Weight loss plan

**So I drafted this a few days ago, and didn’t go live.  I’ll explore why at the end**

The biggest 2016 goal I want to achieve is to get under 70kg and stay that way! In the past twelve months, I’ve been down to 74kg, and in years prior, I’ve dipped under 70kg – so it’s a realistic goal.

It’s not realistic that it will just ‘happen’. I need to set milestones and rewards. And plan for weaknesses.

So for rewards

@ 77kg – a new pair of cropped tights
@ 75kg – a massage
@ 73kg – a new work out tank or bra
@ 71kg – a bunch of flowers

Love strappy backs (with no back rolls) Via
Love strappy backs (with no back rolls)

The BF suggested also having a week of things to check off, and a mini reward (like a sweet treat), so here’s what I’m thinking:
1. Always take the stairs at home
2. Three ‘walks around the park’
3. Three strength sessions
4. Fast two days in the week (less than 600 calories) <- this one is big on the deprivation thing
5. Two take away coffees per week. Why? It’s calories I have come to routinely consume. But making it a rewarding treat will make it special.

Risky behaviour
I’m prone to a post lunch ice cream. I’m not suddenly going to quash that habit, so I need a healthier substitution. In the past, I’ve succeeded with a coffee (milky but no sugar) or a herbal tea. I think a piece of fruit can also work. And a mint (for those lunches that leave a strong taste).

After dinner: a solitary square of Lindt mint chocolate. Only 50 cals. And I can stop at one.

After work snack attack: I’m good at reaching for the cashews, and whilst not low in calories, they are healthy in many ways. I think part and parcel with snacking is knowing what is for dinner, and getting an early start on it. If I eat a carrot, it’s far better than some other sweet treats, even if I go over some conservative calorie limit!

Out and about snacks: I find nothing more demoralising than the cases full of sugary cakes and snacks when at a cafe, or walking around a shopping centre. I’m not sure what strategy to employ here – sometime some nuts and fruit won’t cut it. Maybe a smoothie or juice will be a sweet enough hit?

I did this stretch via
I did this stretch

Why am I doing this?
I’d like to feel comfortable in my clothes – rather than cut into by them!

I want toned arms so I’m not self conscious in tank tops and similar.

Look better in candid photographs of my whole body!

Eat in a way where I can be more balanced – the occasional treat rather than a daily reward for making it through half of the work day!

So if I HAD post this when I’d written it, this is what I’d have done ‘off plan’:
– no stairs taking
– no walk Monday after work cause it was raining (but I did plan one complete with a destination/errand)
– no fasting – but pretty healthy meal plan put together, shopped for, and three dishes prepared (7 meals worth)

I did book and go to a Barre Body class on Sunday morning before church, so not all was lost. And I’ve been so hungry but eating healthily.

Thoughts?  What would you do differently?

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  1. Hi Sarah, That sounds both healthy and motivating. Personally I don't do fasting or cleanses, but otherwise I'm all for it! I always struggle with severe rainy days too, when I can't get out walking. You have a place you can go for classes (Barre Body) so maybe that is the answer. I wish you the first of many years of feeling good in your body!

    1. Welcome Vikinggirl – I'm glad I've made you feel inspired – I'll check by your blog to see if you've had the courage! Oh you have – we're in this together now!

  2. I'm suddenly a bit obsessed with this topic. I've never been 'vain' about appearances but suddenly over Christmas there were a slew of photos I really didn't like. And I don't like not being fit enough to keep up with my pre-teen, who is getting more and more into fitness activities and sport.

    I'm trying to figure out what to do that will work! I love your list of rewards – motivating. And I like the idea of writing down your 'Risky Behaviours' as a plan of attack. Later today I'm having a chat with a few friends who have nutrition and sport training to figure out a strategy. In the interim, I'm trying the whole 'no or low carb' thing.

    1. Yeah, I find cutting carbs a bit challenging, but I do keep them to a minimum based on the recipes I've chosen this week.

      Pleased to report I weighed in this morning (Wed = weigh in!) and I'm 77.4kg. A little more hard work and new tights!!

  3. My two cents worth of advice: Cut the coffees and smoothies. High calories, no nutrition. One or two coffees a week as a treat limit. Bake a cake at home occasionally. An old fashioned tea cake. Not a covered in cream cafe cake. Makes for a nice treat but not as high in calories. Cut serving sizes.

    Basically go back to more of a 70s eating style. Fewer overweight people then. And the key: no snacking. We just couldn’t afford it then. No high calorie drinks. But don’t totally restrict yourself. I think the chocolate square is good. I buy Baci chocolate. One piece is so rich, I only need one.

    It gets harder as you get older to lose weight. I have to lose 5-7 kilos. I am at the heaviest I have ever been, except when pregnant. Yikes.

    1. I read this yesterday and thought about it today, when I had a chai latte waiting for a friend, and then a small mocha. It’s such a ‘habit’ and a healthier tea just seems like a waste of money.

      I’m on board with making ‘tea cakes’ – I need to ensure I don’t eat more than one should in one sitting. I do agree that the snacking culture is our undoing.

      Lately, my profile and arms are just hideous. We should work together, you me and Fiona, to try and reign in our weight and match the energetic Dar!

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