The world in stamps

Pinterest be damned – so many good ideas.  And this Easter was the weekend to make the excess stamps from my childhood collection, and poster I’d bought for this almost a year ago, a thing of great beauty!  I shared my pinspiration photo in my long weekend to do list post, and now for the ‘how to’ of what I did, and how it turned out!

Stamp Map of the worldA source (not the original):
Stamp Map of the world
A source (not the original):

I realised that I didn’t have enough stamps from China or Russia, or South America to cover the land mass.  So I decided I’d do all the map in Australian stamps – using all my doubles and triples.  It took a while, even with the template.

Seeing if I could use country specific stamps for each continent.
Seeing if I could use country specific stamps for each continent.

1. I struck the template A4 pages together, to make the continents. (This challenged my mind just a little!)

Opps, the Europe A4 page is landcape, that stumped me for a while!
Opps, the Europe A4 page is landcape, that stumped me for a while!

2. Then I had to cut them out – not that easy with a runny nose.  I decided I’d lie on the sofa and read a chapter or two, then cut some, then lay back down.  Seemed to work, but slowed progress down considerably.

Cutout almost complete - the islands are still attached
Cutout almost complete – the islands are still attached

3. Next, I laid out the two sheets of poster paper (which having been stored in a rolled tube, took some weights to coerce back to flat overnight).

4. I traced around my maps that I’d cut out.  I kept little islands (you know, like England and New Zealand) attached to bigger land masses, until I’d outlined everything I could.  Then I cut out the islands, and finished off their outlines.  This way, hopefully most things are in the right location, at least according to the template I used!

5.  Laying of the stamps – this took a while.  I started with the Americas – laid them all out, then shifted them out of place, and stuck each back down with PVA – perhaps not the best glue for the purpose, but what was on hand. (Then I made dinner for my brothers!)  I then got one brother to assist in stamp placement for Africa/Asia.  All in all the laying of stamps and sticking of stamps probably took about 5hrs (?!)  Didn’t help that my stash of Australian stamps kept running down and I’d have to flip through my albums to find more.

North America's close up
North America’s close up

6. The last step is to overlay the country specific stamps in the right location.  Now that I have all the landmasses collage-d with stamps, I don’t need to worry about gaps etc.  I can just find a stamp for the small countries and call it done.

World map with Australian stamps
World map with Australian stamps

With the stamps I have, I could have done the Oceania on a poster page four times the size, and still had enough stamps! But a world map is what this girl wanted, so a world map she made! I have to thank The Crafty Cow for their great template – I was stumped til I had that in my hot little hands!

I might update this post with a photo of it bluetacked to my wall – it’s not the most professional piece of art, but I’m happy with it!

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  1. That is such a cool idea – especially having the country stamps over the correct continent. (As an ex-teacher, I can't help but think how much interest that would prompt in a classroom!)

    PS. Buying our "silicon" supplies today!

    1. Good point – I could 'share' this with a teacher (seeing I think it's looks a little… childish, hanging on my wall). I might ask my friend who's a geography teacher.

      Oooo good luck with the siliconing!

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