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I know that not everyone earns the same amount as me.  And I’m sure some of my money decisions (like $300 shoes and business class airfares (once)) shock people.  But then I can be frugal and cheap like the rest of them.  Here’s what I have in my house that was free.

Free from freecycle!
This ottoman was free from freecycle!
Freecycle blender (ie free!)
Freecycle blender (ie free!)
Stick mixer and attachments (asked for one on freecycle, and a friend responded!)
Stick mixer and attachments (asked for one on freecycle, and a friend responded!)
Fairy light (a rubbish room find)
Fairy light (a rubbish room find)
Wooden bedside table
I passed this onto my local thrift shop, but I found it on the kerb
DVD and VCR player - thanks to freecycle
DVD and VCR player – thanks to freecycle
Not this actual hairdryer, but the one at my bf's, was a kerbside find
Not this actual hairdryer, but the one at my bf’s, was a kerbside find
Dumpster find!  Yes, that's two Eiffel towers in my house.  This is at my entrance
Dumpster find! Yes, that’s two Eiffel towers in my house. This is at my entrance
Kerbside find!
Kerbside find!

That’s not even counting all the stuff you absorb from your parents house! I’m mighty impressed that such nice things can exist and be given for free!

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  1. Sarah, that's a lot to find free! I so would have grabbed that end table too. Just because you might earn more than someone else there's no reason you can't fill your home with free finds, that just makes splurging now and then something you can do.

    1. I knew you'd love this post! I agree, despite earning lots, being frugal or thrifty is just as enjoyable and rewarding. And it's less wasteful too.

    1. You're right, I do donate a lot of stuff, so it is swings and roundabouts! The key is to keeping what works and being generous with what doesn't – like high end cosmetic gift packs for me!

  2. I am very guilty of taking a lot of my parents stuff – but I was lucky in that they were moving and didn't really want to take their old furniture with them. I can't believe that Eiffel Tower painting was in the dumpster! Great find. I'd like more things to hang on my walls but they can be pretty expensive. The thrift store had some cute paintings, but at the time we weren't sure if we could hang things on the walls because of the holes it would leave.

    1. I know that Eiffel tower was awesome – it's from a rather 'cheap' (to produce, not to buy) store. I've seen them everywhere, but when I found one by the bins, I put it in the car!

      It's easy to take parents stuff -especially in your situation, when they were moving away! Art is hard – I've collected most of mine through travelling. There was a HUGE expenditure in the first 12 months in my place, getting things framed, canvases stretched and all that. But it's worth it, to enjoy what I have. When I was younger, I bought two (super ugly) large paintings in frames with glass from the dollar store. Then with poster board I made collages of photos and pretty cards. I'm yet to hang them at my place – they are on top of some shelves at my parents now. They are a bit dated now, not sure what I should do. Oh and try 3M hooks (I did a whole post on other ways you can use the hooks too)

      1. I will have to read about the hooks. The last person that lived here put holes everywhere so I'm assuming it's okay. We have a few things hanging now. I actually really like to put puzzles together, glue them, and frame them. I have one that came out really nicely. It's not as expensive as a traditional painting, and it's kind of neat! Just a little frustrating to make sure it sticks together properly.

        1. Oh now that is cool – hanging up puzzles. Over the summer (Christmas) holidays I usually do a few puzzles to pass the time – Santa usually gives me one or two so that helps. But I can't imagine trying to glue them, yikes. Good luck about hooks – we got some more drilled in this past weekend (as approved by the landlord!)

    1. Yeah the stick mixer was a bonus – to think it was in my friend's attic all that time! It's a demon too. You could always use freecycle, but it's important not to get 'eyes bigger than your house' :p I got off freecycle daily emails when I realised I didn't really need anything more!

  3. I think it's good to rescue things that would otherwise have been thrown away – regardless of how much money you make.

    My best free gift was when we bought a used propane grill and as we were taking it away, the guy asked if we wanted his couch and easy chair for free. They're still in our living room today 🙂

    1. I hate the idea that usable things can get thrown out! So wasteful! It just makes sense when there's something you'd use, and it's going for free. I would love a independent fuel source cooker – like a BBQ or similar, so you scored! Thanks for stopping by Amanda, I must check out your blog (and spaghetti pie) some more!

  4. I think it is EXACTLY because you know how to be frugal and find such great free stuff that you can afford $300 shoes and business class airplane tickets. To me living simply, or being a minimalist, is making the most of what you do have, choosing what is important to you, and enjoying your life in a way that uniquely suits your life. If simple living or minimalism becomes just another box we are supposed to fit into (like you can only have x number of items in your house) then it becomes another cultural trap of conformity. Good for you for Sarahn for making it up your way and sharing it with all of us. ~Kathy

    1. Thanks Kathy – I think your blog is more accepting of the various forms people take simplicity and minimalism that exist. It's about splurging on what you think is worth it, and scrimping where you can and are willing to.

  5. Good finds! I think it is great that you are open to "finding" things from Council Cleanups. I have rescued some useful stuff too. Do you know that all the stuff collected by Council goes straight to landfill? So if anyone takes it before the Council, they have saved landfill and saved money.

    And go the $300 shoes if you can afford them! Being frugal for me is about saving money and spending mindfully. If you don't fritter away without thinking or being aware, you get to spend on things that are important or give you joy. Not being wasteful by buying cheap, disposable, crap is also frugal, and good for the environment. (And I am hoping I buy stuff that isn't produced by exploiting humans as well as the environment.)

    1. Wow! I didn't know it was landfill, but it doesn't surprise me one bit. You know it's against the law to pick through it though? I'd love to go to court over that – especially in my local area, who's garbage trucks say 'Zero Waste 2020' on them!!

      Thanks for understanding my choices – frugality is definitely a personal road, and it's not way fits all.

  6. I just picked up a load of jam jars that someone was offering on freecycle. She actually lives around the corner from me but on quite a posh street so I was dying to see if I'd get a peek inside her apartment. I did and then she invited me in to chat for a few minutes as had asked me what I would do with all the jars and it went on from there. She has only just recently discovered freecycle, after having read a book about someone living without money for a year (I think it was the Mark Boyle one) and becoming really interested in the idea of re-using, re-purposing, etc. I think I particularly love it when someone who was very obviously well-to-do, with a house full of designer furniture etc., seems to have really started to think about the consumer society and its impact.

    1. That's a great story! I know what you mean – one of our new neighbours has the most amazing apartment (according to the online photos when it was last sold). I got to the doorway today, but when she suggested drinks in the future, I was very enthusiastic! Jam jars are such a simple freecycle 'gift' – you can recycle them, but reuse is much better for all! I've certainly thinned out my collection on freecycle before. And it is great to know people of all walks of life are thinking about the impact 'stuff' has, and there's no such thing as truly 'away' (as in throw away).

  7. That's fantastic – especially since you've probably been saved so many of those items from landfill. It's sad when you see perfectly good VCRs or furniture put out on the hard-waste collection each time. [Side note: he "S" hook to hang the hairdryer – I've never seen that, what a great idea for hanging it!]

    1. OH I loved that S hook situation, but it doesn't work here – the power point is inside the mirror cabinet 🙁 I definitely think the VCR may have had no further life, but to score a DVD player for free was great. Added bonus – my all time favourite movie is ONLY on VHS!! YAY!

  8. Free stuff is awesome (and fun to find), and you have some great ones, especially the ottoman! I definitely "inherited" a bunch of my mom's stuff once she moved in with my stepdad – she has great taste, so it boosted the aesthetics of my place. 🙂

    1. Oh that's awesome that your mother has great taste! My mum's got fantastic fashion sense, so I have been known to raid her closet a little! Actually she keeps hoping that same ottoman won't fit at my house – she'd happily have it!! Thanks for stopping by – I hope you win the honeymoon vs forever house debate!

  9. I am disabed. My income is $1,200.00 a month. This is my husband and me. My stove glass top is broken, I need a stove, but I can’t afford to buy one. Any suggestions?

    1. I would look at a butane burner (like for camping), or a gas BBQ also for camping, as these would be in the $40-$200 range and less than a new stove, for sure. But look online – people strip kitchens to renovate and update, and would ‘trash’ working but dated stoves, and happy to have them ‘go’. IN Australia, I’d suggest Gumtree, but in the US craigslist and Canada Kiji to find offers or cheap deals.

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