I’m still here

Yep, I’m still alive – as my few infrequent blog readers would know, as I pop in and comment on your blog.

I’ve had a few months without internet, so that’s explains the dip in posting. ¬†And I’ve moved house.

Here’s hoping to more posts soon…

8 Replies to “I’m still here”

    1. I am still renting out the loft, and it’s very conveniently located ,so I can use it’s pool (which I have) and it’s gym (which I haven’t) and enjoy it’s new common area upgrade which included AMAZING local photographs. No adventures planned… yet Other than working out my password ot administer my blog!

    1. Hey Cassie – for sure, I just popped in to post, and locked myself out of my account o_O so I’ll draft something to post about the pros and cons on my new place!

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