Simple storage solutions – spices, frying pan lid, ironing & toliet paper

Sometimes, you just want life to be easy, or at least easier.  There’s a number of things I’ve implemented to streamline my house.

Spice ‘rack’

Anexactinglife just updated her spices into nice new colour coded jars.  Whilst I love the idea, I know the maintenance of it might be what gets me down. Plus the ‘waste’ of the containers they were purchased in – even if they were recycled.  So, with that in mind (and a few years of frustrations living at my parents’ home), I came up with a solution that was simple, expandable and makes it easy to find what I’m looking for.

Spice cupboard, with room to expand
Spice cupboard, with room to expand
Close up of my spices
Close up of my spices

I can add more when I need to (I started with just 10 hooks when I moved in). Of course, I alphabetise them too!

Frying pan lid storage

Firstly, I like to nest pots and pans where I can, but I don’t like that lids have no where to to sit if you do this.  So, I’d seen this idea somewhere (most likely Ikea displays!) and thought I could ‘hack’ it to suit my bigger fryer pan lid.  (Ikea’s lids are ‘flatter’ meaning they need less clearance between the wall and the railing).  I did flirt with over sized door handles to do the same thing, but they didn’t offer enough clearance for the ‘height’ of my lid. (all I can say is thank goodness Ikea returns, as I tried a lot of their handles with no luck!)  Instead, my solution came whilst strolling around my favourite hardware store.  I took a towel rail bar, and the two ‘ends’.  I measured different mounting brackets to see what clearances each offered. I cut down the towel rail to suit the dimensions of the inside of the cupboard door.  Initially the pots were in another cupboard, but I realised that the pictured cupboard was closer to my cooking area.  It also happened to have a door that was wide enough to house my frying pan’s lid.

Towel rail as a pot lid holder
Towel rail as a pot lid holder

Ironing rail

My family stores all the ironing in an ‘ironing’ basket or on a hook on the back of the laundry door.  This didn’t work ideally.  The hook can only hold so many coathangers.  The basket ‘hides’ the amount of laundry to be done.  The basket sometimes contains excess hangers, but usually not, so finding hangers must occur before ironing starts.  All this seemed a little too bothersome in my opinion.  So when I moved into my place, and noticed the recessed area for my washing machine, I had a perfect solution in mind.

I used a tension bar to avoid damaging my tiles, which run from floor to ceiling.  The advantages of this rail started to present themselves once it was installed.  Not only are excess hangers stored there, along with ironing,  I also hang guest towels (or my water polo towel and swimmers) over the rail.  It also conveniently holds up one of my jewelry organisers (topic for another post) though you can’t see it in this photo. (topic for a future post).

Tension Bar in the laundry
Tension Bar in the laundry

Toilet Paper Storage

Whilst I’m in the bathroom/laundry, I’ll share with you how I store my toilet rolls.  Sadly I don’t have ‘built in’ cabinets in my bathroom, other than above the sink.  And that cupboard is pretty shallow, only a bottle or so deep.  So I needed a way to store toilet paper rolls (and ideally somewhere convenient, cause I live alone, there’s no one to help if I run out and they’re not handy!)  It took some lateral thinking, but I’m pretty happy with my solution!

Proximity of the toilet to the railing
Proximity of the toilet to the railing
Proximity of the railing to the toliet
Storage of the toilet rolls

What ways have you innovatively solved storage issues? Made something that was a bother that much easier (like finding the right spice sachet)?

Need more great ideas? How about my jewellery storage ideas?

15 Replies to “Simple storage solutions – spices, frying pan lid, ironing & toliet paper”

  1. Wow, some very creative solutions there 🙂 I really like the spice collection, but do you ever have problems with moths? Maybe they're not so bad further south, but I find they always get into my chilli flakes 🙁

    My mum used to use a tension bar in our laundry to hand up all of our school shirts to dry on hangers so that she didn't have to iron them 🙂

    1. No problems with moths (yet – but fruit flies are another matter)! I do try to minimise the air in the sachets to keep the spices fresh. Your mother was a thinker!

  2. I've been looking for a toilet holder solution for ages (slightly different problem: boy-children who "miss"), so the standard holders on the floor are not ideal. I am thrilled with your idea for the rail! I hope you won't mind if I copy?

    1. Truth be told, I only have one saucepan, and two frying pans. But I've never thought of upside down lids, I should really have tried that first hahahah

      1. I’d never thought of it either, but I saw it in a motel once…4 saucepans nested with lids inside out. Very space-saving!

      2. I'd never thought of it either, but I saw it in a motel once…4 saucepans nested with lids inside out. Very space-saving!

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