Friday finance and house project list review

Fridays I try to make ‘goal review day’, so this will be a mix match of a number of things! First, for the finances!

Work was due to back pay me since 7th Feb, and on Thursday last week I received the letter saying it’d been approved. Sadly, it wasn’t added to this week’s pay. Sadly, cause I used my rostered day off last Friday to start spending it :p Rest assured, between my ’emergency fund’ (which none of these expenses are!), my bills savings account AND my 12 in 2 savings account, I muddled things together so I could pay my credit card this week, like every week,  for the following out of the ordinary expenses:

1. $300: New Camper shoes. My old campers have holes – that let in water. New shoes were critical. I have no end of trouble with shoes and comfort. Campers have worked before, so I thought I’d go for quality and hoepfully this pair will wear in as well as the last pair. I’ve been wearing the (dead) campers since May 2011, so that’s almost two years – far longer than my usual everyday casual shoe. Though when I say ‘everyday’ I should explain I wear steel capped boots to work, so this is weekend and holiday wear (along with a few other pairs). I do, however, walk 2-3kms in these sorts of shoes, so that’s a bit of wear.

My latest campers, called Sinuosa (only CAD$190 vs AUD$310!)
My latest campers, called Sinuosa (only CAD$190 vs AUD$310!)
The (now dead) campers
The old (now dead) campers

2. $205 Flights to Brisbane. Whilst at a wedding over the weekend, I received an invitation for an engagement picnic in my former home town of Brisbane. I don’t need much of a reason to head back to Brisbane and catch up with friends, so on Tuesday I bought my flights for the first weekend in May.

The venue for the engagement picnic, the beautiful New Farm Park Source:
The venue for the engagement picnic, the beautiful New Farm Park

3. $89 Knife Skills Course. This is part of my 12 in 2 goals, and I’ll be doing it on 11 May!


Now, for the house updates on house project (see the original, somewhat dated list here – compiling three lists from my move in in Jan 2011, again in May 2011 and then in Jan 2012)


– Empty out box – on going, always donating, but always adding things.  Currently have excess birdcage hanging chains & yellow ribbon, a shower head…

– Install small ledges for displaying things  – bought the shelves with a returns voucher last Friday – yet to be installed or definitely yay or nah’ed


– Regrout cornersoh yes I did – see this post

– Get bath resurfacing fixed – quick buff smoothed things out.  The colour is still off.  And I even tried a ‘cool’ white globe instead of the usual ‘warm’ I prefer.


– Open shelf lightingno, but I did install that great LED lighting track, which I show pictures in my Easter long weekend round up, which flow into the shelving area

– Pantry lighting?

– Wall art – have been looking actively.  The space isn’t the right proportions for my Stamp Map of the World though.

Wine racklook what I found abandoned on the roadside of Maudy Thursday!  I wanted something with a ‘counter top’ and then underneath I wanted some place to store wine.  Once I removed the second shelf, I could slot in my existing wine rack.  Great compromise for $0, cause the wine rack came form Freecycle!

Something to fill the space - a wine rack of sorts!
Something to fill the space – a wine rack of sorts!
Before a 'wine rack'
Before a ‘wine rack’
(one day I’ll tidy up so weird thing like the mop aren’t in shot)!

Living room

– Frosting on the windows – certainly not ‘cheap’ like I thought in my previous matrix of ‘easy/hard/cheap/pricey’ but so pleased it’s done.  No more flashing the footy players, and no more ‘effort’ of blind shutting.  I wrote about it here

– Replace blinds – removed from the list.  Seems of negligible value given I keep them all rolled up now that I have frosting, and curtains in the bedroom.

– Sliding Screen door – need to find a supplier as the one I tried off the shelf was the wrong height.  I loved that it was retractable though!

– Bird cage displayAt long last, I got those beauties hanging in an unsed space!  See more on my post here

Niche/Bedroom storage area

– recarpet – AGH I keep calling them and they never call me back.  If I had someone else to call, I would!

– complete ‘hide the niche’ project – delivered the shutters to a handy woodworking friend.  I’m not holding my breath that they’ll ever be made to size :s

Updated House to do list

  • Decide on entryway ledges, hang or return (completed June 2013)
  • Dining room wall art (+ above the sofa art too)
  • Pantry lighting?
  • Sliding screen door
  • Recarpet niche (completed June 13)
  • Hide niche

Of course, I’m sure little creative things will flit on and off this list with my whims.  I never mentioned in these posts of yesteryear new cushion covers, or stamp wall art or putting a decorative backing my bathroom cupboard, but I did them all!

23 Replies to “Friday finance and house project list review”

    1. I knew that would BLOW YOU AWAY Jacob! I should start tracking them to see my cost per wear. (I never purported to be frugal – despite loving reading PF blogs :p you should see my completed bucket list for a few extravagances!)

        1. What do you mean 'completions'?

          Australia, being an island a long way from Europe and the US, suffer higher prices. Accordingly, we're paid well. Minimum wage is more than $15 I think, at least legally. Waitresses, store clerks everyone gets at least that I'd say.

  1. Great shoes! So far I don't think I've paid more than about $120? It's great how you keep chipping away at your lists. You are making such good progress! Happy for you that you now have a trip coming up, too.

    1. Thanks Dar – yeah it was A LOT for shoes, but certainly not unaffordable given my salary, other expenses, hard wear on shoes etc

      This blogging business is GREAT for tracking my list progress, I just LOVE it.

      And the trip should be wonderful, the BF is coming too! 😀

  2. I love roadside finds! What a gem.

    I buy cheap flats. I don't really find expensive ones to last much longer (I'm hard on my feet, apparently). That said, cheap shoes definitely look cheap, which is another issue.

    1. Thanks for stopping to comment eemusings.

      My feet are so weak, so I hope that Campers will be as good as last time, but I'm harsh too, so we'll see if these stand up!

      The roadside find was an amazing story – someone had already claimed the piece, but I still stopped to chat. Once he realised it wasn't a whim, but something I'd been researching for ages, he offered it up. What a gentleman!

  3. What a great hard rubbish find, and how nice of the other claimer to give it up 🙂 I didn't realise you were from Brisbane originally, how long have you been in Sydney?

    $300 is a lot for shoes, but if they last well and you wear them a lot, it's better than buying lots of cheap crappy pairs. I got Birkenstocks for Christmas and now wear them every day because I love them so much.

    1. It was lovely of the gentleman! Truly a great day that day – so many serendipitous good fortunes!

      Yep born in Brisbane and moved permanently to Sydney for uni 🙂

      My plan is that the shoes last and get lots of wear, otherwise I'll look like a silly goose. I've not tried Birkenstocks but they certainly have a strong following! Actually I used to avoid any shoes that showed my toes!

  4. Great progress on the goals – will be nice to have the trip to Brisbane to look forward to!

    I'm torn on shoes. I'm terribly hard on mine, so I usually buy cheapies but then feel guilty in case they were produced with cheap labour etc. And the guilt of throwing them away every 2 months! Last week I bought winter ankle boots and paid $165. I'm hoping they might last longer. My expensive runners have lasted 2 years and are still going at this stage (albeit, not for much longer I suspect!)

    1. I'm totally with you on the shoe pain – so many considerations! Runners can often seem to have life left in them, but start to cause dramas. But no matter, buying runners in Australia is insanely expensive. Hope the boots have a long and happy life 🙂

  5. Great shoes! I much prefer to buy quality – in my mind it IS frugal to do that. (Buying cheap is not frugal).
    What a great find for your wine!

    1. Thanks for coming by and commenting Laura – I've been lurking around your blog for a while. Glad to have your support on the shoes, only a week old and they are wearing in quicker and easier than cheap shoes do 🙂

  6. You are really making progress on your goals list. I love the free find and it works so well in that spot, great finding that. As for your shoes…I buy mine on sale. I have smaller feet and that size goes on clearance a lot. I've never paid more than $65 for a pair, and that was for winter hiking boots that lasted me for 17 years! I hope those last you. As for the comment about boycotting any thing made in China, I've been doing that for a while. It's sometimes hard to avoid, but if you don't shop much (like me) it's a little easier.

    1. Thanks for your support Lois – it's so nice to get stuff DONE, as you know! Sadly, my feet are larger and evidently common (at least where I live), so often aren't the styles I like left on sale.

      I haven't started with a China boycott, but it's in my mind when I do make purchasing decisions.

      1. Hi Sarah, if you are willing to look at thrift stores and antique shops you will find a lot of good stuff cheaply that was made in the USA. Most of my dishes with the exception of 4 plates I bought at a flea market and were hand made in the UK, and even my pot for heating water $1 at a yard sale was made before things were shipped to China.

        1. I do certainly try to use thrift store – such as sourcing fabric to make hankies, when I need a potato masher. Though some items I don't have the patience to 'wait' for, or trawl all the stores for. It's a real balancing act to manage the ease of 'buy new' now and 'buy used' when you find it.

          Glad to see you're back online!

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