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The BF astutely said last night ‘the time she used to spend blogging is now spent on Pinterest’. I was BIG into pininterest (that’s how I used to say it) before I moved out on my own, and then I slowed down in the intervening 2+ years.  But I’ve been sucked back into the vortex lately!

For my readers, who are diligent readers, you might like this Buzzfeed summary of reading spaces (found through Pinterest).  I like the ones with nature incorporated, like this one:

View of nature (source above)

View of nature (source above)

I spend a lot of time on the ‘Home Decor’ category, though recently got inspired by capsule wardrobes for European holidays (seems that’s where all pinners are headed), and then into work outfits/wardrobes. Then there’s all the ‘Craft and DIY’ activities.  I’ve also got a great collection of innovative wrapping gift ideas – not that I do poorly with my limited stash of supplies now.  I try to avoid food and recipes – there’s WAY too much super yummy, but ultimately unhealthy, sweets out there!

And I can’t go past a numbered list – ways to declutter, ways to get more space, organise your home, save more money, ultimate hacks etc.  Whilst I can pour hours into browsing and pinning, I’ve discovered a few truths

  • I have enough space to store everything, therefore
  • I don’t need any more furniture
  • I don’t even need double duty/multipurpose furniture or devices
  • My home’s not at all cluttered – I don’t need 10 ways to clear the kitchen bench, I just need to wash up and put it away!
  • I have a relatively limited palette for clothing, both pinning, but also in my wardrobe, and they correlate
  • To save money, I need to really one
    • buy less ‘junk’ food – take away coffees, sugary snacks or cheese and garlic naans

In summary, there is little I’m wanting or seeking.  I am more mindlessly browsing for one more ‘ah ha’ moment.  They do happen.

Here’s a few I’ve ‘done’ or enacted lately (but I’ll give you the pins!):

Did this for the BF's collection.  My earphones live at work.

Did this for the BF’s collection. My earphones live at work. (via)

Op shop book was $4, and worked a treat (though ours stands upright) Source

Op shop book was $4, and worked a treat (though ours stands upright)

Yet to attempt

Now I need to find two tops in the thrift shop to DIY this

Now I need to find two tops in the thrift shop to DIY this (via)

Yet to do - but ingenious!  Saves nails in the mouth

Yet to do – but ingenious! Saves nails in the mouth (via)

Aren’t we always searching for something?  I’m just a little less sure the answer is on pinterest!

Do you enjoy pinning?  Do you even use pinterest – if so, why, but also if not, why?

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  • Nope, haven't got into Pinterest – thought I might jump in and never come out! I like the earbuds and router tricks you posted!

  • It can be dangerous! I use it mostly for recipes and try not to browse (too often, haha).

  • I tried to get into it, mostly for my blog account, and I couldn't. I think there's a bit too much you can get lost in, and I get a little overwhelmed. I do get "analysis paralysis" though, where I keep reading and reading in hopes of that "oh!" moment where something clicks, when I should really be taking action.

    And I am with you on the fact that if we purchased less unhealthy food, we'd be saving some more money!

  • I tried Pinterest. And Polyvore. And Twitter. And Instagram. Just never got hooked on any.

    I do like occasionally browsing Pinterest, especially home decorating, but it is all too much and I get lost.

    I am going to copy your book to hide the modem. But see, I didn't have to spend hours on Pinterest to find it. Just got it from one of my regular blogs!

    • OH wow, I'm yet to get into Polyvore. And never signed up for Instagram. And Twitter said my account was hacked, so I just gave up!!

      Agreed – some good bloggers (like my good self… ego boosted!) help to direct you to the best of pinterest. Just steer clear of the Salvo's – they really overprice second hand books IMO!

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