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So I thought I’d share my recent binge watching habits, should anyone be in need of some couch time.  I know the Northern Hemisphere might have horrid weather to stay indoors from, but in Australia, the Christmas holidays often result in long holidays for students and teachers, with only cricket on the TV (which is NOT my thing!).

In the past two days, I think, I have devoured a British mini series on Netflix call Happy Valley.  It’s not a happy valley at all.  It’s a cop drama, and centers around a crime that unravels across the handful of episodes.  There’s a mature woman cop, and her former addict sister, caring for a grandson from a daughter who committed suicide just after childbirth.  They live in a area riddled with drug crime, but eventually get dragged into something more.  Some horrific deaths.  Very enjoyable!

Silky sexy work wear
Silky sexy work wear

The Fall is based in Northern Ireland and stars the stunning Gillian Anderson (I really want to dress as classically stylishly as she did in this!).  Again, crime drama (listen I also watch Millionaire Matchmaker, I’m not stuck in a genre).  There’s a guy breaking into homes, and killing or raping victims.  You watch this ‘guy’ also being a great father to two primary school aged children and share parenting with his wife. There’s something about the way that other countries do dramas – they unravel slowly but you’re still hooked.  Relationships are as messy as real life, not some sitcom/rom-com simulation.

For something more recently released, I’ve been watch Quantico but I have started to get whiplash with the ‘now’ and ‘flashbacks’ and there’s possibly just too many characters stories to keep in mind.  But it’s big budget US so it’s fun background noise.

Mixed race two mother family
Mixed race two mother family

The Fosters has been some lighter fare, and with more than 20 episodes per season, even valiant binge watching still has me in the first season! There’s a lesbian couple with a brood of children, only one is genetically related to one mum.  The story starts off with the addition of a short stay daughter, Callie, but she runs away to rescue her brother and then the family, not surprisingly, absorbs the two new children into their home with the existing three! One mother is the school principal and the other one is a cop, so you can imagine there’s all sorts of opportunities there.  But two of the adopted children are of Latin American background, and one mum is part African, so that also has all sorts of story lines.  Overall, it’s a more cheery show that does well to show more of the common dynamic in families, though it always aims for a wholesome resolution.  I found this show after reading about shows or movies that show ‘happily ever after’ or real marriages. I can see why it was recommended.

On free to air, I’ve attempted to watch most Sunday ‘reveals’ of renovated rooms in The Block.  The rest of it seems to be drivel, and in actual fact, if I miss an episode, I’m often satisfied with the photos online without sitting through the ads and time filling.

I’ve also ‘caught up’ on The Beautiful Lie on ABC’s iView each week of the six week mini series based around the Russian tragedy Anna Karenina. The BF is anti Australian TV, so it’s been something I’ve watched when I get home early.  It was a twisted story of affairs and marriage breakdowns, in an intertwined group of families or couples at least.  It’s a great story, as uncomfortable as it is.

What TV shows do you commit to watching?  Do you watch week in, week out or an occasional binge?

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    1. The deaths were horrific, but it was part of a crime drama.

      The Block can be very put on, but I like it nonetheless, it's not quite as 'product placed' as the HGTV shows I say in Jan.

  1. I mainly watch shows via Netflix these days, so not weekly. I'm currently watching Gilmore Girls (too many episodes to binge tho). I think the last thing I binge-watched was Outlander on DVD. The first half of season 1 was divine.

  2. Lol…yes, I laughed at that, too! haha.

    I'm also terrible with TV watching. It's really hard to find the time during term, but If I'm around when Googlebox is on, I throw away the school marking and watch that – love it!!! But I do still have a 90s X-Files crush on Gillian Anderson, so if I can find that one, I will try to commit to watching it during the summer break!

  3. I started watching Happy Valley but the violence was too much for me. I need more light and laughter in my life so watch comedies. Or whatever shit is left on as background noise.

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    1. That would also drive me nuts – It seems to know you as lucindasans but when I try to 'whitelist' this email address (@yahoo) it doesn't know you.  It's really quite annoying cause you can blacklist IP addresses, but not whitelist ones, such as yours.  Perhaps I just need to move back to good old fashioned WordPress commenting…

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