Brighten a buffet

Here’s my last long weekend project.

Simple instructions
1. Sand (with fine sandpaper and EVERYwhere, unlike me :P)
2. tape off the area to be primed and painted
3. Prime and let dry
4. Prime again and let dry
5. Paint and let dry
6. Paint again
7. Remove tape
8. Cry that’s it’s not pinworthy, but remember this is INSIDE your cupboards, the best place to fail!

Before (without the shelf)
Before (without the shelf)
Presanding the buffet interior, ready for priming
Presanding the buffet interior, ready for priming
Priming, coat 1 (and wised up to taping it so I'd get a nice clean finish
Priming, coat 1 (and wised up to taping it so I’d get a nice clean finish
Buffet painted!
Buffet painted! But tape remaining

Now, this is not the blog where you will think I’m super woman! Here’s proof!

Leaving tap too long results in imperfections :(
Leaving tap too long results in imperfections 🙁
With the shelf back
With the shelf back
Ready for restocking
Ready for restocking

And inside?

The handbags tucked back in... these are all I own!
The handbags tucked back in… these are all I own!

12 Replies to “Brighten a buffet”

  1. That looks so much better, even if you know there are a few tape related flaws. I personally hate using tape. Its such a pain to get on just right and then timing is everything when removing it. Because I taught myself to paint without tape I sm called on to do all trim work for my kids. I have an entire house this next week to paint.

    1. Yeah it's been a lot of miss, and one hit with this tape. I'm in the 'use it up' phase now. Good luck cutting in on a whole house, yikes! I think if I wasn't in such a hurry to be done painting I might be ok with it – we'll see.

      1. It takes practice to get it down along with a good angled brush. I'm looking forward to the week of painting. Of course I also enjoy watching a home being transformed and can't wait to see what my son and his wife plan to do with the blank slate of this house.

  2. That looks 100% better than the original! I love how you tackle these projects with such gusto! Where did the buffet come from originally?

    1. Thanks Fiona! The former tenants here ordered it semi custom. It's just laminate but it needed to be skinny enough for the small space. I've gotta have a project!

    1. I love a soft yellow. There was a time when yellow paint was hard to work with you would need 5 or more coats to even come close to what you wanted. When they learned how to formulate a good yellow paint I went crazy for a while. I have a piece of found furniture that is going to have a nice yellow on it. I won't start on it till I get home in a week.

      1. My painter (with double height walls, I couldn't invest in ladders/scaffold with no place to store them, so I contracted out) struggled to get a good coverage. By the end I just wanted him gone even if it wasn't perfect!

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