Fixing the funk on Friday

I try to keep my posts upbeat – or at the very least, striving to achieve goals and do better.  (and the titles alliterative)

Sometimes I don’t feel upbeat at all.

There’s a few things I do when I feel less than stellar:

  1. Work out how I can get more sleep.  What my mothers has always said is true, half of my tears is childhood (and perhaps now) are largely due to tiredness.  Although she always said it would be better in the morning – guess I wasn’t waking up tired as much then?  Needless to say, I’m strongly considering ‘get enough sleep’ ‘as my January health challenge!
  2. Focus on the good.  That’s why I do gratitude posts, but also actively steer conversations at home to focusing on the good, rather than the bad, the things to be grateful of.  So, for now, I have
    • another fine and sunny day for my walk
    • continuing great results in getting my task count down at work (read more about that here). Actually just running some more statistical anaylsis always brightens my outlook, reflecting on what I’ve done rather than what’s left to do
    • tomorrow IS Saturday and I can sleep in to my heart’s content
    • I have nothing on this afternoon/evening, so I can get home at 4pm and nap if I feel the need 🙂
    • I’m not actually tired enough to ‘need’ a coffee this morning (which is a bonus, cause I didn’t have cash on hand)
    • a nice chat to my mum in the carpark before I started work
    • a new commenter to my blog yesterday

Desk clean up

  1. Get some simple to do list items struck off.  Some  decluttering, a trip to the op shop, or tidying and straightening horizontal space can often feel like quick wins and mentally clear some space.
  2. Plan some activities I love.  Nothing is better for morale than having something to look forward to.  It can be simple, like watching a favourite TV show or as involved as planning a dinner party or a gingerbread house!

I try really hard not make food a pick me up.  As evidenced in Wednesday’s waste post, sometimes a Mars Bar sneaks in.  But I know there’s no long term gains from junk food.

So, taking some of my own advice, I’m going to straighten my desk, and then get started on the most important tasks.

What’s your action plan to get out of a funk?

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  1. Music! A good cheery song (and some awkward dance moves) always improves my mood. And since I'm often grumpy when I'm tired or hungry, I try not to let myself go without eating or a good night's sleep for too long (if I can help it). I also like your idea for getting things done – being proud of crossing things off my list can change my mood quickly 🙂

  2. I am like you – I look at what I've accomplished, I complete some manageable tasks, I like to plan something to look forward to – and I get more sleep. Rom watches YouTube videos of corgi puppies!

  3. I second music. I realized a long time ago that music greatly influenced my mood for some reason, so I try not to listen to sad or angry songs now. I am with you on a get more sleep challenge. I think I need to make a better schedule for myself in general. Finishing my Christmas shopping this weekend will make me feel better, too.

    1. The struggle with sleep for me is that I need to be up at the absolute latest at about 6am. So that\’s fixed (I mean I could start later, but then I have more traffic, which really is just wasting time imo). So that means earlier to sleep, but the BF sleeps late, and the earlier I go to bed the less I would see him. For example, some days he\’s home from work at 7pm, and if I aimed to be in bed at 9 or even 8.30pm, I\’d hardly see him. And let\’s not talk about evening activities like water polo training, that have me getting to bed later, as I don\’t get out of the pool til 9pm!

      I think I need to work on playlists that i can use more often (ie at work) to improve my mood. I\’m the only Gen Y in the world who doesn\’t have this sorted, I am sure!

      1. I have a similar problem but in reverse. Mr Sans gets up early and goes to bed early. So our evening time can be limited, I know I should go to bed earlier, and have had short bursts of doing well, but then I lapse to a lounge/TV napper. I really need to do better.

        Just wanted to say: you always sound happy and chipper in your posts.

        1. Yes, I have the same issue as well. My boyfriend is the early riser as he has work at 6:45am, often until 6:30pm, and then he's falling asleep when he gets home. I figure if we can both go to bed earlier and possibly wake up earlier, we could have more time in the morning, but I'm not sure if that's realistic.

          1. I'm sure you can get up earlier, if you get to sleep earlier. I'm reading all about breaking habits at the moment! I sort of wish my BF would match my sleep patterns, but in reality, I could move my start time, the two other women I work with start later (cause they have kids).

  4. I love your list, Sarah. And lovely time to post it as I think we're all a bit under pressure in the lead-up to Christmas.

    I definitely use music, as other commenters have mentioned. I'm afraid I do use food as well (breaking that habit will be a big focal point in 2014.) I also phone someone upbeat and just chat (not about the "funk", though!) Exercising; visiting a 'happy place' (library, swimming pool); getting outdoors away from concrete.

    And the biggest ones for me are (1) do something I've been *avoiding* – hit it first up in the day (2) do something for someone else (has a strangely uplifting effect!) But if all else fails…yes to puppy videos and lolcats!

  5. Depends on the season. During the summer months if I can get outside whether to work or simply sit in the sun with a book it will change my mood for the better. In the winter, I need to put on music. Music is the only thing indoors that will get me moving on those days I want to do nothing.

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