Japan packing

There’s nothing I enjoy more than some photos collages, and doing outfits ensures I pack enough. And I can easily get up and get dressed.

Denim short outfits
Denim short outfits

If you’re bored (already) can play ‘spot the repeat picture’ :p

White shorts outfits
White shorts outfits

These don’t include the ‘plane’ outfit.


The plane will introduce jeans, a cotton sweater, a scarf, my trench… and some level of short and/or long sleeved shirt/s.  And canvas slip on runners (often called Rabens here, which is a brand, though mine aren’t).

Outfits with the lime skirt (and one repeat)
Outfits with the lime skirt (sorry for the overexposure)

Oh and I threw in my white linen pants, cause it might be too hot for jeans, but in need of trousers?

Doing this helped me cut a long skirt I was planning to pack (nothing went with it, and I didn’t want to add what did).  I also culled a pale blue blouse, as it was too similar to the linen one I’ve pictured.  I photographed it!? I also had a baggy navy and white striped jumper, but it was likely to class with other stripes, and in reality, isn’t warm when I might need it to be.  I also had a blue and white kaftan top, that I stole from mum years ago.  It’d be great for a beachy holiday, but this, not as much.

What’s not pictured, but packed in my yellow carry on suitcase:

  • countless pairs of knickers
  • two bras (will wear the third)
  • bikini
  • leather slip on sandals
  • one book (the inside of the cover used to hide our modem!)
  • a duffle bag for ‘more’

What else, you asked? (you didn’t… my mistake!)

The other stuff!
The other stuff!

A lot of this I already carry around daily in my handbag! What’s missing, and will need to be packed on the morning:

  • deodorant
  • toothbrush
  • untinted lip balm (my handbag one has gone AWOL, so will use the bedside one on the trip)
  • wallet
  • phone & charger
  • snacks?! I did buy museli bars a week ago.  They are eaten hmmm I don’t want a third grocery store visit in three days, maybe I’ll make snack buying a cultural experience.
  • current reading book

Things I’m up in the air about

  • Should I go buy white canvas runners (mine are black), they are $4 from Kmart, and undoubtedly slave labour?
  • Should I take my running shoes (and socks, and perhaps an outfit for running) – even if I just wear the running shoes for day to day?  I won’t wear them with jeans on the plane, so I’ll have to pack them, and they are bulky?
  • Do I need more reading material? This might be an intense ‘tour’ with lots of talking, and little idle reading time.
  • Is taking a library book wise (I love liberating book space for other stuff!)?
  • Should I pack an umbrella – I often put it in the front pocket of my suitcase, and a few times, it’s saved me on arrival.

Now, I leave first thing Saturday morning, so tomorrow (Friday) night I need to

  • take out recycling (I’ve always been the rubbish person in this household, so best to leave with everything empty)
  • take the last of the compost to the community bin
  • empty bedroom rubbish bin (and weigh!)

That’s it – for now! You may answer some or none of my questions, or ask your own!

14 Replies to “Japan packing”

  1. I also take an umbrella and I can't ever remember using it….the day I don't take it though will of course…

    I spotted the L'Occitane miniatures…I love the Lemon Verbana Shower Gel!

    1. I have a 'cheap' umbrella – 3 Euro bought in Athen, Greece, on arrival. I'll happily 'lose' it should I not need it whilst away, it's a bit broken!

      The L'Occitane miniatures are from some hotel we stayed in. Interestingly, I used some on the weekend, and the BF does NOT like Lemon Verbana it would seem. He's very smell orientated, always notices if I change perfume or shampoo for just a day.

  2. This reminds me that I planned to post about what I packed for California and completely forgot before our trip . . my suitcase was only about half full because the campsite we stayed in had laundry facilities. So nice!

    Good idea to plan your outfits! I usually pick a bottom like a black skirt or jeans that will match all the tops I pack. You have a nice variety, hopefully you'll be ready for any weather! I'm not sure about the umbrella . . I never use them because I do enjoy the rain but if you need to look presentable it would be a practical idea to bring one.

    1. Easy to forget – seeing I leave early on Saturday, and I've been silently fretting, having the bag packed at the foot of the bed is making me rest easier (work easier?) today. I may try some hand laundering, but it's something I'm usually not coordinated enough with. We'll see.

      I don't so much as need to look presentable but I HATE HATE HATE things falling on my head (ie rain). So perhaps better to be safe than sorry!

  3. Sarah, I know your trip is for the SES, but what will your days be like? Travelling to different sites? Sitting indoors for training? Doing realistic training exercises outside in rugged areas?

    Your wardrobe mixes and matches nicely and should serve you well!

    1. Dar – there's a lot of seeing Temples, the disaster recovery centre, but nothing at all really hands on. We're in a Facebook group, which I think is open to the public, the the SES Bankstown Japan Study Tour or similar, I only mention it as I think they have our itinerary up there, without disclosing too many 'stalker' details!

  4. What a great post! Packing lists and getting everything together is one of the most exciting parts of a trip! Re the running shoes/clothes. If you are not going to wear your running shoes on the plane they will be very bulky to pack. Will you be doing lots of walking on the trip? This could take the place of running while you are there. It also means you don't need to take separate fitness clothes and running shoes. Have a wonderful trip!

    1. Thanks Kim! I think I will walk enough, so perhaps I\’ll pack the runners in despite the size, and some socks. They\’ve got to be better for my feet than the Kmart cheapies. And the bonus is my older runners have lime touches too – and I could donate them at the end of my trip, as they are not good enough for running anymore (worsen/create shin splits)

  5. OK, you probably won't read this before you leave, given I'm commenting in the. Middle of the night.

    Love the pics of your outfits! (Thnk you'd love Polyvore.)

    My vote is to take your runners, and not buy the cheap K-Mart shoes. Even if you don't run, you may do a lot of walking, or "go for a walk" with someone. A fast walk in runners is more comfortable.

    Don't take the library book! Why take something as heavy as a book that you definitely have to bring home?

    Have fun!

    1. I did manage to read this before I left, but not to reply!

      I took runners and the 'cheapies' and mostly wore the runners, and slip ons for dinners etc. I didn't take any library books, but one book was NOT enough, I now know. I shoulda got my act together and 'thieved' some from my parents extensive collection.

  6. Oh! I was travelling Saturday so I didn't get to wish you well before you left! Hope you are having a wonderful time and learning many new things.

    Heaving just come back, I hope you opted for the runners (we seemed to do so much walking overseas) and also the umbrella (I took a Goretex and used it many days in Europe.) And I took books but ended up immensely frustrated at the extra weight.

    I have to thank you too for the earlier post when you mentioned taking a power board for longer trips. That was probably the single most-used item we packed on our trip, given that we had two families staying together. Merci!

    1. Sorry to miss you in all the travelling!

      The runners were GREAT – I left them there, but the cheap Target shoes didn't offer the arch support and when I wore them in the last few days my feet hurt more.

      The umbrella was a great sun shade (thankfully a light colour) and so old I left it there (it was 3euro many years ago). I think a jacket would have been too hot.

      I wish I had more than the one book 🙁 All's well though.

      I took just my phone, a USB cord, and a AU charger. Alas, I didn't have a Jap pin one, but reception had one, and I saw them for sale for $2. So all in all, just taking my phone and no adapter worked out great!

  7. When do you come back from Japan? I want to see travel pics! 🙂

    I don't have a small compact travel umbrella but that would come in handy. I do have a good GoreTex rain jacket that usually suffices, but it's not cute or pretty. Haha.

    1. I'm back! I'm back! Been two weeks – I'm exhausted, but I hope to get some content up VERY soon!

      Interestingly, I took my umbrella and left it there (it was dying), but umbrellas are so prevalent there and so cheap! I did buy a bigger clear one, but it went missing in transit, but for $5 I was ok with that. I only bought it as it kept rain off better. The jackets are great, but I wonder in the heat whether I'd wear one.

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