How do you manage your bookmarks?

Sometimes, I’m just a busy bee! So please, tell me, how to do you keep track of all your blog reading? Here’s how I do it:

I have two much loved blogs and they receive pride of place on my bookmarks bar at the top of my page.  These are blogs that thousands of people comment on, so they are ‘famous’ to me!

Then I have some folders, and here’s how they roll

The way things usually are!
The way things usually are!

Food/recipes, with general food blogs, but then recipes in a Sweet folder and a Savoury folder

Next up is Mommy DIY.  This features US/Candian blogs that are DIY/mommy blogs (where they talk about raising their kids amongst other things)

Read Fridays is a seldom use folder, but has blogs I know haven’t posted a lot regularly, so I think ‘oh I’ll check them once a week’, and Friday is usually my day off (or slow day).  Honestly though, I often don’t look at the 4 blogs listed in there!

PF is for Personal Finance and I group all those blogs I like to read about their debt journey etc.  There’s probably a few blogs I could take off this list, cause they are no longer capturing me, or they aren’t posting regularly (and could move into the Read Fridays folder perhaps?)  There’s about 15 blogs in this category at the moment.

The next folder is Subscribe which is for some of the blogs I get direct emails from (others email me, and don’t get bookmarked.  I’m not sure why, perhaps just not that thorough).  Some of the PF blogs I get direct emails from too, but they stay in the PF folder.  There’s 10 blogs on this list, and they are largely regular readers of this blog too. Awww thanks for reading!

My followers is a different tab, and holds all my readers that are on Blogspot.  Why? Cause I can’t read your blogs at work, so I like to have a tab that I know to head to when I get home if I want to comment or read your posts.

Next is a folder I just decided could be consolidated to the above, called Read at home which was for the same reasons as above – blogs I couldn’t access at work, where I used to get the bulk of my internet!

Lastly I have a collection of posts on reaching a greater readership or improving my blog.  I don’t really refer to these, but for some reason felt the need to keep them bookmarked?!

Sometimes I think I should resort them, making sure all the blogspot ones are in one tab (with the typepad blogs too, cause I can read those at work, but not comment).  I would like that lovely little matched iconography!

So, please share with me how you manage your blog reading.  Do you rely on emails? Do you have a set time, and open all your bookmarks? How do you deal with blogs who drop in writing frequency?

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  1. That is super organised! I'm currently using Feedly Feed Reader, via an app on my phone. It delivers all new posts direct to me, so I can flick it open and check whenever I have a few spare minutes. It doesn't bother me if people don't post for months – I always get their updates without physically clicking through to check. However, Feedly's a bit erratic on my phone and I'm not happy at the moment. Looking to change – maybe to something more like your bookmarks system.

    1. Can you comment within Feedly? I tried Bloglovin, but it wouldn't let me comment within it, so it wasn't much of an added benefit. It might be a solution for my phone based reading though?

      1. No, you can't comment on the blogs through Feedly – still have to click through. I'm very interested to read everyone's points below that Bloglovin makes commenting easier.

  2. I use 3 different feeds: the WordPress reader, the Blogger reader, and Bloglovin. I use WordPress and Blogger for the blogs that belong to them (or that work best with them), and Bloglovin for everything else. I have found that I can comment on all the blogs inside Bloglovin except one, and it was a Blogspot one. I used to bookmark blogs, but the feeds replaced that. However, I left my old bookmarks in place. There are a few blogs there I don`t follow regularly (usually because they stopped posting) and I check them occasionally. I have bookmarks for websites as well as blogs: music related, concert listings and recipes.

    1. I didn't use the WordPress reader as much as I could have when I was on wordpress. That's interesting that Bloglovin works for you and commenting, perhaps it was the particular blog's format? Do you also get emails from your reader, or is a more passive log in when you have time. Perhaps I should look at a reader to simplify things a little – at least bookmarks move between computers as they are attached to my Google Chrome account

  3. I use Bloglovin and have my blogs sorted in much the same way you use folders. I can comment on most of the blogs I follow from the Bloglovin page (in fact, doing so right now). I've also got Bloglovin apps on my phone and iPad – I love it.

  4. You're doing really well. I don't do even half as well as you. I have a long list. I know the few I look at every day, some I look at a couple of times a day, some I mean to check back and might visit e dry so often, and some I think I might but then delete from my list when I haven't looked in.

    Too much writing, not enough time to read them all.

    1. I hear you – there is never enough time, and then usually by some time on Monday (before the northern hemisphere wakes), I feel caught up, only for an avalanche overnight on Monday night/Tuesday morning!! And then to write too!

  5. I am totally random and disorganised about this aspect of my life. I mostly read WordPress ones which are in the feed when I open my stats. Otherwise I tend to rely on memory.

    Could do better and maybe one day I will organise them into bookmarks, who knows??

    1. It might seem organised, but there's still blogs that I forget – like your blog comes in an email once a week, which can mean a lot of posts to read at once, so I try to check in a little more regularly, but then it doesn't always happen. At least with emails, I don't totally forget!

  6. I've been using Feedly since the google reader shut down. It's ok. I've been checking out bloglovin' for a couple days.

    My biggest issue is I don't want to download the app at work and Feedly doesn't seem to do what I want on my phone. But I love to sit with my kindle and blog read but sometimes commenting on their is a nightmare.

    1. I hear you about not wanting an app at work – I thought bloglovin would work at work, but it wouldn't allow commenting. I must experiment some more, as it seems bookmarks are a little old school!

  7. I used to use google reader until it was discontinued – then I switched to feedly. I like it because then I don't have to remember to check blogs, but it's sometimes a little overwhelming to come home to 43 new posts . .

    When I want to comment, I open that post in a new tab (which I leave open for a few days to see if the blog author responds). It's a little annoying, but it's the best system I can come up with.

    1. That's the next step of the issue – catching up on authors commenting back. I usually check the last post when I go to comment on a new post. A pet peeve is when someone publishes without taking the time to catch up on their comments. Makes me wonder :p I agree, feedly with 43 posts would overwhelm me to, I max out at about 13 emails in a morning with blog posts, and the rest i check when I have time.

  8. You are way more organized than I am. I have most of the blogs I read come to my email account, a few on bloglovin but I don't care too much for bloglovin. If I want to reference it later, it's gone to me and if I want to put a link from their in one of my posts, like a Friday Fave, I have to then do a search for the actual blog and link that way.

    One thing I've been doing with posts I read and would like to reference later, is I put them in my Friday Faves. Unless WordPress crashes they will always be there and not in my inbox or my bookmarks.

    1. Ah an ulterior motive for your Friday Faves! It makes sense. I do have a lot of people emailing me their posts (like you and most regular commenters here, for their blogs). Some people are so prolific, and not always topics I love, I don't subscribe – I don't need an overflowing inbox!!

  9. I think feed readers save so much time, especially when you follow a lot of blos like I do. I use Feedly, and while its no Google Reader, it's working fine. I like that you can access it on the web (which I do at work on lunch) or via the app. You can comment through feedly if you click through to the blog.

    1. Ah I see – you click through to the blog – all the blogspot blogs are blocked at work, which is a shame, so I have to remember to comment when I'm at home. I never tried Google reader, but I gather it was incredibly popular, I wonder why they'd close it down?

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