Sorry all…

I’ve been absent.

Weekends seem to be devoted to reading MANY blogs on a comfy sofa, grocery shopping, church, and TV absorption (it really does feel rather brainless… I was watching the Australian mini series ‘The Slap’ about the perspectives of 6 people who were at a BBQ where an adult male slapped a 4 year old child).  OH and vacuuming the house and changing the sheets, with a load of a washing.  I kid you not, nothing more really happens!

It’s the last week in this management gig, so that’s good (to go back to one role, and it’s responsibilities, rather than straddling two ineffectively!).  The pizza party incentive was extended by a week, by the other manager.  Whilst we might not have met the target I set, we certainly knocked it out of the park on usual monthly averages, so I can’t really complain!

The exercise for my weight loss program fell off the bandwagon about Wednesday last week.. Maybe Tuesday? I had a sore shoulder on Saturday week ago, and it got worse and worse. I could hardly play water polo on Wednesday night, even if Dad was watching and it was my last game til next Summer.

Mostly, I’ve kept to eating healthily, and where I’ve slipped up, I’ve still tracked all the calories. Still, the app’s promises of weight loss in the ‘next 5 weeks, if every day was like today’ are getting closer to my actual weight. So I better ramp up exercising… but:

Now I’ve hurt my left outer foot/heel. So I’ve booked to see a podiatrist tomorrow evening, and see what’s wrong and how it could be fixed. Add that to three visits to a physio in a one week window, and I’m really making private health work hard!

Right, what else should I check in on?

Holidays!!  The two indecision maker (myself and the BF) finally pushed the ‘buy’ button for a 5 night trip to Cairns, leaving Good Friday.  We’ll get back Wednesday and still have a couple of nights at home before returning to work the following Monday. It’ll be nice to have longer than a weekend’s time at home, and I’ll look into doing a ‘learn to surf’ during that time too.  I’m sure it’ll be cold, but there’ll be wet suits… and maybe hot chocolates… Cause Lent will be over then (starts tomorrow – no more Mochas for me, which might help that weight loss!).

I should say, I really appreciated finding out how you all plan holidays.  I really do want to poll my readers on so many things, as I find it incredibly interesting how different people make decisions!

Hmmm… I think that brings those who are out there up to speed on life of listing!

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  1. Won't be cold in Cairns. I went to the Whitsundays in June. Cool, but not cold. (And by cool, I mean middle-aged woman cool in the water, so not cool for young whippersnappers.) Still went swimming every day. You'll love it.

    Sounds like you've been busy. I think blog reading and TV are necessary to maintain pop culture knowledge. That said, won't watch The Slap. Too annoying. Too Melbourne. Too polarising.

    1. Yay for not cold in Cairns (all part of our plan… though the BF hates being hot, *shakes head in confusion* anyway).

      Yeah I have been busy, but it's ok, so long as I can see light at the end of the 'busy' tunnel, I'll make it through.

      I have to say The Slap left me feeling less than content… I kept being able to easily transpose it onto my life and think things were falling apart, when in fact nothing had changed in an hour!

  2. Hi Sarah, Glad you did an update. I did assume you were busy and nothing was wrong. A holiday in the near future sounds good! Hope you make good progress on recovering from your injuries.

  3. Yay update! Your weekends sounds very similar to mine. February was extremely busy for me and I just want to catch up on mindless TV. Your holidays in Cairns sound lovely. If there is wet suits and surfing in store, then it's definitely not too cold =p (I'm just bitter about the bitterly cold Canadian winter we've been having). Hope you recover quickly.

    1. Oh I know it's remiss of me to speak of beachy holidays whilst the Northern hemisphere continues to be blanketed in snow. I'm sure I have no empathy for being sweaty either!

      Fingers crossed the podiatrist can solve my woes today, and I'll be more or less back to normal in no time. Otherwise, even more mindless TV! (see, win win!)

  4. I'm sorry you've been experiencing some injuries. I hope you start feeling better soon! Having a few days at home before returning to work is nice. You have a chance to get back into routines. I hate coming home from a relaxing vacation and dreading work. It can ruin the last days of vacation!

    1. I'm lucky that I seldom dread work, per se, just the early starts 🙁 I'm glad we finally go our act together and booked a holiday – who'd think we'd stall with that one?

  5. Nope, nothing wrong, though with that title, it might have appeared something might be!

    I am really looking forward to a holiday – and even some extended time at home 🙂

  6. Yay! Your vacation sounds lovely. Google says Cairns averages between 22 – 29° in April – that sounds perfect! (The averages around here for April are 3 – 15° so I'll be happy as well.)

    Hopefully you'll be all fixed up by then 🙂

  7. Hi Sarah!
    Sorry you're suffering a few injuries – hope you can get them sorted out. I've been so in and out of my diet – but I'm trying to get a grip!! My walking had to come to a halt too – far too dizzy – which hasn't helped. Anyway. I'm back to it now, so we shall see how March shapes up 🙂

  8. Hooray – update! Oh, The Slap! That was such an annoying, bleak book! I got to the end and thought, “Do any of these characters have any redeeming features?” I don’t think I’d cope with the mini-series. Very polarising.

    I hope you start to recover from the injuries soon. So annoying when you’re trying to stick to an exercise program.

    Cairns!!! How beautiful 🙂 Something to look forward to!

    1. I'd not realised it was a book, but of course, anything good on TV or movies tend to have started as a good old fashioned book. Definitely bleak and polarising – all I know is, be VERY careful disciplining someone else's child!

      Cairns will be great, I have a huge list of things to steer clear of and enjoy from my colleague.

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