Jeans with a new lease on life

So, I had two pairs of holey jeans.  But I didn’t want to toss them in the bin, being 100% cotton and all.

I did this with one pair:

Tearing strips off you
Tearing strips off you

Oh and the ribbons are both reuse, and I love how they are the right tone for the usual jeans stitching 🙂

I was inspired by this, which is FAR more detailed!!:


Good Friday we head off for a week in Phuket. The life in DINKs… I tell ya!

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    1. Oh course I will photograph the heck out of the holiday… which I found ZORBING on which is something I wanted to do on my 12 in 2 years list, but that was discontinued in Australia! So there will be photographic evidence!

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