Things I wanted to buy

I went shopping for the BF on Saturday with a $120 giftcard. I got him two shirts and a pair of shorts spending a touch over the gift card. All the sizing was wrong – dar dum 🙁

I also used a $10 voucher to buy two gift cards (paper version) and some note cards at Kikki K, a Scandinavian styled stationary store.  I picked up a Mother’s day gift (thanks to an email from a company which prompted me to think ‘That’d be perfect for mum, and look, it’s almost mothers day’).  I also replaced my Burt’s Bee’s lip balm that had finished (the other one is AWOL and it’s becoming winter here).

I like the minty tingle when I put it on, and the light colour it gives.  It's not that shimmery at all source:
I like the minty tingle when I put it on, and the light colour it gives. It’s not that shimmery at all

I also bought one dress whilst in the The Gap for the BF.  I can’t seem to ‘steal’ the photo, so you’ll have to go look here.  Regular readers and friends will be shocked it’s neither a neutral (black/white/grey) nor blue or green!!

And then there were all the things I could have bought…

From a distance: Marcs bag
From a distance: Marcs bag
Marcs bag - not leather
Marcs bag – not leather

Lime/blue bag at Marcs at $129.  It’s not leather, but I was worried the lime side would mark if it was internal or external, and it is the lime that really drew me to it.  I protectively carried it around the store, before returning it to the shelf.


Melissa ballet flats

Since I can recall, I’ve always wanted ‘plastic shoes’ and Melissa is the brand that does them.  They join up with all the big designers like Vivenne Westwood to make limited editions too.  The above shoe also comes in black (would that be more versatile?  But with jeans it doesn’t matter) and a ballet pink, which I’d be nuts to try.  I can’t help thinking plastic shoes are perfect for rainy but warm weather.


Teal jumpers at Sportcraft

I just LOVE LOVE LOVE this colour, and I want to buy EVERYTHING in the colour in case it never comes back in fashion.


Lime jumpers at Sportscraft

Ok, so they call this colour acid.  It’s like the lime colour that I’m currently experiencing a strong affection for.  I bought lime running shorts whilst in Cairns.  Oh my, they are brief! And I have lime in cushions at home…  But I’m growing more and more in love with lime.  I really do want a lime scarf at the very least this season.

All in all, I spent a small fortune, ie most of my weekly ‘allowance’ on odds and sods.  The vast majority of the above, I sadly left in store for others.

Thoughts?  Is one of these items just too good to let go?  What are you window shopping currently and not buying?

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  1. I just cannot go into KikkiK – that is my real spending downfall! That dark blue colour is gorgeous. I like the lime, too (but it would make me look washed out.) I am busting to get new runners at the moment but waiting to buy them on our trip (am I deluded to think they'll be cheaper overseas?)

    1. I can usually ban myself from buying anything in Kikki K, but I became a member, and got a $10 voucher, which I put to the two greeting cards, then found half price note paper, which I've been 'wanting' (and there's a list) for a while…

      Runners are cheap in the US, and I try to buy some there, but I'm not actually sure how they compare in Europe…

    1. I do recall you doing a round up of the nasties in your cosmetics, and recalled this was pretty good!

      I didn't even try on the acid green, but I did like the idea of it when it first came in an email. There's also a grey crew neck sweater with lime hearts… bit too cutesy for me, but LIME!

  2. OK… my current wish list is quite boring – some spray-on travel sunscreen to take on my bike and a case of a new flavor of catfood because we tried one can and everybody liked it (and that NEVER happens.)

    But I just had to mention this… I heard a story on the news that there's some crazy new fad where kids are putting Burts Bees lipbalm on their eyelids to get high. I kid you not… this is a real thing… just Google "Beezin". Apparently it can cause blindness, so I hope you're usin' that stuff on your lips only! 🙂

    1. I did in fact google this 'Beezin' thing – how strange – seems some of them were even putting in on their eye BALLS! Silly children. No, mine is solely for my lips.

      Each to our own with our wishlists – I can't see me rushing out to buy any of these, but at least speaking of them helps ease some of the lust!

  3. Those shoes don't look too comfortable. But go back and buy that bag – gorgeous.

    I'm not even walking on past shops lest I be tempted. No cash at the moment.

    1. I seldom find comfortable shoes, certainly without a long 'wear in' period, which of course wouldn't work for 'plastic' shoes.

      Avoid stores at all costs – it seems most have stashed all the sale items away, and all (and I mean all) the new things have flooded in. Although, it does mean in some stores there's a serious luck of colour 🙁

  4. I have a couple of cable-knit sweaters like that in a local brand. They change the colours every year which is good because sometimes I don't like that year's palette. The pale lime colour reminds me of honeydew!

    I like Burts Bees lip balm but I go out of my way to find the ones without peppermint, eucalyptus or camphor because I don't like the tingle!

    1. Ah ha – so perhaps these too will become collectors editions, with each season the colours changing? I do note they are made of decent fabrics: wool & cashmere, so they're sure to be warm. Hmm…

      When I first bought Burt's Bees (ie the time before this) I bought one of the 'tingle' version and one that's not. I think I prefer the 'tingle' as my untinted lip balm (Blistex) has a similar feel (though 'tastes'/smells more of caramel)

  5. You have good style, I like all of these! I really like the blue bag, though I'm not a fan of green or lime, but that's because I look horrible in it. My first car was in that teal color. That's the only thing I liked about it!

    1. Thanks EM – so kind! I think you can get around colours that don't suit if they are just an accent, like a bag or shoes. But I do agree that some colours just don't work for certain skin tones – I can't wear anything caramel/beige etc near my face, and the BF doesn't like any of the pants I have that colour either so…

      Aww a teal car – I'd swoon for a lovely coloured car. I sometimes see some driving around, and I make my love known!

  6. I really like the blue of that sweater – I'd have bought it! 🙂 Lip balms with "tingle" are not for me, haha. I prefer just plain coconut oil/beeswax tubes.

    Whatever you bought at Gap must be popular – my screen won't show a picture and informs me that product is sold out!

    1. Oh wow – there were countless of these yellow dresses, with sleeves to the arms, and a more 'full' skirt with pockets. A great summery dress, but modest which means it'll work for church. Alas, it seems it didn't sell well, as was on sale in store, but also on the link I provided to the US site.

      I didn't even try on the sweater thankfully, so it's not come home with me. Another dollar saved!

  7. The same exact thing happened to me for mother's day. It was a perfect buy, but I never would have gotten it without their marketing experts nudging me their way. All the stuff you passed up is super cute, but yay for self-restraint! The budget will be happy, at least. 🙂

    1. They must know how susceptible we are to their marketing – even if we're strong with our own wants, it's so easy to think it's nice to be generous to others…

      The budget was indeed happy, and I almost feel as gratified by sharing the pictures on here, for everyone to ooh and ahh as if I did really buy it all!

  8. It's fun to shop for birthday gifts! I prefer shopping for others over shopping for myself.
    For me, I've been shopping for summer shoes for over a month now. They have to be something that I can wear with everything and anywhere. I'm very picky, so this is difficult.
    I hope your BF had/has a great birthday!

    1. I do agree, it can be easier to shop for others when you know them well (and so much easier to spoil others too).

      I am equally picky with shoes – you just never know if they'll hurt your feet either 🙁 I have such problems with blisters.

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