Light up my life

I have an obsession.

It’s lighting.  I almost cause accidents driving past lighting stores.  It’s just so alluring.

So where’s there’s a love, there’s a way?  I created a need – I like to read on the sofa but the light isn’t great from my flowery overhead Ikea pendant light, so I thought of what might work in my space. I figured I wanted a lamp that would dramatically arc over the sofa, so I could read easily without the overhead light on.  Essentially, I wanted the Arco lamp.

The ORIGINAL Arco lamp source:

The ORIGINAL Arco lamp

But there was NO way I was paying $425 for a lamp (click to see the Australian sales ad). Yes, I pay $300 for shoes, but not $425 for a lamp. Logical? Perhaps not.  So on the weekend, whilst watching TV, I got surfing on Gumtree for lamps.  (Gumtree is the most used service for buying and selling used goods, like Craiglist in the US).  Here’s what I found, for $60:

Here's what the ad looked like.  I KNEW it was what I wanted, grainy photo and all!

Here’s what the ad looked like. I KNEW it was what I wanted, grainy photo and all!

Now, with a 60kg base, there was NO way I was getting this to my house alone. I love a DIY project, but I needed a partner in crime. Oh, dear, what had the BF got himself into? That marble base is *heavy*. And the seller had it up three flights of stairs! First we had to get the sucker dismantled. No mean feat, given the seller was at work, and his flatmate had no idea. Rest assured, I worked it out, separated the marble from the metal rail that makes the arm, and condensed the arm back into itself (all without jokes about screwing and dark holes). It seriously is a marvel of design (and engineering!)

Once back home, we took a break for pizza (and a beer for the BF) before we tried to get it into my place. Thankfully I can go from the carpark to a lift to my apartment without any stairs. Lucky, cause it’s unlikely the bf would have considered stairs after the three flights at the seller’s place! To get it from the car to my apartment, we went super posh style – using a rolly suitcase. Use what you got people! There aren’t trolleys in my little loft. It wasn’t a perfect fit, but between the two of us, we got the lump of marble into place with relative ease, and less arm/back strain than before. (Who am I kidding, I didn’t even TRY and lift the thing, not once!)

Newly installed, at night

Newly installed, at night

I was so excited I was skipping around the place. No word of a lie. So even though the lighting in minimal, I had to get some candid shot done straight away.

The best thing was, the next morning I had a later start, so I could get some lovely ‘daytime’ light photos for you too.

Daytime beauty

Daytime beauty

That wasn’t enough? You want more. Oh, why, of course!

Whatcha looking at?

Whatcha looking at?

When I showed the ad to my bf on the weekend, he asked me ‘will it make you happy?’. My response was ‘no silly, things don’t make you happy (and I stand by that). But golly gosh, I’m giddy and all in love with my newest addition!

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