My parents home is a library

I thought I would take some photos to demonstrate the quantity of books in my parents house.  All of them, I would expect, are read.  They aren’t for show, or nostalgia – well I’m sure some stay from a nostalgic point of view, such as the ones on antiques, surfing and teaching physical education.

These shelves have started to be sorted into authors – Lee Child, Michael Connelly, Leon Uris, Jonathan Patterson, Jonathan Kellermann, Janet Evanovich. There’s a shelf or two of CDs, but they’re never used anymore, of course!

The other side of the fire place in the formal living room which has doubled as my bedroom. Lonely Planets, Harry POtter, Richard North Patterson, Deighton, Bryon, Robert Ludlum, John Le Carre, Sue GRafton, Robert Harris

Glass fronted bookcase – the bottom half isn’t filled with books, so that’s… something?

And that completes the previous formal living room/part time my bedroom.

Now for the casual living area at the back of the house:

Colour coded – so yes, hard to find things. This was colour coded when this add on room was built. The bottom left quadrant is DVDs

My brother’s bedroom… and also at times the formal dining room.  We have a house that’s very adaptable!

Three of these bookshelves hang out in my brother’s bedroom

Wooden bookcase two – some of my brother’s political reading

Third wooden bookcase, and a hodge podge of left over books

Now into the casual dining area, off the kitchen.

Around the doorway, from the casual dining area off the kitchen

At the back of the casual living room, between the kitchen. There are books everywhere

And for the smallest room in the house, the study, which… also had a previous life as a (tiny) bedroom for my brother.

Study, right hand side. And I recent corralled all the French dictionaries for my imminent daily reading of a French novel

Study book case on the left

Third study bookcase, which was formerly a window to the informal living area (now). Another French dictionary tucked in there

Interestingly, there’s two bedrooms with no bookcases or shelves.  And our three bathrooms are spartan of books… well as far as a permanent place for books!

Can you see from the first three photos why I have felt a little… cluttered?  I’ll be moving into my parent’s bedroom whilst they’re away, and I’ll relish the wart on walls, and blank wardrobe doors 🙂

How does you home compare for this quantity of books, and shelves?

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  • This is just like my parents’ house! I’m not quite so bad (yet).

    • You did do some impressive reading this year – and tough books too! I did find more than 20 duplicates recently and quickly gave them away… I must admit, I pity the day downsizing comes

  • That is a heap of books! I have one Expedit mostly full of books, but I can’t remember the last print book I bought. I went from hating books to preferring them. And even those are borrowed from the library.?

    • It’s funny you mention an Expedit – I bought a 4×4 when I moved back to Australia in 2007, and over the years, it served as the start of my decluttering, emptying it and eventually giving it away! It was the three years in the first pictured room, being surrounds by books, that cemented I didn’t want to endlessly move books, be they reference or pleasure.

  • I scrolled through the first couple pictures thinking “that’s not so bad…” and then I hit the room with the television in it. WOW. Your family has SO MANY books! Not going to lie, I kinda love it. I’m planning on putting a library in our next house so I have somewhere to put all of my books in one spot. Love that they did the over door shelves, though that one has a concerning amount of bow in it.

    • Yeh I think I counted thirteen locations – I’ve used them as my ‘shelves’ in goodreads, with a special account for the home’s books, and not the goodreads account where I track what I’ve read.

      More of the shelves used to bow! I think my uncle has improved his materials to match our weighty tomes!

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