My morning routine

Today, I am moving house, so I queued this post up, to give you something to read.  Rest assured, this won’t be today’s routine!! Back soon!

A real life friend reads my blog, and she suggested I post about my morning routine.  I didn’t think it was particularly interesting, but as we got talking, I realised it’d probably change in the new house, so I might be able to do a before and after post for those who might be interested.

Morning time routine
Not what I look like… ever!

My single person morning routine

Now, I’ll run through my usual process, then I’ll review it (using italics) to change what I did when the boyfriend stayed.

At 5.45am my alarm goes off.  I get out of bed immediately, removing my phone from the charger and always turning the charger off at the wall.  I must pull up the bed now…

I switch on the light over the stairs, and I go downstairs and shower, always washing my hair and my face (yes everyday).  Once out, I put on deodorant and perfume.  Then I’ll blow dry my hair if the mirror’s not too steamy.

Next I head upstairs to put my uniform on, and hand my towel over the balustrade (sigh, I’ll miss those!).  Once I’m dressed, it’s lights off upstairs and back down to the kitchen.  Sometimes, there’ll be washing that finished overnight, so I’ll hang this out whilst I’m upstairs, where the rack is.

In the kitchen, I go to my breakfast cupboard, removing the oats, and taking my hair and nail supplement (since the head shave).  I add water to my oats, and put it in the microwave for 2 minutes.

Whilst it cooks, I’ll empty the dishwasher if need be, or I’ll start on reading blog posts I get to my inbox.  I’ll also get my lunch out of the fridge, and anything else I need to take to work, or for my breakfast fixings, like milk.

Once the microwave ‘tings’, I get milk and my chosen topping to the table.  I like to have frozen berries, or banana or sometimes pureed strawberries.  I’ll always have a water bottle too, to help wash it all down. And I’ll always continue my reading, and sometimes commenting.

I linger at the kitchen table til 6.15am, then I make myself rinse my bowl, sometimes refill my water bottle, and get ready to go.  I know I have up to 15-25mins up my sleeve, and I can STILL be at work on time.

Realistically, I’m usually in the car by 6.30am and then it’s off to work, which is a 20 min drive in minimal traffic (woo hoo!)

Now… this was all going swimmingly, til the BF.  I hated people keeping me awake, or waking me, in boarding school, so I try to be conscious of the sleepy one!

5.45 awake
5.45am never looked so nice

And now with the BF

So, on the mornings the BF is there, I make sure I lay out my uniform and underwear the night before, often on top of my towel.

When the alarm goes off, with the light of the phone, I find said outfit, and stumble down the stairs.

I dress in the bathroom, and delay hair drying til right before leaving.

Once I finish breakfast, I’ll usually go and dry my hair, knowing the noise will likely awaken the BF.

I’ll head back upstairs to hang my towel (if I’ve remembered, it often ends up over some kitchen chairs)

If there’s washing, I’ll hang it out now, once the BF is ‘more’ awake… though usually he has no idea I’m standing in the bedroom hanging things!

Irrespective, the trip upstairs will result in me lying down for another cuddle and a quick chat about the day with the BF.  I chat, he makes grunts… Then, it’s on the road!


To be honest, I’ll need a new routine in a new house – but we’ll have doors, and more proper rooms, so that might make it easier.  I’ve never been a ‘get your outfit ready’ person unless it’s a really early start, but it’s not hard, especially with a uniform.

How does your morning routine compare?

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  1. I love reading about morning routines, thanks for posting! Hope the move goes well and looking forward to an updated morning routine post from your new place.

    I love the order of your morning routine. It's quite comforting in the morning and helps us wake up gently, I think, when we move from one activity to another without having to think about it too much. Once I had kids, my morning routine was a bit more all-over-the-place and I'm still not happy with it now. I think I need to get up a little earlier and be more thoughtful about the order I do things in.

    Do you find it easy to get out of bed at 5.45am?

    1. I think I remember you posting about morning routines, and I wrote an epically long comment. I don't always find the 5.45am start easy! Summer is definitely easier though, and I do see the nicest part of the morning. I did buy a wake up lamp to help the winter wake ups, but haven't set it up this season.

      1. Actually, I remember now that you wrote about this after one of my posts but I can't find the comment after my getting up early challenge so it must have been another post. It's comforting to hear that you don't always find the early start easy as I just don't understand how it's possible to spring out of bed wide awake so early. My 8-year-old can do it, and often my hubby, but I'm groggy for ages. That wake up lamp sounds like a really helpful idea.

  2. I get up almost 3 hours before I have to leave for work so I can have loads of time to do things. Needless to say, I am an extreme morning person! Rom usually sleeps one more hour than I do, and he naps evenings/weekends, too. There is just too much I want to do to spend all that time sleeping!

    1. I used to give myself a full hour and a half before uni – enough time to drink a cup of tea at least. I do love sleeping though, but I'm definitely a morning person! I'm thankful I work in a job where a 7am start is normal too

  3. Wow, 5:45am, that is an early start! I usually get up at around 8 and don't really have a routine, but I think I need one! I'm starting to take some more supplements and it's hard to remember to take them all! Do you have any tips for getting a routine started?

    1. Routine makes life so simple – of course once they are actually routines! When I need to add something to do routinely I like to tack it onto some existing routine – so my new hair and nail supplement sits beside my oats for breakfast. But, my pill, I always need an alarm to remind me! 8 am is the time for that – so my weekend sleep in alarm!

  4. You wake up early! I need to start doing that. I wake up anywhere between 7-7:30, go in the bathroom, wash my face, brush my teeth, and heat my straightener up. I get dressed, do my makeup, do my hair, feed my cats, get food together for work and then usually leave. Depending on how much time I have left, I will check my email and read a blog or two. I get to work early but I'd rather not be rushing!

    99% of the time my boyfriend leaves before me and I got used to it so quickly, I barely realize he is up and gone. I'm usually a light sleeper, so that was a surprise to me. On the one or two days I leave before him (or he is off), I do everything I normally do because he doesn't really wake up if I turn the light on. He is mostly an early riser since he'll usually be out running around an hour after I leave.

    1. I wake early as I work early, otherwise 7.30 would likely be my wake up time. I hated girls leaving lights on at school, so I really try to avoid using them in hostels or any shared situation. I just assume everyone is as disturbed by them as me, so it's lucky your bf sleeps through it so well!

  5. Wow – you get up so early, Sarah! The funny part of my routine…I haven't set an alarm clock for 9 years! My son is an early-bird and always wakes us as he potters around. I try to stay in bed till 7am now though! Ha – my DH also answers in 'grunts' till he properly wakes up – not a morning person!

    1. Ah yes kids do rise with the sun! I remember being a teen staying with pre school aged kids in the house – I was a huge sleepy head back then!! Still it's sometimes more gentle than a blaring alarm.

      Now all this talk of waking, when I desperately need a nap! But everything is in the new place, I need to clean the old place briefly and then I'm done!

        1. There was a glass of wine and then I was ready for bed! Some kind friends brought around soup and garlic bread and we reheated some pizza from Sunday night. I was exhausted I was silly, much to everyone else's amusement!!

  6. Have to chuckle about your morning routine. My hubby and I work opposite sides of the clock, jez even different times of the week.

    I often feel guilty when I push snooze to often but darn it….I want to push snooze and I should be allowed. Most times, tho, I get up at 4:30 with the alarm. I do try to be considerate tho because he's such a light sleeper. Me on the other hand….well, I've been known to sleep through the fire alarm here. But, believe me…if you're successful in waking me up at 2 in the morning….as one neighbor discovered, I have no tolerance for stupid.

    My morning routines is I make my coffee and my breakfast and lunch and sit with my coffee and read blogs and catch up on the news of my "friends.". Sometimes, I catch up on what's going on. Then, I get my workout in and then get ready for work.

    We have darkening curtains in the bedroom and they drive me nuts and you'd think that I would get my stuff together in the morning, but I don't.

    1. I'm not sure if I'm a light or heavy sleeper, but last night, you probably couldn't wake me (ie I had no idea the BF came to bed! I hit the sack at 8.30pm absolutely wrecked!). We don't have block out curtains in the new place, which I installed in my last place (and the BF sort of loved, they weren't 100%). Seems like you have a leisurely start in the morning, with a few nice things thrown in…

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