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A new (blogging) home

Howdy all… Do things look a little different to you?  Me too – I’ve moved house in the virtual sense too! So the BF bought me a domain (isn’t he a romantic) and now that I live with him in captivity, we ‘moved house’ in the virtual sense too.  So instead of being, I’ve …
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The new house to do list

Unpacking list

I think I need a catchier name for the ‘new’ and the ‘old’ house.  Let’s call the old house the loft, and the new one… well, I’ll take votes! I thought I’d share a snapshot of my Day 1 list (the day after move day), when I took the day off to ‘catch up’ Now, …
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My house review

Today I’m moving house, so in light of this momentous occasion, I thought it time to shine a light on all the things I loved in my ‘old’ place. When you select your home, you do so based on lots of factors.  Obvious things like number of rooms, location, proximity to amenities, and mostly: the …
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Moving day tips list

Moving house tips

Just a quick post to note what I think might make this move seamless, and then, I can come back and dispel the naivete next week, post move! wear pants with pockets – failed at this last weekend, and spent my life asking for things out of other’s pockets, namely keys! label boxes on two …
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A new home!

Wooden floors in living room

Today’s going to be a bit scattered – which is a bit how I feel! Firstly, we’ve been accepted to rent “home 2” listed as the evening showing in my recent post! This was the BF’s preferred place. When I initially sent the ad to him he said was too pricey, so I worked on …
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Rental wish list

quirky apartment features

Remember, I share a post about things I’d like in my future home?  Well, now that I’m looking for a rental, some of these might be ‘for real’ soon enough.  Though I think the fireplace is highly unlikely in inner city Sydney apartments… Here’s the list I drafted with the BF sunshine: my dark loft …
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I interrupt regular broadcasting…

… to bring you breaking news! I’ll soon have one more person living in my place 😀 The BF’s lease is up in two short weeks (sort of caught him by surprise), so he plans to move to my place to buy us some time while we hunt for the ideal rental.  We both think …
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Electronic inventory

If it plugs in, it’s on this list (whether I bore you with a photo, is another matter!)  Oh and thieves, eat your heart out.  The TV and the VCR/DVD player were freebies, so I’m not too fussed if you take those.  My phones, well, they hardly work well, so I can’t imagine you getting …
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Is my house an Ikea showroom?

I really hope not!! But then I thought, what is from Ikea? So another photo essay it is. PS none of the links are affiliate, but to help you should you want to source anything.  I’ve tried to link to Australia’s Ikea, as a more factual reference to the prices. Bed – Malm Queen Bed …
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Bathroom trolley shelves

Some more photos in the inventory series.  Today are photos of what’s on each of my bathroom cabinet’s shelves.  The drawers are jam packed, as shown in this post. There’s also a post on how I store all my jewellery if you’re interested – as this isn’t all of it!