I’m sick.


I swear, since I started the new role in April, I’ve definitely had two colds, and one killer headache (I’d like to call it a migraine, but it wasn’t).

Anyhow, despite being sick, I did make it to Foodcraft which broke the internet recently with it’s Tella Ball shake – a nutella shake with a nutella filled donut skewered on top with the straw.  It was not all that – but then perhaps my taste buds aren’t normal?  The BF has two of the donuts in the evening (see, I have SOME self control) and I advised him to heat them which definitely helped.  He also disclosed he’s never had Nutella?  If that’s not a reason to head to Europe pronto nothing is!

My super sweet tooth has somewhat settled of late – some days, I’ve not devoured sweeties like it’s going out of fashion (of note, today, Monday, Saturday, Friday too I think).  Today I weighed in when I woke up at about 2pm and I was on par with the weigh in before last, so slowly the fasting is working, despite some days being far more calorific than ‘normal’.

Oh, I mastered laundry in a new way this weekend – I finally tried a concoction of dish liquid and hydrogen peroxide, painted on the under arm stains (twice, with an hour in between) worked very well. I’m sort of asking why I waited so long!  Have you ever tried this, or do you have magical deodorant that doesn’t stain?

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  • Hope you feel better soon. At our house we have the occasional banana and Nutella panini!

  • I read in the paper that today is the 92nd day of winter. That is beyond endurance – no wonder there's still colds afoot! I have 4-5 kids absent in most of my classes at work at the moment. Hope you feel better soon!

    I hadn't tasted Nutella until this year either! What a mis-spent youth!

    I haven't tried that stain-remover but I do use the Sard Wonder Stick and…it's a wonder. And I only use deodorant when it's really hot or muggy, so I try to avoid it with light shirts that will easily stain.

    Get well soon!

    • I can't believe it was still under 10C on the drive in the first day of sping :s

      Sard wonder stick huh – my mum also swears by it. I used some sort of soap to get stains out, but it's a lot of rubbing to work, unlike the peroxide mix. I'm jealous you can do without deodorant!

  • Ugh sorry, I hope you feel better soon! And I adore peroxide – it also takes out blood stains! 🙂

  • People who haven’t eaten Nutella? Who are these strange ones? These outliers?

    As to underarm deodorant I use Mitchem. But to stop marking on clothes, I make sure my underarm areas are dry first. Quick wipe with a towel too sometimes.

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