Laptop loathing

So… My laptop is in disrepair.  It seems to have evidence that it was built in 2008.  It’s a ‘hand me down’ from my mother’s work.  She doesn’t work there anymore either.

This right hinge broke first
This right hinge broke first

I think I put up with it, and my greenie, eco warrior-ness means I don’t like to say or think that I want a new laptop.

I don't even know when or how this 'in the middle' piece' escaped
I don’t even know when or how this ‘in the middle’ piece’ escaped

But… this laptop is annoying me enough that I just avoid using it.  I just, sew wonky stuffed animals:

Hand crafted (mangled?) by myself
Hand crafted (mangled?) by myself

The honest truth is – I have NO idea what I want in a laptop.  I mean, I want it to have two hingers, OBVIOUSLY.  But I’ve melted and fried a few laptops, and I no longer ‘need’ a laptop, like when I was a university student writing assignments and thesis’

A dream laptop would be second hand, just work, have a decent battery life (more than 45 mins at least, that’s fair right?)  And a good screen.  Not big.  not super reflective shiny, just, good.

The situation must be getting dire when tonight I was shutting down the work laptop and considered taking it home.  This same laptop has some internal loose wire, meaning it takes some firm slaps after a few attempts to start up, to start up with the hand drive.  So hardly a beacon of hope 100% of the time.  It’s fine without adventure.  But work comes with meetings, and I physically go to them.  And I note take cause gosh darn, other people just drop the ball or offer excuses. And you can’t nail a slimely salesman without written evidence.  That being said, nailing seems to be something a govt organisation seems to be remiss at…

See, I work now from 7am – 5.30pm.  It’s pretty standard.  I ‘can’ leave at 3.30pm, but given the noisy roudy workers leave then, I usually eagerly await that moment of chaos (moment = 1 hour) to pass, and then work on ‘inbox zero’ – filing emails, replying, adding things to the next days to do list.  5:30 has become a personally set deadline, as I like to listen to a radio program (Triple J Hack mentioned in the last post).  It starts at 5pm this week, to make it one hour long.  I seemed to assume it’d run later… So perhaps an incentive to leave work earlier just this pre election week?

The past two laptops I purchased (new) I outsourced to a friend.  I gave him cash and a ‘wants list’ (many USB ports one laptop, a floppy disc drive another time!) and he had to set it up.  He did.  I was content.

I don’t know what processing speed I need.  How much RAM I need…  And honestly, I don’t even want to start to research these things.  What’s ‘enough’?  What’s ‘so slow I wanna smack it’?

So Lucinda, you’re my most local reader – if you have a hand me down, I’ll pay for it… 😉


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  1. Ha! I don’t use a laptop. Had one from work but gave it back. I didn’t use it so thought it would be better used by others. I survived by using my desktop at work and previously my iPad and now my iPhone.

    I have just bought a surface tablet/laptop. Get one of those. They are great. Work both ways. Touch screen tablet or traditional laptop with attachable keyboard which becomes the cover.

    Ignore all that talk of RAM and techno stuff. If all you need it for is Word and blogging, and you don’t want to go new, nearly anything should do. Surely one of your young whippersnapper brothers or friends are upgrading just because they want an upgrade? But imagine how sleek a new surface tablet will look!

    1. I read this after I’d been browsing Surface Pros on retail site, and then on eBay. It’s the way I’m leaning, for sure! And the memory is irrelevant when I do most stuff online (WordPress, Google Drive). Agh, $1k though. I will do it!

  2. I have a Lenovo ‘Yogo’ laptop (supplied by work) and I seriously love it. It’s a laptop with a touch screen – I love being able to swipe and tap on the screen to navigate, as well as having a touch pad and traditional mouse.

    When you double-fold it, it’s like a tablet. You can beam it up onto Apple TV while annotating on the screen with the stylus. I guess it depends on how you use your laptop – obviously as a teaching, I’m in ‘beaming’ mode on wide screens quite often during the day. But the Lenovo is great for anyone who has to tap into apps a lot, thanks to the touch screen.

    I’m so glad I don’t have to buy my own laptop then dispose of it. Our school collects them all back and refreshes them on a regular basis. Mr D’s old work used to replace his laptop but not take the old one back for disposal. So annoying – we still have two old ‘dead’ laptops under our bed, since I refuse to dispose of them until I can be bothered paying for proper e-waste recycling.

    1. I’m thankful that City of Sydney does e waste once every six months. I missed the most recent one as it coincided with a big storm. I’m almost keen to say to leave it with me, and I’ll get them to their rightful home. Some Facebook comments on CoS asked ‘are you profitting from this’ and I had to chime in and reply, NO, it usually costs to recycle computers/toxic heavy metals.

      I think the Surface Pro might be a winner – because I’m assuming that it’ll come pre loaded with word and excel. I don’t know why I care about that, it’s not like in my personal use of it I’ll have that much needs (I use Google sheets, even for anything at work that I want remote access to). I did look a ‘yoga’ laptops in the US, just playing around. If I was to really go ‘hipster’ I’d love a computer with a bamboo housing… but I don’t know if that’s more ‘fashion’ than sense if I find one, and the cost. It’s certainly something I say in the bix box tech stores in the US, though it may have only been a keyboard.

  3. I agree that you don’t need much processor power for browsing and blogging, and you don’t need a workhorse machine if you use GoogleDocs and cloud storage. My issue right now is with Windows products. Windows 10 is fine if you ignore all the apps and just use the desktop like in the old days. Not many developers bother to make apps for Windows, and the ones that exist tend to be clunky (and not work nearly as well as iOS or Android apps). If you want a larger screen size for working on documents or spreadsheets, that might be your only consideration. Personally I can’t do serious work with an on-screen keyboard so I would probably go with the SurfacePro, but not expect much of any Windows apps! PS Your stuffed animal is adorable!

    1. I have a friend with a yoga style laptop, and he’s not happy with it (lack of F1 etc keys for gaming I think?) and willing to let me try it and buy it if I like it, so I’ll see how it ‘goes’. The little ‘tinkering’ I’ve done with SurfacePro were annoying me, so that doesn’t bode well if I was to buy one!

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