House tour – living, dining, kitchen & balcony

Right before heading to Vietnam, I cleaned the house from top to toe.  And then I felt ready to photograph it for everyone.  I do clean it other times, like for our housewarming, but I forgot to get photos!  All the photos were taken on my phone, so the quality isn’t ideal, but that’s life 🙂

Welcome to a visual feast:

living dining
The living and dining area from the doorway from the hall
living 3
Sofa close up
left side
The left hand side of the living/dining (the view from the sink!)
view from kitchen
The view from the kitchen, over the living and dining room, to the balcony
kitchen sink
The kitchen sink and the open shelves in the dining area
kitchen bench 2
The counter behind the sink
kitchen shelves
The open shelves – how I enjoy open shelves!
kitchen from dining
The kitchen from the living/dining area
kitchen bench
Along the kitchen bench from the sink – the laptop’s charging. It’s also where it sits when I cook
Kitchen from the hallway
Hermes framed scarf
The famed piece of art/scarf
Entertainment centre
Entertainment and more chairs
balcony 2
Balcony to the right hand side – with my bokashi bins for compost. The extra microwave is in the box, as the place came with one. I’m not sure how it came to live on the balcony, but it doesn’t get wet so….
balcony 1
Balcong to the left – with my new lemon tree, a bin from the BF’s, and the drying rack

I’ll catch up on all your comments once I’m back to Vietnam – yep, I’ll read and reply to every single one of them!

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  1. Wow look at those floors! I really like your place, Sarah. you have made it so cozy. I would have thought it would have been harder to combine your two households. Do you really like the open shelving in the kitchen? I always thought I wanted open shelving until i had to dust it all the time. Now I like having glass doors on my shelves I can still see them but they are clean!

    1. The floors are part of what sold me on this place!

      I do really like open shelving, as it helps visitors. To be honest, whilst I'm a neat and clean freak (as evidenced by a cleaner coming whilst we were away, and me not even noticing!) but I don't wipe the shelves that often – when I do, they are most certainly dusty though! In both places, I've tried to have regularly used items on open shelves, so they regularly being used and washed. I can completely understand why you went the route of glass doors though.

      1. I can see why those floors sold you on the place!

        When I first moved here, with no cabinets I hung open shelves. It wasn't long after that I found I needed to dust the dishes before using and decided this wasn't for me after all. My guests, and the little ones can see what they want through the glass and have no trouble helping themselves, the only downside is the cabinet also serves as my pantry so the little ones also spot things that look good to eat. 🙂

        1. Oh yes, that would be bad for me – an open pantry! To be honest, I'm not sure I'd though of glass doors – in the last place, it would have meant hanging cabinets which would have made the place darker. Here, it could almost work, though the open shelves aren't flat along the front, they have a curve to accommodate the opening of the fridge (at least I think that's why).

  2. Your kitchen is gorgeous; I love the tile! The floors throughout are lovely, too. You have really kept a minimalist look for having combined two households! Is your BF a minimalist, too? I like your displays on the kitchen and dining room shelving, too. You must love it there.

    1. The tile is great – it's *like* having stainless steel, but something a little different! My BF wouldn't call himself a minimalist, but he moved cross country with minimal things. He doesn't really want to buy stuff (except for a new TV that's bigger, and a coffee machine). It helped to move into a bigger place, so there was more space, but in retrospect, both of us think it was probably a bit bigger than we need. I do love it here… Happy to be HOME!

  3. Like an exacting life, I love the silver tiles! So glam.

    You've done a good job with the cleaning and keeping everything clear.

    What are you going to do with the microwave? Do you have a garage/storage area?

    1. I have tried to sell the microwave on Gumtree, but no hits. Part of me is loathed to move it on, if we happen to move in 9 months, but I can't get a clear idea from BF whether we'll stay another year here or not. We do have a carspace, and we store the extra washing machine there. The spare washing machine is slightly defective, so we've not yet tried to sell it. Both lingering items sort of get under my decluttering skin, but I try to live and let live!

  4. I like the pillows you have on your couches, they're cute. I also love the floors and the backsplash in the kitchen. Very different. Having a balcony is so nice, I really miss having any sort of access to the outdoors.

    1. You don't use the back yard of your landlord at all? Or do you feel too watched? It is nice to have a sunny balcony – my other place had a tiny balcony that got sun for about an hour early each morning, so I seldom enjoyed the space. The pillows on the couch help cause it's such a deep couch – who'd know that a grew up in a pillow less household! (seriously, to this day my mother doesn't have any throw pillows!)

      1. I'm not sure if I know anyone that doesn't have throw pillows on their couch. Interesting! When we first moved in our landlord's said we could use the pool and everything, but it just felt a bit odd. She was home most of the summer with her kid and I figured it would be a bit awkward for us to hang out there. They have their patio furniture right outside their sliding glass doors and were out there a LOT. I would rather have a little area off to the side to use (one apartment we looked at did have that).

  5. I have to echo the comments on the tiles; they're beautiful. And I love the big windows/light opening on to the balcony. Instantly makes me think "Sydney" and remember that balmy, hot weather up there! Lovely 🙂

    1. It surprisingly 'cold' here after a week of super steamy weather of South East Asia! It's a great place – I think the kitchen was put in before it was leased out, so it was immaculate!

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