Moving day tips list

Just a quick post to note what I think might make this move seamless, and then, I can come back and dispel the naivete next week, post move!

Moving house tips
  • wear pants with pockets – failed at this last weekend, and spent my life asking for things out of other’s pockets, namely keys!
  • label boxes on two adjoining sides – at least one should be accessible/viewable when stacked/moved then
  • use as many uniformly sized boxes as possible – they stack easier
  • consider a ‘car load’ for odds and sods – I have a list of what I think will be in this load
    • birdcages
    • lamps
    • magnetic notice board
    • ironing board
  • keep cleaning and hardware products at the ‘outgoing’ house for the final touch ups
  • make sure you have all the tools you need for your flat pack items (thanks Ikea, I have so much Ikea in my house!) – allan keys, shifting spanners etc
  • create a list for the order of packing, starting with the least used items (like linen closet stock piles, out of season clothing etc)
  • consider the order of stuff onto the truck vs off the truck, therefore, I’ll pack my entry buffet first, so it comes off last – in both cases, it’ll keep the entryway clearer in both homes.
  • remember to have toilet paper (more than one roll!) at both houses.  Thankfully there’s a four pack left at the new home!
  • as above, it’s useful to have scissors/knives for opening boxes and cutting tape at both locations
  • work out a ‘food plan’ cause at some stage eating will be needed <- ekk something I’ve not done yet!
  • roughly hash out what will go where (furniture items particularly, but you can get crazy and go down to cupboards!), and where ‘other’ stuff will go, such as all the boxes!
  • spend the ‘pre’ move time getting things back to their rightful owners, dropping stuff at recycling centers or thrift stores etc.  The less the move the better! (I’ll be rehoming my bokashi compost box to my parents, my sewing machine, 1 microwave and a toaster to some friends in need, excess craft stuf went back to the Co-op, and I have a box to give the op (thrift) shop already)

That’s all I have for now…  I’ll report back!

As for picking a mover – well I’d have welcomed advice.  I feel like cheapest isn’t best.  But then how much is too much?  And what about insurance? Why do they all offer insurance, even though I have contents insurance, and they’d have third party insurance…  Just seems like a gorge for money – your thoughts?

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  1. When my parents moved they did it all themselves, somehow. No moving company, just us helping out with the big items. My mom, grandma and I packed all the boxes onto the truck and packed her car with electronics that we didn't want clanking around. When we moved we did the same thing, though we didn't have as much as they did.

    Your tips are good! My mom and grandma were armed with paper goods as soon as we got in the apartment; my dad and R carry knives around on a regular basis so that was also covered. Knowing how to pack the truck is key! It's great that you're giving some of your things away. Taking less with you is always better.

    1. Wow, EM, wow! My BF insisted we get removalists for my houseful of furniture, though we DIYed with his place last weekend. I hope to have both my parents helping, me and the BF, and two removalists. I think I'll put mum on 'deconstruct and build flat pack' – if she's willing!

      Of course your relos (sorry that's Aussie for relatives) had paper goods – I've seen the stockpiles! I try to carry my mini swiss army knife always, and it's great (though not for BIG stuff, but tape it can handle).

      I'm a big declutter, making me think this move should be only as painful as I've been vigilant to limit my 'stuff' – but it'll be worse than I think!

      1. Yeah, my parents are a little crazy, considering my mom is 55+ and my dad is 60+. My grandma is 80+ and runs circles around everyone. So with both of them helping me unpack it was done in no time. R and my dad moved all the big stuff.
        I had 2 boxes left when my mom last visited the apartment and it was bothering her, so she unpacked them for me, haha. I believe they had their house mostly unpacked in 3 days. I hate both packing and unpacking. You guys will be fine though – you probably have less boxes than I did.

        1. Wow that's impressive! I last moved in, in stages – buying most of it as I went, so it wasn't a big 'move in'. Especially seeing the kitchen table and buffet were left their after I bought them from the previous tenants!

          3 days is a good target – I hope by end of Tuesday night, I have all my stuff unpacked, which is by and large the bulk as I own the 'house' stuff. It's ambitious, but I'm hopeful. I hope it works!

    1. I certainly can! I have taken Monday and Tuesday off work, so that'll give me move day + 1 day of 'fix ups'. Hopefully it'll be sorted by then! I might be absent from the blogosphere for those days 😡

  2. Good luck with the move 🙂 My last move was completely chaotic since it was quite sudden and I didn't have a chance to declutter much beforehand. Since I was only moving one room's worth of stuff I thought it would take 3-4 hours at most, but it ended up taking the entire weekend!

    1. Lead time can be good, but as I realised as I started last night, I'm already over boxes being around, and things half packed! You don't instill me with confidence with it taking the whol eweekend to move one room – hopefully with the team I have, it should be faster (fingers crossed)

  3. I have moved so many times I swear I could pack and move in my sleep. You seem to have a good handle on what you need to have to be prepared. I like to pack a bag with all the necessary things. In the bag goes a hammer, screwdrivers, individual containers labeled with which piece of furniture it came out of. I also have a pill bottle that I use to hold nails I removed from my walls for artwork so I can reuse the nails in the new home. Several rags, a bottle of white vinegar for cleaning as I like to go over shelves, drawers and such before I put my stuff away in the new house. I also keep one set of silver, more rags or napkins, and some dishes for eating. In addition I pack hand towels for the bathroom, a dish cloth and towel for the kitchen so I don't have to worry about unpacking the kitchen stuff right away. I like to set up the bedrooms and bathroom first. I also keep a small notepad and pen (today I could use my phone) for any notes I need upon moving such as number of landlord or repairs that you find you need to have reported as you move in. Hope this helps. Good luck with the move.

    1. OH there's some great ideas there Lois – when I was measuring up yesterday I did notice a number of issues that will need to go on the condition report, so I should start listing them, rather than hoping I'll find them again!

      I think I'll set up a 'unpack first' box with all the cleaning, eating and other stuff you listed. I did move every term (ie 4 times a year) at boarding school – we usually had a night. I was usually one of the first done, so hopefully I've not lost my knack!

  4. Have you already booked a removalist, Sarah? We used Mini Movers twice – once in Sydney, once in Melbourne. Very happy both times!

    1. I did decide on Metro Movers, as they were in some professional body and given the shocking issues I had last time, I am more willing to pay for this assurance? Interestingly, mini movers come in about $10 more an hour than who I've chosen. I've had a lot of $80phr and up quotes, but it's hard to know if they are shonky, fly by night etc.

  5. Last time we moved we hired a man & a van – this time we'll be doing it ourselves with the help of my son and my daughters boyfriend (strong people lol!!).
    Good luck with your move! It's gonna be a breeze…fingers crossed 🙂

    1. Thanks for the well wishers – I'm glad your kids are willing to help – my parents moved about 10 time sin 10 years, so I think all us kids are reticent to help after all that effort!

    1. Here I was thinking work out pants would be comfy and movable, but then 'd'oh' I had no where for weird bolts/screws/keys. Glad to give you something to remember!

  6. There truly is something to be said for pockets, no matter what the chore. I love hoddies for the same reason. But you can't be wearing a hoodie in the heat of summer….that's just suicide….

    1. It's winter here, so hoodies could work, but I know I'll get hot moving. The key is the kangaroo pouch rather than the spilt ones that come with zip up hoodies – those pockets can be a little shallow!

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