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Decluttering and shopping

I try to keep a spick and span home – which is SO much easier now that I have oddles more space, in both square meters as well as storage space.  That being said, I know one day we might live in a smaller place, so I’m always critically reviewing what we have.  Here’s what …
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Clothes shopping 2013

In the same vein as EcoCatLady, AnExactingLife and Minhus, I thought I would round up my clothes shopping for the year. I keep all my receipts (I think, I hope).  And I have posted some of the recent purchases in October here and here, for those who like pretty photos.  Here’s what I bought: January …
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Shoe inventory

I realised I never took photos of all my shoes – how can one truly see my clothing inventory (and my handbag inventory) without seeing my footwear? I did say I had 20 shoes in my clothing inventory though, but no photos.  Shame on me. Here’s the suite of shoes:   Still a total of 20 …
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House Inventory

Inspired again, by An Exacting Life, I decided I should do a house inventory.  Over a few months, I’ve share a number of posts, and this is the post that links them all together in one place. What also prompted me to do this fiddly task was the fact that  when my contents insurance came …
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Free furniture & appliances

I know that not everyone earns the same amount as me.  And I’m sure some of my money decisions (like $300 shoes and business class airfares (once)) shock people.  But then I can be frugal and cheap like the rest of them.  Here’s what I have in my house that was free. That’s not even …
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Electronic inventory

If it plugs in, it’s on this list (whether I bore you with a photo, is another matter!)  Oh and thieves, eat your heart out.  The TV and the VCR/DVD player were freebies, so I’m not too fussed if you take those.  My phones, well, they hardly work well, so I can’t imagine you getting …
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Is my house an Ikea showroom?

I really hope not!! But then I thought, what is from Ikea? So another photo essay it is. PS none of the links are affiliate, but to help you should you want to source anything.  I’ve tried to link to Australia’s Ikea, as a more factual reference to the prices. Bed – Malm Queen Bed …
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Bathroom trolley shelves

Some more photos in the inventory series.  Today are photos of what’s on each of my bathroom cabinet’s shelves.  The drawers are jam packed, as shown in this post. There’s also a post on how I store all my jewellery if you’re interested – as this isn’t all of it!

Book inventory

I love blogging! I drafted this post, and then I thought, ‘it’s a little disjointed’, ‘why this book isn’t with that book?’.  So after completely reorganising my books, hopefully now they are stored in a way that makes sense to you – it certainly makes more sense to me!  Oh and I decluttered two books …
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Handbag Inventory

I recently shared what was inside my handbag, and Pauline from Reach Financial Independence wanted to know more about what bags I carried things in.  Yesterday I showed you them stashed in my buffet, recently repainted, at the front door. Here’s what’s in there: The current ‘everyday’ It carries work files easily, and was a …
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