Mixed use kitchen cupboards

I did my pantry inventory, and then I followed up with ‘what’s in your cupboard‘. But I missed a few cupboards that I didn’t feel fit into either ‘food’ or ‘functional’. Here’s where they are, relative to everything:

Sketch of the cupboards doing double duty
Sketch of the cupboards doing double duty

The electrical + alcohol cabinet
This is where light bulbs go that I can reuse, or are new. It’s also where liquor goes. (oh handy tip/explanation: CFL light globes don’t like the oils in your hands, so use a sock to easily remove or install bulbs) Yes, that is a small cabinet. Wine has another home.

Electrical + alcohol cupboard - weird right?
Electrical + alcohol cupboard – weird right?

Breakfast zone
This cupboard sits to the left of the fridge, so it’s perfectly located above prep area for breakfast. The black box holds pills/tablets like vitamins, and even some painkillers. I also have an egg cup tucked in the back, as well as regular additions to porridge – pysillium husks and cinnamon powder. There’s also the home of the toaster and the kettle. There’s tea and the coffee plunger on the top shelf with the bulk storage of oats. Having all this in one place makes morning clean up so simple.

Everything for breakfast in one place - kettle, oats and tea selection with the toaster underneath with supplements
Everything for breakfast in one place – kettle, oats and tea selection with the toaster underneath with supplements

Do you have some cupboards housing a hybrid of things?

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  1. So you do have a coffee machine! Hmm, alcohol and light bulbs, not a bad combination, maybe add a flashlight to make the right choice 🙂 I have a cupboard with alcohol and a cake plate, but that equals a party, right?

    1. A great party – cake and alcohol!! I do have a 'machine' (dad's insistence! But I think if it doesn't plug in, it's not a machine :p) The flashlight (torch) should hopefully appear this week in a drawers post!

  2. In a tiny apartment every storage has to hold what will fit. Probably the strangest combination is in my Ikea cabinet. Top shelf holds extra bedding, next two hold all my dishes, glasses/cups and most my appliances. The next one holds my pantry staples and the bottom shelf holds all my clothes.

    1. You get that in the small places! In my 'linen' half of the lime green pantry/closet, I also have two shelves of books and stationary. And then I have empty cans, and gift wrap!

      I am surprised that your clothes get the lowest shelf – they don't get dusty/dirty or anything? I like to have 'low care' about items on bottom shelves :p

        1. Ah well, so long as you don't have any problems! I was fine with floor/floordrobe til at ex came along, and now days I'm all thingie about clothing that's not dirty being on the floor.

  3. What a lovely kitchen. I love the stainless steel bench tops and the open shelving, very classy. No, you don't have too much stuff. Maybe I should follow up with an inventory of my own. I did have a throw out some time back, when my cake tin collection was over 70
    Claire My Farm, My Table

    1. I'm sure my readers (and me) would become your readers with a look see in your cupboards! Feel free to link up if you'd like.

      The stainless steel really makes it, and I love open shelves, cause it's otherwise a pretty dark space and the glass helps.

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