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Back to a good old list – the namesake of my blog!  I thought I’d share with you some of my current TV watching favourites.  Due to the international audience, I’ve not really added too much link details, as everyone has different networks etc.

Project Runway

What’s not to love about pressure challenges with eccentric fashion designers?  I love seeing innovative clothes that aren’t like everything you see in the stores.  My favourite is the bizarre challenges – making clothing from a hardware store, or a candy store or a florist.  And every season, there’s a weird ‘customer’ or two – either retired ladies from a dance class, reusing bridal dresses to party dresses, or rip off clothing for a men’s revue.  Mix in the lack of sleep and lots of ‘interviews’ and there’s tears and spills and all sorts of D-R-A-M-A complete with hand flips!

House husbands photo
House husbands

House Husbands

This is an Australian show set in Melbourne based around a group of fathers.  The most outrageous things happen sometime – like the opening episode having the grade 1 children driving a bus, but mostly it’s like real life.  Ups and downs.  Marriages splitting and reuniting, suspicion and mistrust, foster care and gay parenting. There’s enough lightness to truly fall in love with all the children, the wives and of course the husbands.


Aaron Sorkin is a genius, the producer of a drama about a … wait for it… newsroom! There’s enduring tension between the anchor, Will and the British executive producer Mac, and a sordid triangle between young Maggie, executive producer Don (the douche bag to me) and new executive producer Jim (the knight in shining armour).  They match the scripts to the news events we’d all remember, and make it incredibly compelling.  There’s rousing speeches, cutting journalistic interrogation and the usual drama rollercoaster of almost/is it/not quite relationships…

Orchestrated bouquet catching, before the awkward proposal in front of everyone... to be rejected
Orchestrated bouquet catching, before the awkward proposal in front of everyone… to be rejected.


A recently released Australia drama based on all the flatmates who live in a flat called Wonderland, on a beach of Sydney.  The young somethings are naturally people I relate to, and there’s some delicious shoots of Sydney!  It started with a wedding, then a shock proposal by a woman – who was publicly rejected by her boyfriend… Naturally, there’s some chemistry and some love triangles as well as some lovely ‘flat’ dinners, where all the parties come together – including a mum of a younger character!


  1. The BF cooked me an omlette for dinner, before he went to the gym
  2. I have an awesome colleague who with minimal supervision, channels my ideas perfectly!
  3. Got onto straightening the top of the entry closet – I kept wondering just what was in there (not much)
  4. Got a great rock star park near my house that is also untimed 😀

What are you thankful for today?  What are your favourite TV shows?

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    1. Many parking spaces have a limit on how long you can park there, usually one hour, between the hours of 8.30am and 6pm or 10pm. Untimed means the signage allows you to park there for an unlimited amount of time.

    1. Oh yeah I like Suits too! Though the latest season (3 I think?) isn't as compelling as the first two were. Cooking ones would make me fat – though I liked them early on :p

  1. I am trying not to watch new shows or I get caught up and watch way too much telly. I love Dexter which is ending soon and in spite of what I just said have started Breaking bad which is awesome too 🙂

    1. I started watching Dexter on DVD (the early seasons) – I should catch up some! And likewise with Breaking Bad – but I got bogged down in the slow second seaon. Everyone assures me it picks up in Season 3 though…. And everyone's talking about BB right at the moment!

  2. Right now I'm loving Justified (amazing writing and my new favourite programme) & Scandal. We have the opening episodes of The Newsroom (Season 2) ready to view – I like it, but still much prefer his West Wing. I watch far too much US TV!

    1. OH now you've given me two more to try – yay! We'll be through Newsroom in no time! I love Mac, whereas I didn't have as strong a connection to characters in West Wing. Do you watch East Enders? (it's the stereotypical show I think of people in the UK watching!)

  3. I don't watch too many TV shows otherwise I find it gets too time consuming. Also tracking which ones are on when…thankfully there is, of course, an app for that, which I downloaded, but sometimes we still manage to miss the episodes. This season I'm not too excited about anything in particular – for some reason all the shows I watched last year went downhill.

    1. That happens sometimes -especially after the slow build to the season 1 climax, not every show can continue the pace. Thankfully I don't watch many on the scheduled times, which keeps me flexible. I just watch them in the evenings when I have nothing else to do (hahaha… there's nothing else I *want* to do!)

  4. I love a good list of favourites – have you done music, movies and books yet?

    My favourite TV shows would currently be: Winners and Losers, Upper Middle Bogan, RockWiz, Big Bang Theory and Australian Story. Also enjoyed the recent Charley Boorman Extreme Frontiers series.

    I only turn TV on for shows I want to watch in the evenings – and I love to look forward to a good show all day!

    1. OH wow Kim, I have another three post ideas right there – and I can seasonally update the TV shows ones, as things come and go! Good on you for supporting so much Australian TV – makes up for the BF who objects to it all! I never started with Winners and Losers and I keep hearing about the Bogan one – is it like Kath and Kim? Can't handle BBT – laugh tracks do my head in! The BF watches it though

  5. Sarah, if you like Wonderland, you'll probably like Winners and Losers. W&L is set in Melbourne instead of Sydney – I love looking for clues as to where a new show has been filmed. Is about a similar age group.

    Upper Middle Bogan is nothing like Kath and Kim. Hmm, how would I describe it. It's a comedy about Australian society and family. Very down-to-earth and keeps the viewer thinking about how people and family dynamics transcend 'class'. Very, very funny (in my opinion)! Stream a couple of episodes on iView – I think you'll be impressed.

    I know what you mean about laugh tracks – that annoys me about a lot of US TV comedy. I love the fast pace and wit of BBT though – I also like Gilmore Girls for the same reason.

    1. I should look into Upper Middle Bogan then, though I did think Winners and Losers characters seemed a bit 'daggy' – I'm not sure why, just from the ads. I did love Gilmore Girls too!

  6. Argh…I haven't watched any of those yet. But in my job I have to record & edit "educational television" for about 3 hours a day, so I pretty much never watch TV at home. I'll have to check out "Wonderland" for the nostalgia of Sydney scenes!

    At work, my pick of the week is often "Big Ideas" on the ABC, Tues/Wed in the morning and stored on iView. Although really, that makes me a "young fogey" (my latest favourite phrase.)

    The only thing we've really been watching lately is "Game of Thrones" (finally). It's intense, though. We have to pace our viewing!

  7. Good list! My favourites at the moment are Upper Middle Bogan, Miss Fisher Murder Mysteries and Gruen Planet. Recently enjoyed the Hamster Decides and the Gruen Nation. And less recently Please Like Me, 20 something and The Doctor Blake Mysteries. I'm an Australian TV watcher but not reality TV (except for The Voice) and very little commercial TV.

    1. That's a second vote on Upper Middle Bogan, so I must look into it! I have previously watched the Gruens, but I've not been watching it recently. I do love Wil Anderson, and I know the BF would watch this ABC show as he loves Will!

  8. I can't think of a TV program I would watch on regular networks. But my children got me addicted to Dexter which is on a pay only channel. If you haven't heard about it, Dexter is a serial killer who has a conscience. He can't kill someone unless they deserve it. For example if they molested and killed children. But the twist is that he is the blood splatter analyst for the police department.

    I was surprised you didn't list Doctor Who. 🙂

    1. I've never really got into Doctor Who – but I am interested why you thought I might be into it? I had watched some Dexter, but I got saturated with it around season 2 or 3, when I was watching them back to back. I will have to get back into it – I loved the images of Miami!!

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