Hodge Podge

So, today’s just a ‘random thoughts’ collection.

source: ohmyjeka.tumblr.com
source: ohmyjeka.tumblr.com

1. I couldn’t help myself, and started my walking/running challenge! Two days in, I did 13 mins on Mon, and 14 mins yesterday, and took the stairs except when laden with groceries, desperate for the bathroom, or super headach-y.  I even got at least 2L of water into me yesterday.

2. I want to speak to my local council re: composting on a neighbourhood scale.  Can those who know which councils do this worldwide let me know in the comments, and perhaps share the link to their website would be stellar (Dar? Cassie?)

3. What are Thanksgiving staples? I’m having a Thanksgiving dinner this Friday night, as I want an excuse to make Pumpkin pie! I’m inviting a handful of people around, and it’ll be a grown up dinner party.  Australian’s don’t ‘do’ Thanksgiving, so I need all your advice and taditions!

That’s about all!

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  1. I started to comment before reading Dar's comment. She pretty much covered it for us too. We have the turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce and a sweet potato dish. But we also have a meat and cheese and a veggie tray we snack from through the day (always close at hand during the football games) and no Thanksgiving is right without the pumpkin pie!

    1. Thanks Lois – we don't get a day off (naturally), so I'll just stick to the main course and dessert. I love Pumpkin Pie, but Aussies are wary of the idea, like Lucinda, because they aren't used to it or haven't tried it. I love all that spiced goodness!

  2. I don't know about the pumpkin pie. As in, as much as I (as do most Aussies) love roast pumpkin and pumpkin soup, I just can't/don't get the concept of pumpkin pie. Anyway, looking forward to hearing how it goes.

    And well done on starting the walking challenge.

    1. If you can get your head around pumpkin scones, you're halfway there. There's a lot of sugar, and spices (similar to spices in gingerbread houses) so it's just delicious.

      Third day – went further, and took longer on my run/walk! Gosh I love cool early mornings.

    1. Oh I LOVE macaroni and cheese, which the BF ALWAYS makes for me, but I think he's decided this Thanksgiving is my baby. We'll see – if I'm having a 'cheat' day, some mac and cheese added to everything else I'm making would just top it off!

      Thanks for the link too.

  3. Awesome job with the running challenge so far. I'm slowly getting up there with the couch 2 5k program, but it's been difficult finding the time, and then having either the weather or myself cooperating. Lately I've been having some random pains, and didn't want to push it.

    As for Thanksgiving staples: turkey!, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, or baked potatoes, carrots, cranberry sauce, pumpkin and apple pie, crescent rolls, and stuffing. I'm sure there are things I am missing simply because I'm not a huge fan of most of these (I'm weird), and also because my family goes overboard.

    1. I agree EM – for these last three days, I've laid the clothes out, set the alarm, and not really given myself an option. Admittedly it's not been raining, and I'm not sure how I'll handle that. And I tell myself it's only 'quick' and I'll be done in no time, which is also true.

      I'm considering a potato gallete – many thin slices, baked, instead of mashed as I think the BF isn't a fan of mash (maybe?!) I'm not sure about these cresent rolls, am I meant to make those? I'll definitely have stuffing, though none with oysters like I keep seeing!

      1. Somehow a huge winter storm popped up today, otherwise I have been running in the rain twice so far. I don't feel like getting blown away by 40mph winds, though!

        I've never heard of potato gallete, but upon googling it, it seems very similar to our scalloped potatoes, which are pretty good! I don't like mashed potatoes much either; I prefer baked. I know Pillsbury makes crescent rolls here that are ready to bake. I'm sure rolls or biscuits and gravy would work just as well, my family is really big on crescent rolls for some reason!

        1. Weirdly, I like it when it's cold or windy for a run, keeps me from getting too hot. Weird, I know!

          Oh I know the Pillsbury Dough Boy – he's so cute! we don't get those products here though, but I'm sure I could substitute some bread rolls in there, ready made. I suppose cause I try to eat gluten free, I don't think of bread rolls accompanying meals. Actually i have a great biscuit recipe (in Australia, we say biscuits for cookies, but I know you mean a savoury biscuit). Maybe I can make those – they are cheesy and garlicy mmmmm

  4. Well done on the walk/run challenge! I did my walk yesterday but today will be harder…a reluctant 9 year old in tow? Might involve him at the skatepark and me doing laps of the oval.

    We did a Thanksgiving Dinner in 2009 just before we *almost* would up transferring to Toronto with DH's work. It was so much fun…hope you enjoy it!

    1. Skatepark seems like a good option – or a walk with a treat – junk food I'm thinking :p

      I hope the Thanksgiving will be fun, one couple can't make it, so at least now we're more likely to fit around the table ok!

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