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The BF astutely said last night ‘the time she used to spend blogging is now spent on Pinterest’. I was BIG into pininterest (that’s how I used to say it) before I moved out on my own, and then I slowed down in the intervening 2+ years.  But I’ve been sucked back into the vortex lately!

For my readers, who are diligent readers, you might like this Buzzfeed summary of reading spaces (found through Pinterest).  I like the ones with nature incorporated, like this one:

View of nature (source above)
View of nature (source above)

I spend a lot of time on the ‘Home Decor’ category, though recently got inspired by capsule wardrobes for European holidays (seems that’s where all pinners are headed), and then into work outfits/wardrobes. Then there’s all the ‘Craft and DIY’ activities.  I’ve also got a great collection of innovative wrapping gift ideas – not that I do poorly with my limited stash of supplies now.  I try to avoid food and recipes – there’s WAY too much super yummy, but ultimately unhealthy, sweets out there!

And I can’t go past a numbered list – ways to declutter, ways to get more space, organise your home, save more money, ultimate hacks etc.  Whilst I can pour hours into browsing and pinning, I’ve discovered a few truths

  • I have enough space to store everything, therefore
  • I don’t need any more furniture
  • I don’t even need double duty/multipurpose furniture or devices
  • My home’s not at all cluttered – I don’t need 10 ways to clear the kitchen bench, I just need to wash up and put it away!
  • I have a relatively limited palette for clothing, both pinning, but also in my wardrobe, and they correlate
  • To save money, I need to really one
    • buy less ‘junk’ food – take away coffees, sugary snacks or cheese and garlic naans

In summary, there is little I’m wanting or seeking.  I am more mindlessly browsing for one more ‘ah ha’ moment.  They do happen.

Here’s a few I’ve ‘done’ or enacted lately (but I’ll give you the pins!):

Did this for the BF's collection.  My earphones live at work.
Did this for the BF’s collection. My earphones live at work. (via)
Op shop book was $4, and worked a treat (though ours stands upright) Source
Op shop book was $4, and worked a treat (though ours stands upright)

Yet to attempt

Now I need to find two tops in the thrift shop to DIY this
Now I need to find two tops in the thrift shop to DIY this (via)
Yet to do - but ingenious!  Saves nails in the mouth
Yet to do – but ingenious! Saves nails in the mouth (via)

Aren’t we always searching for something?  I’m just a little less sure the answer is on pinterest!

Do you enjoy pinning?  Do you even use pinterest – if so, why, but also if not, why?

8 Replies to “Pining on pinterest”

  1. I tried to get into it, mostly for my blog account, and I couldn't. I think there's a bit too much you can get lost in, and I get a little overwhelmed. I do get "analysis paralysis" though, where I keep reading and reading in hopes of that "oh!" moment where something clicks, when I should really be taking action.

    And I am with you on the fact that if we purchased less unhealthy food, we'd be saving some more money!

  2. I tried Pinterest. And Polyvore. And Twitter. And Instagram. Just never got hooked on any.

    I do like occasionally browsing Pinterest, especially home decorating, but it is all too much and I get lost.

    I am going to copy your book to hide the modem. But see, I didn't have to spend hours on Pinterest to find it. Just got it from one of my regular blogs!

    1. OH wow, I'm yet to get into Polyvore. And never signed up for Instagram. And Twitter said my account was hacked, so I just gave up!!

      Agreed – some good bloggers (like my good self… ego boosted!) help to direct you to the best of pinterest. Just steer clear of the Salvo's – they really overprice second hand books IMO!

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