none explain the 'crazy' over the weekend. What ended up being the cause of your high school medical complaints?

  7. We think it had to do with the being near the woodworking shop. I was quite allergic to trees when I was younger, so I could never do woodworking. I had an automotive class that was right beside the woodworking shop, and it was always during the next block that my eyes started swelling and I'd develop breathing difficulties and welts.

    I hope you figure out what it was soon so that you don't have to go through it again.

    1. Wow, I didn't have woodwork OR automotive at my (girls) school – I'm sort of jealous! It does seem to make sense – the trees + woodwork.

      I hope to get to the bottom of the mystery too – even without the reaction, I've not been feeling myself.

  8. Oh my goodness Sarah, stressful for everyone. I am absolutely feeling for you here – it's not knowing what the problem is that causes most of the stress. Hoping you narrow it down without too much trauma. I agree with Lucinda – you have a lovely smile 🙂

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