Grouping bucket list items

I spend an inordinate amount of time reading and editing my bucket list post written in early 2017. I like goals, and these are fun ones.  Seldom any ‘grind’.  In the linked post, they are grouped by category, but I split countries from specific events or activities in certain countries. Now I want to bundle some I could do together in one period of time:

Awesome right there via

Winter Wonderland

Visit Finland
See Aurora Borealis
Stay in Igloo Village
Stay in a tree house (in Europe)
Go snowshoeing

Let Go of a Floating Lantern | Thailand as a layover perhaps to thaw out?

Summer Scandi

The cluster below I would prefer to do in the summery months, and therefore, are discrete from Finland which I’d like to do in the snow, and hopefully see the Northern Lights

Go on a ‘big boat’ style cruise – could tick of the destinations below
Visit Croatia & marvel at Plitvice Lakes | Croatia
Visit Sweden
Visit Denmark
Stay in a tree house (in Europe)

Let Go of a Floating Lantern | Thailand as a layover if this happens before the Winter Wonderland option

The lead character of Brogen that made me fall in love with Denmark via

Summer in the Mediterranean

Watch the Sunset in Santorini | Greece
Soak in Pamukkale Hot Springs | Turkey
Visit Croatia & marvel at Plitvice Lakes | Croatia

I missed it when I was in Turkey via

US events

Go to the super bowl (early Feb)
Go to (the original) Mardi Gras | New Orleans (mid Feb)
Build a bonfire and make S’mores, which would dove tail intp
Start a fire without matches
Take a SoulCycle Class

Fading in effort to interest ratio

The below either require huge crowds which are not my favourite thing, or large physical effort.  I mean, the US trip also mentions Mardi Gras and SuperBowl and both those also worry me on the crowd factor

– Go to Carnival in Rio de Janeiro (could do it with the bro in 2014, but alas, I realise I don’t love crowds and big parties, so maybe another time)
– See Machu Picchu (to think my brother just did this Jan 2014!)
– Go to Burning Man, Black Rock desert, Nevada USA (late Aug/early Sept)

Random other big ticket items

  • Visit The Maldives – Dec 2018
  • Visit Mauritius
  • Spend Christmas or Thanksgiving | US
  • Fly FIRST class – maybe Emirates where I can shower?

When I’m toned, I might look like this via

Activities – could they be local stuff?

  • Swim with dolphins in NATURE  – $165 in Victoria;  $330 in Port Stephens
  • Go to a silent retreat – there’s a 10 day one in the Blue Mountains, but it books out FAST!  I feel like I need something a little more manageable in length
  • Get body painted for an event
  • Be part of a flash mob (thanks Moonwave for the tip!)
  • Try kite surfing – it was very prevalent in New Caledonia.  Perhaps I start with kite-skateboarding…
  • Attend a masquerade ball
  • Pick fruit from a tree & make a pie – this is certainly something I could do here in Northern Sydney. I’ve started following three farms on Facebook now 🙂
  • Stomp grapes
  • Start a fire without matches
  • Use a paddle to bid at an auction – of course, first I need something I’d like to buy!
  • Waterski – barefoot and normally!
  • Mud wrestle
  • Fly in a blimp – not sure this is even possible
  • Ride a unicycle – just reading the steps got me nervous though!

Anything on my to do list that you’ve done? Any advice or words of wisdom?

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  • Those places in Turkey and Croatia are beyond belief – I have never heard of them! The things on your list I have done are: seen the Northern Lights (many times while living in Saskatchewan), water skiied (many times when I lived in my childhood home at a lake), tobogganed (every winter), built a bonfire and made s’mores (every summer), and picked fruit – didn’t make pies but made cobblers and jam! You have given me lots of ideas for posts. I like the ways you grouped things – evidence you are planning on them for real!

    • Oh Dar perhaps I should come and spend time with your and get a few ticked off! S’mores aren’t an Aussie thing, and something I learnt from reading blogs! We have some s’mores flavoured items in some places, but it’s not common.

      Turkey was lovely two years ago, and I knew I would happily go back; so now I have a reason. I recall it being a flight from Istanbul which is why we didn’t jump onto doing it. And Croatia is a trek to get to; but seems well worth it.

      I think picking fruit is something I could do in the coming weeks, and that’s exciting 😀


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