Fashion conundrums of coats and jackets

Oh readers – you’re all either wiser in years than me, or more experienced at these cold temperatures.  So please, enlighten me… are there rules to wearing jackets to coats and everything in between.

Exhibit 1: Trench COAT source:
Exhibit 1: Trench COAT

So… I have a number of coats. They are either mid thigh (black woolen, navy synthetic trench), though some of hip length (cheapies in both grey and black, both double breasted).

EXHIBIT 2: Jacket source:
EXHIBIT 2: Jacket

Then I have jackets: both a navy and a black stretch velvet, with button/s and square pockets.

If this wasn’t such a pressing issue in my mind, I might have even taken photos!  However can I wear a coat, such as the trench at work, during the day? I know a jacket = OK, but a coat, I’m less sure of…

And whilst we’re on cold weather fashion conundrums, is it OK to wear non silk scarves other than when outside?  Is the ‘thickness’ of the scraf hald the decision?  When I say ‘inside’ I infer ‘in the office’.

PS: What is Polyvore, and… why are their images so well ranked in search? Oh they’ll be making millions (or getting millions of visitors), cause did you know, it’s WAY faster to search images than words?  A lot of my early ‘hits’ form google were for well named photos?!

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  1. Wearing a scarf all day as a fashion statement is popular around here, no matter what material it is. (I've never worn a silk scarf.) They come in handy when I wear sweaters that have a little scoop neck because then the scarf keeps my neck/chest warm.

    I don't remember seeing anyone wearing a coat all day indoors . .

    Polyvore is a fashion website – I think the one that makes outfits. A little too fancy for me if I remember correctly 🙂

    1. The outfit I wore yesterday, I had a (polyester) scarf for warmth in my windowed office. It was 'silky' rather than silk!! For the same reasons you mention, I wore it to keep the bare skin around my neck warm.

      I think the coat thing probably happens more in Australia, as in Sydney certainly, central heating is uncommon. We have air conditioning in our office, but it doesn't make it to my office, so I feel the cool autumn weather more than in the office cubicles.

  2. I haven't got into Polyvore but I think it's cool; it's mostly used to pull together clothes pieces from all over the Internet and then display them as an outfit with accessories, on something like a Pinterest board. Take a look here at how it's done: Needless to say, some users have developed their collages into a fine art.

    I am the last person who should speak about fashion rules, and rules are made to be broken anyway. But I can't say I've ever worn a coat indoors. I noticed this year that a lot more people seemed to be wearing non-silky scarves as part of an outfit indoors – still lighter weight than a woolly scarf, but lots of thicker cottons. I liked these photos:

    1. Ah yes, I think when I looked briefly at Polyvore itself I thought 'pinterest for clothes'. But didn't intuitively know what to 'do' next, so surfed away.

      I think COAT implies a heavier weight in fabric, like a wool or cashmere, or that thickness. We seldom need such warmth in Australia, so we head for a milder 'coat' and the find inside too cool too (but not enough 'inside' layers) and keep wearing it. At least that's my take on it!

      I do say, I love my gauzey 'summer' scarves – I always travel with one, as it doubles as an eye/light mask, a pillow case, or a light sheet over me. I think silky are designed for the all day look, I decided!

  3. My observation is that young, hip people can get away with wearing coats indoors (making it look like a 'look' instead of a frumpy mistake.) But I am not known for my fashion sense so I could be way off.

    Scarves of all different thicknesses are worn indoors in Melbourne but it's colder here. There are some very weird trends happening here though…like the one with middle-aged women wearing hot pink jeans. So not Melbourne and something that needs to stop now!

    1. I second Fiona on the young being able to wear trench coats, but I will add that you can wear trench coats and scarves inside and during the day. It is all about confidence. You have to believe you look good. Stride with confidence.

      I own two trench coats and a couple of variations. I tend not the wear the most classic trench coat I own because I don't find it warm when I need warmth, I don't think it does anything for my shape and the colour makes me look drab. May work up the courage to donate it soon. In winter I wear a longer fake fur coat. Everyone loves it. It is light but the warmest coat I own. And so soft.

      I love scarves but can't wear them because having something around my neck annoys me and I end up ripping them off. I think you can get away with chunky scarves and not look like a Nanna seeking warmth. Google mai tai scarves for the best site on scarves and the last word on how to tie them. I so wan to look like that lady – cool, coordinated, classic. And think about buying her scarf ring but know it would be a waste as I'd rip the scarf off by 11am.

      1. GREAT – my fashionista reader has given me approval!!

        I only have one trench in navy, and it's not too classic. I like that though – I find the weird 'flaps' on true ones (up near the shoulder/breasts) strange! And mine has some tucks around the top of the sleeve, so it's just a little puffed? Love it – and to think it was a Chinese 'cheapie' bought in France… which is really like a Chinese cheapie anywhere!!

        I can NOT stand turtle necks and the like – in jumpers or in cotton, but weirdly LOVE a scarf. Strange how they are more than the same.

        I did rip the scarf off late yesterday as I walked into a 'tradie' depot – I knew I'd cop it if they'd seen it. Probably think I was hiding a hicky? (At least in the office it was off and on as I got hot and cold, so no one was so crash as to suggest it!)

    2. Oh let's just stick with I'm young and hip!? I was in a trench, rather than a more woolen get up (or that type of fabric). Let me assure you, if I'm cold, I'll wear whatever is on hard irrespective of what I might even sense is 'right'!!

      Oh my – my mother's trousers/jeans back in the days (maybe 5 years ago) would have blown your mind. I worked at the same school but in the boarding house, and kids finally worked out I was the daughter of the woman with 'loud pants'. I think that trend for her has passed, though there's still some coloured jeans! She can pull it off though – she's skinnier than me!

  4. That is a cute trench coat! I have one, but I have never worn it indoors. The only time I wear coats inside is when it's absolutely freezing and my bosses refuse to care. I wear all sorts of scarves with my outfits; I don't actually have any silk scarves.

    1. I don't think people my age and generation actually would care much with the coat unless I looked super eskimo rugged up – then they'd figure the heat isn't good enough!

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