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In the same vein as EcoCatLady, AnExactingLife and Minhus, I thought I would round up my clothes shopping for the year. I keep all my receipts (I think, I hope).  And I have posted some of the recent purchases in October here and here, for those who like pretty photos.  Here’s what I bought:

Seven (!) pairs of knickers from Target – $56

Two Target bras (beige & white) – $8
Woven skinny black belt – $12 (already died :()
Lace front cream Jeanswest top – $30
Very short Dotti navy dress – great for dates – $60
Church dress, all my favourite colours (Paul Dane) – $50

Paul Dane dress
Paul Dane dress

Camper Sinousa shoes (posted about it here) – $310 (to think I found their outlet in Nov!)

Running top in pale blue fro Lorna Jane – $76
Nude Target pantyhose x 2 – $20

Two tops from Temt $12

First pair of Jeanswest skinny jeans, dark wash – $90
Boohoo Sexy dress for date nights – $40

Asics running shoes – $160 (yay for the outlet! This is cheap for Australia)

Gold pave earrings – $8

Sexy lace teal bra – $20
Pale pink bra – $30
Cream & white Sportcraft cotton knit top – $60
White short sleeved Sportscraft button up top – $108
Blue 3/4 sleeved Sportscraft button up top – $117
These five items in this post

Banana Republic stuff – dress, and four tops – $308.50

Random other purchases, mainly second hand, that I didn’t keep good records of

Mavi skinny low rise jeans
Mavi skinny low rise jeans

Red Cross op shop blue skinny jeans – $25
Black handbag from op shop – $15?
Brown woven handbag from op shop – $10?

Weirdly, I feel like, except for October, I didn’t really do much/any clothes shopping. But clearly, I spent $1,625 on 36 items, which segments like this:

  • 4 accessories (2 bags, 1 pair of earring & a belt),
  • 13 underwear items (7 knickers, 4 bras & 2 pairs of stockings)
  • 2 pairs of shoes
  • 4 dresses
  • 2 pairs of jeans
  • 10 tops

I’m on par with what Dar at An Exacting Life spent.  I spend a little more than the ‘average’ American, but end up with far less items 68 items that Elizabeth Cline sites in her book Overdressed.

This is better than other years, I have stats from 2009 & 2010.  I spent $2560 in 2010  (44 items) and $1660 in 2009 (guesstimate 32 items).  But last year I spent $1100 mainly in Dubai and France on 29 items.  I’m not sure what happened to records of 2011!?

Overall, I’m up a net 9 items, largely in the ‘tops’ department, as I didn’t get rid of many.

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  1. If I had to post what I spent, everyone would have a heart attack. Oh wait.. that happens at the end of each year!!

    I spent more this year than last year (in the thousands-of-dollars range) because I replaced quite a number of things in my wardrobe that were made in China.


  2. You have an Asics outlet over there, or just a general sneaker outlet? If so, I am jealous. Since I'm not a "hardcore" runner, I purchased low-endish sneakers from them for around $70 I believe. They're comfortable though! Since I started my blog, I only purchased clothes once. I don't really think I got anything in the beginning of the year, either. I am at a point where I don't really have any room left for new clothes, and probably don't need them, so I can't justify it yet.

    1. Yeah we do have a solely Asics outlet! I have tried other shoes, but Asics are consistently comfortable, and seeing I was getting shin splints, I didn't want to risk cheaper shoes making it worse.

      I think it's worthwhile to lessen clothes shopping when you have no space, and to save money. I think I bought hardly anything, but the evidence suggests otherwise!

  3. Clearly you are WAY more fashionable than I am! I've never really heard of the designer brands… I think it's safer that way! 🙂

    I'm not sure if running shoes should count as clothing or not… I think they might be in the "equipment" category. At least that's what I'm telling myself so I don't feel so guilty about spending $175 on cycling shoes! 🙂

    1. Hahah I'm not so sure EcoCatLady, I think they are just cheap Australian brands more than anything!

      I like the idea of an 'equipment' category in my budget, very nice! (Welcome too!)

  4. Let's see: under things, socks and tights barely count, and surely your running shoes are "equipment" so that leaves you with far fewer things you have to count, right? So you didn't buy all that many items! What do you think next year will be like – do you have many big-ticket items that need to be replaced? Do you have any travel plans in mind?

    1. That bring me down to something like 21 items, nice!

      I don't have any big ticket items that i can think of, though I hear running shoes need regular renewals when you're using them as often as I currently am. I'll likely stock up if I head to France (which is in my head to do), but otherwise, it'll be ad hoc. I should consider my wants/needs, as I did late last year. Helped me shop with a cause, and resulted in me owning a navy trench (I wanted a non black coat and a trench, so I hit two with one stone). I was also seeking a grey coat then, but I couldn't find any in France that I liked 🙁 The trench is probably more versatile for Australia though.

  5. I love this post! I don't feel like I've purchased much clothing this year, but then again without a running tally in front of me it's quite difficult to tell. I think I'm going to have to start tracking it next year. Thanks for the inspiration!

    1. NO problems Cassie – I find it hard to throw away receipts I might need, and clothes fit in that category! It's interesting so see a few years at a glance, but also what proportion I buy overseas! I look forward to your tracking.

  6. Those are quality purchases that should last a long time. That's such good tracking to know the amount from the past several years. I haven't tracked my clothes spend specifically because I buy very little in the way of clothing. But that will change next year with a new job and different dress code! Love the blues and greens in many of the pics – again, I think that's very 'Sydney' but Sydneysiders in general are so much more colourful than Melbourne. I was shocked at the 'little black everything' when we moved back to Melbourne!

    1. The quality ones should last – but the three 'cheapies' I wrote next to in the original draft of this post "don't remember what they are!" – so they might not last!

      I'm not a huge tracker, not compared to Dar, but for some reason I've started (and continued) with clothing tracking. Next year, you can compare.

      I'm a huge fan of blues & greens, so I'm sure I might wear them wherever, but Melbourne is known for it's black on black culture!

  7. Beautiful choices you've made. Love the blues in your church dress.

    It can be confronting when we put all our purchases together, can't it? No hiding from money we've spent! But many of these items will have a long life for you. Pity about the belt. Don't you just hate it when things do not last as long as expected. I find that so many accessories that are made cheaply just don't have even a short life. Almost like they are made to be worn and tossed after one wear.

    1. I bet your bottom line for clothing purchases is lean (or nil) this year! But I know what you mean, those little things add up quickly!

      The belt is SO annoying! I think I bought it and wore it straight out of the store (ie my need was immediate), and then I wore it a lot. But it's nuts that it's hardly 'cheap' and it doesn't last! It's hard to know where to buy a good belt nowadays, other than somewhere like RM Williams.

  8. It sounds like you came up with some good purchases that will last you a while (like other people have said). I spent about a third of what you spent, but really focussed on not buying many clothes this year due to not having a lot of money, and am getting really sick of my clothes by now!

    1. Oh you definitely get tired of your stuff when you don't have a lot, and go on a 'buying' diet. As Lucinda Sans says, you also realise something a single item can enhance a number of tired outfits, which I tend to find happens with new, spick and span shoes.

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